Presto Change-O, We’re Going Out!

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I remember reading fashion magazines as a young woman that offered advice on how to transition from office-to-dinner date. You know: Wear a silky camisole under your pinstriped suit, then whip off your jacket at 5 o’clock, change into fishnets, spritz on some Charlie and boogie out the door.

These articles are still appearing of course, because articles in women’s magazines are mostly recycled decade to decade anyway. Now we pack a slim clutch in our tote, along with a pair of spiky heels and sparkly earrings. Add red lips!

There’s some common sense in all these tips, but they no longer apply to my small-city, office-casual lifestyle. I do still enjoy going right from work to a favorite pub with my husband on a Friday evening. Here is my simple ritual, and I would love to hear yours:

  • Freshen unruly hair with damp hands and a squirt of gel.
  • Powder! At my advanced age, I still get a shiny nose and forehead. I keep a small compact at work.
  • Loosen up: remove any restricting blazers or neck scarves that are worn for office modesty. Re-tie the scarf around the waist, perhaps?
This can be loosened up for pub-wear
  • Brush teeth: boring but good.
  • Lipstick – yes, that old tip still applies. A fresh dab of lipstick brightens my face. I cheat and put a smudge of it on my cheeks too.
  • Scented hand lotion. It’s a two-in-one: smells good, feels great.

I don’t look very different at this point, but I feel different, ready to relax, change gears and laugh a lot. What are your little rituals for switching from work to play?

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  1. Yes! This is one of the things that drives my clothing line. The ability to have one garment that can create different looks for different occasions. Great post!

  2. Yup, you are so right! Every time I see those articles, I'm all like, "Huh….you mean some people have DIFFERENT clothes for work and going out?"  95% of my wardrobe does triple duty! (work, weekend, evening). If I know I'm going out after work, though, I MIGHT go a little deeper with my V-neck that day, or wear more creative accessories.

  3. I don't usually go out straight from work but there are a few things i do to refresh and loosen up my looks.I let my hair down and refresh my make up and change my shoes from flats to heels.(I carry with me when going out is sceduled).

  4. Well, as I work from home for me a shower is needed to change from day to night, and maybe a glass of wine!  When I do have to change from day clothes to something for the evening I'll throw on a pair of heels, a jacket and a pair of sparkly earrings along with my red lipstick and powder.

    Like your tips!

  5. I am so seldom called upon to make this transition!  Rather, it's take off the work clothes and slip into jeans and moccasins!

  6. OMG, I snorting out wine here.  I remember freshening up in an airplane's facilities in the mid-80s on a return business trip when my boyfriend (now DH) was meeting me at the gate.  Aside from that never being allowed any longer, I do have to wonder how long my cologne lingered….and it might have been Charley:-)

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