What I Wore: Lime Jeans and Dots

I didn’t think of my style as embracing lime green jeans. Then I found these, by Eileen Fisher, (similar) in a NYC thrift for $10. They fit like a dream and are well-made. I’d call them true straight legs, as the width doesn’t change from the knee down. And I find them versatile too – I wear them with black, white, and navy of course, but they also look great with contrasting print tops.

The vee-neck blouse is by Cynthia Rowley (similar), picked up at the Revolve Clothing Exchange. I wear it all the time because it: goes with everything; is a season-less polyester; and therefore washes and dries with no ironing. For the win.

Simple jewelry and nude Anne Klein platforms, and messy hair, to finish the look.
And a tossed-on scarf that looks cute, but was too uncomfortable to wear from more than an hour.

I know colored jeans are so yesterday (like we grown-up fashionistas care) . . .  but do you wear them?

Stay fabulous,

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Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge, refresh, and enjoy the great outdoors. ☺ We’ll be back on Monday, December 1st (actually, the Sunday evening before)!

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  1. These pants are one of my fave pairs on you. The colour is eeew in the BEST way! The cut is fantastic as well. Wear. them. more, please.

  2. Wre coloured jeans "yesterday"? Didn't know that. I have a few too and I think they are great.
    You look lovely in this outfit. Such a good idea blue and white on lime. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Something different lime green, but I like the color and your outfit.

    Joly Look

  4. You are such a pretty lady. I absolutely love the mixed prints in the scarf and shirt – and what a great pop of color in the pants. You look MARVELOUS.
    Heather Wyancko

  5. Love that top and the scarf looks great with it. I just pulled out a scarf this week but like you it ended up being a little too warm. I'm not complaining though!

    I still have lots of colored jeans so I'm with you; not quite ready to give them up.


  6. Patti I LOVE your jeans, I'm not bothered whether coloured jeans are in or not (I still wear all of mine)! This outfit is perfection… the blouse and scarf go beautifully with them. 11 out of 10, you look fan-bloomin-tastic!!

    Catherine x

  7. Perfect colour combo from the chartreuse jeans to the polka dotted scarf. I love it when things we like are "out" it means fickle fashionistas donate their stuff to charity shops and we can buy them cheaply. Jon loves his coloured skinnies, all bought second-hand for less than a fiver. xxx

  8. Good morning patti, I am not a great lover of pants, as you know but you do look fantastic in those. What a fabulous colour.

  9. I adore those jeans on you! I don't wear colored jeans or pants myself anymore, because I'm trying to bring the focus off of my chubbiest bits- hips, thighs, and legs.

    When I was slimmer, I've had red jeans, red work trousers– even a pair of red snakeskin print cotton pants (I adored those!)

  10. I haven't been giving my colored jeans as much love lately and have been obsessed with my distressed jeans. This is a tough color for me to pull off (it just looks awful for my skin tone). I really like how you paired with with a fun pattern.


  11. That is a great colour! Somehow your look reminds me of boden.uk with their strong colours and prints. Altough we still have a mild late autumn here in Germany, I can only dream of wearing sandals… so jealous!
    Have a great start into the new week, Patti.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  12. Good fine!
    Although I like that color, and would probably be thinking about wearing it with purple in cooler weather months, I don't know that I'd pay full EF price for them. Once they're $10 it's a different story!

  13. This is really a cute look, Patti! I love the blouse and the fit of the pants. Great job!

  14. Those jeans do fit like a dream. I don't wear blue jeans, but I have ones that are dark green, black, red and grey.

  15. Look great! I am going to nyc next year. Would love your advice about the best thrift shops

  16. Those jeans look fantastic on you, Patti, love the colour, and very envious of your gorgeous pins! No, I don't wear them, but only because I don't wear trousers much, not because of the colour or any issues of being in or out of fashion. Great blouse too! xxx

  17. I must admit I don't wear coloured jeans and after seeing you in these I think I need to rethink. I really like the colour of these.


  18. That sound you hear is me squealing. What a GREAT outfit!! A black and white top is perfect with those jeans!

  19. Don't care if they're in or out, those jeans looks cool on you! Great outfit and I love the messy hair. Getting Eileen Fisher jeans for $10 – that's the real win.

  20. Those jeans are awesome on you, Patti!!! You know, Eileen Fisher is a very nice brand, but I didn't know they made jeans. I can't wear skinny jeans – I have very muscular legs and I just look ghastly in them. But you scored on those. I am going to look at the Revolve Clothing Exchange – that sounds interesting. Have a nice week!!

  21. I'm all about color, so if colored jeans are out, I say to heck with it and I'm wearing them anyway! Especially if I can score a pair of lime green ones like yours. These are yummy! And I fully covet that top – it's just my style! πŸ˜€

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