What I Wore: Leopard and Black Cat

This is one of my typical work looks: a skirt with personality and a black or navy top, with an open neckline. For this office day, I chose a heavy-cotton leopard print skirt. I thrifted it in NYC, giving it automatic honor in my closet.

The top is a simple knit from Talbots, also thrifted. Oh, the J. Crew boots were thrifted too! I didn’t start out with an all-thrift outfit in mind, but that’s how it rolled. The pretty locket was purchased at a vintage store in the East Village.

The black cat was born in our yard eight years ago (we still him a “yardie”) and grew into the magnificent King. He’s a great boy.

That’s Marilyn Monroe as Theda Bara behind me. Sexay!

What favorites did you pull out of the closet today?

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Have a wonderful Friday, and stay fabulous,

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  1. HOLY MOLY- a thrifted outfit AND a glorious black cat? How do you know my weakness. What a beauty of a feline- purrrrr mister! And you look svelte and chic – a wonderful example of how gorgeous #secondhandfirst can be. You make the point that you don't need to "set out" to wear thrifted, or shop thrifted, but that it's just the start of a sustainable and stylish wardrobe. Muah!

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  3. Two cool cats there, Patti! You look very chic and very sexy in leopard print, and King is such a handsome boy. xxx

  4. Ooh, I really like that outfit! It's great to see you in something a little more fitted that usual as I think it really suits you.

    Lovely cat too. We had a smaller version of your boy pop in our window to visit us this morning. We can't have our own cat, but we encourage the neighbour's cats to visit us for cuddles (but not food!).

  5. A perfect outfit…almost said purrfect but I just couldn't…Aaaanyway, I love this look!!! 🙂 The fact that it's thrifted just makes it better. XXOO

  6. Ι'm not brave enough yet to year a leopard skirt. I admire that you managed a modest look. See you on Monday and happy weeend!

  7. Chic and approachable for work! You can never go wrong with leopard. The Magnificent King makes a beautiful statement.

  8. I would love to go out with King, him being so handsome and all. He doesn't travel well. xo

  9. Agreed, the skirt is a little loose, and I am lazy about going to the tailor. You inspired me. xo

  10. Ahh, let's meet at Starbucks for a mochaccino, even that would be lovely. xo

  11. What a treat, not one but FOUR cats in one photo! Your yardie is a sleek and handsome beast and you're looking pretty sleek and fabulous yourself, love that vampy skirt and sexy boots! xxx

  12. You and Cat should go out together, both feline chic, although he may object to that adjective… I wore a kinomo-y maxi robe today, vertical stripes. Aaah.

  13. A grey v-neck sweater, ponte knit pants and my favorite Paris booties! Your kitteh approves of the skirt, I can tell. 😉

  14. In your last post, you talked about verbal and visual styles. You are verbal and a writer, yes, but you are totally rocking the visual. Great outfit! Great pic!

  15. Love your black kitty cat! We also have a "yardie" cat, part Siamese, that we raised on a bottle. Found him cold, wet, and almost dead when he was just a few days old. Now, eight years later, he is a gorgeous boy and rules the house.

    I really like your outfit…can't get much better than black and leopard in my book. I think on you, with your tiny frame (dripping with jealousy here!), I would like your skirt just a tad shorter, maybe right at knee length instead of just below and possibly just a tad more fitted.

  16. You match your kitty!

    I am seriously jealous of that skirt. Great find.

    Très chic madame! I will meet you outside cafe de tuilleries where we can argue over politics and pretend to smoke gauloises.

    Scratch that…let's just eat some pain au chocolate, drink wine and talk about fashion! À bientôt!



  17. Oh, if only I had thrift stores nearby that produced half as fun items as yours! I adore the boots and am jealous of your svelte silhouette that allows you to wear a body-conscious top without looking like a lady of the night. Yay for Visible Monday. I've got a doozy all planned out for you and Spy Girl's Roaring 20s theme.

    If you think you could, I'd love for you to stop by and join my new linkup, T3. It launched today and is open until next Thursday. Your presence would be a total feather in my cap, o august and fashionable one! ;p

  18. You look very chic and a bit beatnik. A black beret is required. Or you could just put the cat on your head. That would work too.

    I didn't have to go anywhere today and will not even be up and dressed for as many hours as most people. I wanted comfort so I pulled on a favourite pair of jeans and a very light weight and fine knit black and gray colour blocked ( or neutral blocked? ) sweater. Bare feet.

  19. Patti your little furbaby is adorable! Loving your leopard print skirt … your whole outfit looks great! Happy week-end..C. (HHL)

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