What I Wore: Leopard, with a 60’s Vibe

I really like this leopard (or is it cheetah?) print top – it’s nice and slouchy, has the three-quarter sleeves I favor, and is easy to style with a lot of skirts. Today I went with a very retro pencil skirt. It’s a cool find from a local charity thrift —  a lightweight wool, fully lined, with super curvy shape. The label is “Zelda”, and it looks like a late 1960’s design. The price: 50 cents, on clearance. Crazy!

I was concerned that the boots might be too costume-y, but I wore them anyway, ’cause it’s not against the law to look a little different. I actually got quite a few compliments at work, and I felt pretty visible in a good way.

Knit top and gabardine skirt, thrifted; Guess belt; Vintage boots, also thrifted.
Can you even tell I have textured tights on? My legs are naturally this color  : >
As usual, I wore an ivory blazer when seeing clients.

Tomorrow is Friday, hooray! It’s been a long week-after-holiday for me — you too?

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  1. 0.50 cents is insane. 
    Lately I am more and more attracted to animal prints – I feel like they take any outfit to the next level. Well worn 🙂

  2. Patti, you look darling. I can't have enough of leopeard ( sequins and stripes too) in my closet.:)

  3. This outfit is really cool, love the top.  I really like the different shades of color in your boots.

  4. i had no idea that you had tights on. nice leopard ensemble. i want those boots for myself. (sigh).

  5. Those boots are fantastic and I love your leopard print top too. Thanks for linking up!

  6. Patty, this print is just AMAZING on you!  And I really love your boots….for some reason, I don't feel as comfortable in a short boot…I have some, I just don't feel great in them….I think it's cause for head work though and not the boot! Hugs girly!  ~Serene

  7. This whole look is great and I really like the boots so much!!  Great job, Patti!!  I would love your thoughts on my Friday post!!!

  8. Very sharp and vibrant from head to toe.  I can see why you received compliments!  

  9. Great boots!! I don't think they're costumey at all, just very interesting. Love the blouse; it's leopard. (Cheetah spots are solid brown or black against a tan background.)

  10. Patti, This outfit is fantastic.  I love it from the tops to the boots.  Have a good weekend!

  11. I love this look.  That top is super flattering and those boots are fabulous.  I'm glad you went ahead and wore them.

    And yes, I'm soooooo looking forward to the weekend.  And I even had a short week this week!

  12. ah. I did a post a while ago on the difference between the different cats … This looks really great. I like it. And I keep meaning to tell you that I have a cat just like the ones that you have on your mantel. Mine is black and white though.

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