What I Wore: Oversized Man’s Shirt

I am not a big lover of the classic white button-down blouse. Main reason: laziness. I hate ironing. I thought I’d give this over-sized man’s shirt a try though, as it promised to be no-wrinkle. And I am liking the slouchy look lately, surrendering the waist for comfort and style.

Large faux pearls are a feminine addition.
Both the shirt and the Banana Republic skirt are thrift finds.
Sorry for the brightness/contrast fail!
But this pic shows the nice slouch of the shirt.

Have you/would you wear a man’s shirt? Or are you a traditional crisp-white-blouse person? Or neither — perhaps a lover of knits rather than wovens?

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  1. If you ever want to give it up and give away, I will take it. LOL! 🙂 It looks good on you and love the classis black and white, then paired with your shoes. 🙂

  2. i love to steal my sons button ups, but alas they took all the best ones with them when they left for college
    what is a poor girl to do??? 🙂

  3. This shirt looks lovely on you, and the belt works very well with it. The pearls are classic and beautiful – and I love the bracelet! You manage to look very feminine and stylish in a man's shirt!

    In my closet I only have one shirt, and it's blue. Being a busty hourglass shape I need a very fitted shirt, and they generally only come in black or white, which aren't very good colours on me. I've been on the hunt for a fitted cream shirt for months now, but haven't had any luck so far.

  4. I have worn some over-sized button-down shirts, albeit not a white one. I have never worn any of my husband's shirts for example. I have seen at least a couple of bloggers who rock their husband's shirts and I would like to give them a try sometime. Sounds cool. And I am a big fan of a classic, simple-button-down shirt. I think a woman should always own at least a couple of them, one more professional, in a crisp poplin cotton and one a little more feminine, perhaps with a slight ruffle around the buttons or in a more flowy material like silk.

    Your outfit looks great and feminine with the A-line skirt and all your great accessorizing. =)

  5. When I am small enough, and I am almost there AGAIN! thanks in part to your inspiration, I love to wear a crisp-white-blouse with a pair of dark pants or jeans. My only adornment with them is pearl stud earrings. My white shirts go to the cleaner's.

  6. Love the pearls! I am so petite, I lose my figure altogether if I do not emphasize the area from under my arms to my waist. I have a hard time finding even ladies blouses that are not made to be loose in this area.

  7. Ramona Hendon
    I'm 57 and have to wear XL Butterfly type shirts just to hide my belly where i have a pain pump implanted. It also makes me were one size larger in paints because it is bigger than the palm of my hand. I like the oversized man shirt because I can do what you did here, belt it around you waist. I have several cute celts but would never think of wearing them because of the pooch under it. Yeah for you, I'm even going to use different colors and now wear a belt. Tired of looking old tring to look like a teenager with all the other stuff sold out there. I Aldo think a tuxedo shirt, with the flipped up collar would look awesome.

  8. I have the same issue as La Femme… it's a look I love… on other people! *sigh*

  9. I like men's shirts – I steal my DH's shirts on occasion. I do prefer a more fitted look personally, but thankfully the DH is a slender fella. 😉 I especially love your tiger shoes. Rawr!

  10. Although neither are white, I have two mens shirts that I wear/wore this past winter.  My only complaint with mens shirts is that they're not friendly towards womens curves.

    Love your outfit Patti

  11. One of my favorite crisp white shirts is my late father's dress shirt, with small pleats on the front and a strong collar that balances the bosom and does nice things for my shoulders and neck.  I wear it with jeans.  I can't pull off most belts because they make me look like a sack of potatoes, but I don't need a belt with this oversize shirt.  I never tried a necklace with it, but your photo is making me reconsider. I'm thinking of wearing it with leggings, but my daughter may intercede.  

  12. I love this classic look. And you wear it very well. Coco Chanel used to wear men's clothes with a feminine twist so you're carrying on the tradition. I'm actually too small to wear men's shirts but I've been shopping in the little boy's section forever! The prices there are smaller, too!

  13. oh, it is beautiful how you paired the man's shirt with your black skirt! i think i should copy you, because as of late i again wear a white man's skirt as i often did when i was younger. there had been i time when my choice always was a white man's skirt, when i did not actually know what to wear. but curious, i always paired it with pants not with a skirt. don't know why.

  14. Yes, yes, YES!  I'm instantly envious because I cannot make a lovely, crisp, white shirt work.  I'm surprised that a man's shirt fits tiny you like it does.  Brava!  And how cool is this going to work with boots or booties and tights when we get into winter … even in your climate.  Sophisticated.

  15. I tend to agree with the other comments about wearing a loose slouchy shirt or a fitted shirt if you have bigger boobs – it's tricky! I either look like a sack of potatoes tied in the middle, or the buttons pull and gape across my chest… So I don't wear shirts much at all, of any colour!
    But you pull off the look very well, it looks cool and relaxed and classy. xx

  16. Patti!  It looks wonderful!  I'm a HUGE fan of the man's white button down shirt!  I've been wearing many of my husband's belted and I think it's such a great classic look!  I've also just recently purchased a really large men's white shirt that comes just a couple inches above my knee.  I'm wearing it belted over a short skirt….over leggings or skinnies…..hung loose as a dress and worn with my black over the knee boots.  I mean to say!  The men's white shirt is the most versatile thing you can have!!!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  17. I like it!  I love the idea of a classic white shirt, but in theory…it doesn't always work with my pear shaped figure.  I do like the look with jeans or a black pencils skirt.

    Lisa/Dangerous Curves

  18. Love theoutfit–so chic yet casual!!
    I happen to love the crispness of a fitted button down blouse so I happily iron! Since I am already "oversize" I avoid wearing deliberately oversize items.

  19. love the look, shirt is perfect, it works well for you because you are very slim, oversized shirts don't look really well if you are busty, I also like the pearls and the belt, the animal print flats are a lovely detail

  20. Love that shirt with the pearls! So classic and feminine. 

    My husband, who is 6'7" and broad shouldered, gave me an old shirt of his to take to Goodwill. It's in fine condition, he is just tired of it hanging in his closet unworn. I set it aside to see if I could do something with it – haven't had the chance (plus, it's been 100+ degrees around here all week so far). I am thinking of wearing it with jeggings and booties when the weather cools down. 

    I also love a good white button down. They are pretty easy to find in thrift stores. My favorite one costs me only $4! 

  21. Patti, this is lovely. The skirt is perfect with it, and the belt totally highlights your waist – I see no surrender! 

    As a spectacularly klutzy and spill-prone person who looks ghastly in white, I stay far, far away from white anything, or garments which don't stay crisp for long. I am a non-ironer as well! 

  22. I love the easy fit!  Your feminine touches are perfect!  -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  23. Much as I'd love to wear men's shirts, I'm just not lithe enough to pull off that look. 😉  Blouses only work on me if they're either fitted or very silky/drape-y. But this looks adorable on you!!

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