What I Wore: New Boots, Cowboy Style

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I found some awesome BCBG Generation boots at one of my favorite thrifts last week and I couldn’t wait to wear them, warm weather be ignored! It’s actually freezing in my office every day, so except for a few minutes outdoors, these babies could be worn year-round.

Sweater: GAP; Skirt: Vintage 70’s and thrifted
The pointy toes slay me! I like the bronze-y gold color too.

How long into the spring do you wear your boots? I don’t want to give mine up.

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  1. Till the end of April, sometimes a bit in May. Depends on the temperature of course. I live in The netherlands. And i like cowboy boots. I have a nice red pair.

  2. I love the color of these boots.  I wear my banged up black ones, year round.  They are my most comfortable pair of shoes.

  3. It's always so sad to have to retire boots in warmer weather.  I'm on the hunt for a pair of summer booties, woven perhaps, like high top huaraches or something.
    Your boots are soo good, pointed toe and all!

    Love, Jean

  4. It breaks my heart when I have to put my boots away for the warmer weather!!  I've been on the hunt for summer booties (I envision something woven maybe, like high top huaraches?)  Let me know if you find any, 81/2 please.  I love your boots, by the way!!

  5. That's a great score. I found two BCBG blouses too and loving it. ^_^ I still wear boots even in Spring until the temperature will say 84F it's time to go to the beach and bring on the flip flops ^_^

  6. I look forward to thaw so that I can wear fashionable boots (instead of heavy duty sorel's). What a score, love the bronze color of your find.

  7. I'm a boots all-year-long type of girl it depends on the style and what you wear them with but you can totally pull them off even in the summer.
    I LOVE these boots on you. The whole look is fun and easy going but the boots definitely kick it up a notch.

  8. I intend to wear my boots as far into the year as possible – if wearing boots all summer long is good enough for Stevie Nicks, it's good enough for me!
    They look great on you, Patti, love the bronze colour. xx

  9. Love the bronze. I wear boots when the daytime high is lower than the low 70s. I'm cold-natured. Even in the humid South, that's most of the year.

  10. What a find!  Love the metallic and the shape and you wear them well.  I wear my boots as long as I can, and that can be a long time here in Denver when the chill in the air lasts though the spring.

  11. I wear my boots as long as possible. Fortunately here in LA we'll have intermittent cool days often well into June, so my boots get worn for probably 2/3 of the year. LOVE those, so unique! And I also love the pocket on your sweater; I'm a sucker for pockets.

  12. Those boots are amazing!  I just love my metallics!!!!  I say wear them as long as you want, if you're okay without wearing tights with them.  I've seen women wear boots on into the summer.  These are great!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  13. Gorgeous! What an amazing color.
    I have a couple pairs of boots left over from travels to snow, but I never wear them here, even when it gets chilly. My feet just get too hot!

  14. Great score!  Metallics are back this Spring too!  Stop by and link up with me if you get a chance because these are real Eye Catchers!

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