Visible Monday #124: Tough Girl

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Much as I like to imagine it, “tough” doesn’t fit any descriptions of my style. The floofy hair probably kills the image. Here is my foray into tough-girl style.

The moto-style vest is one of my favorite new pieces. I found it at Ross Dress for Less, and it’s by Andrew Marc, of whom I’ve never heard (sorry, A.) I love the zipper and pockets and faux-leather trim. The cropped dark denims are thrifted, and the booties are by Tsubo.

Can you be a tough girl and wear pink lipstick?

I am tough and tender.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Absolutely! I think you totally rock it. Who says you can't be tough and not have fluffy hair. Obviously you need to look up Silkie chickens!! They're amazing and have rockin' dos.

  2. Of course you can be tough and wear pink lipstick! You rock that khaki vest and look very cool, Patti! Sorry to be showing up unfashionably late, but at least I'm here! xxx

  3. Your 'tough chick' is obviously internal, but it doesn't mean you aren't rocking that outfit. And since when are 'pink' and 'tough' mutually exclusive – I say go for it!!! Thanks so much for hosting xxx

  4. Of course you can be "tough" with pink lipstick. It's a mental toughness. You look very nice and not "tough" in the physical way. πŸ™‚

  5. hmmm, tough?… I could go so far as to say official, serious, snappy and approachable. Does that count? Like chic professional. I think that's it. Well done Patti.

  6. Love this! Long and longish vests are wonderful, and wonderful on you! I'm looking for one that works well for me, so you inspire as always! Thank you for hosting and taking good care of all of us! ( Also in crush on your little booties … so cute.)

  7. Hello, Patti…. No…. :-] I won't have a journey…. This suitcase is from 1957. I found it in the garret….. Used it to take fotos an brought it to the civic amenity site.
    Have a good time. Sunny

  8. I love that look on you! I wish I could carry off the pants and boots look. My tough look is more of a rock and roll type thingy I believe. Black boots and above the knee skirt :o) I just can't seem to make myself go pants shopping. I need you up here to take me shopping and twist my arm! lol

    btw, sorry I haven't stopped by lately. Been crazy busy!


  9. nice blog all women +40 ….My blog is also about mature woman–

  10. Patti, this entire ensemble works so well on you and it is just the perfect blend of stylish and fun, but tough, no. You are just too dang cute to ever pull of tough. But staying true to yourself is what I like most about you.

  11. I've said it once and I'll say it agin, khaki looks so good on blondes! You are working that vest! xxx

  12. How timely, this post! I was just ruminating on my ever-evolving style and realizing that I'm more tough rocker chick than anything, with a lot of tough rocker chick elements in my wardrobe. Today's outfit, however, defies that so I guess we're both doing an out-of-comfort-zone look. Go us! And yes, tough chicks wear pink lipstick! πŸ˜€

  13. Great vest Patti! Oh yes, you can be a tough girl with even purple lipstick {my color of choice} hahahaha. Or you can just pretend to be a tough girt, too.

  14. I love that Olive Tunic. Looks awesome on you, tough girl. And WOW 124 Visible Mondays already – congrats. You got not one but two stylish girls wearing Hats, linking up today and as always it's a pleasure. Ada. =)

  15. Patti , the style and color of the vest works really well on you, tough no, just stylish. Thank you for Visible Monday

  16. You look edgy and sharp, and I actually love the contrast with your hair – it gives the look more depth, in my opinion! Someone recently called your Visible Monday "the best party in town", and I am sooo happy to join your wonderful get together again!! Thank you for the great chance, Patti!

  17. Hi Patti, Thanks for hosting visible monday. I think the vest and boots are just perfect.

  18. That vest is perfect!! You can style it so many ways and the color is great on you. I need to find something comparable!! XXOO

  19. Oh, heck yes, tough girls can (and do) wear pink lipstick! Looking wonderful as always, Patti! Thank you for hosting our visible selves.

  20. I don't think the floofy hair deflates your take on tough. I think of ONJ in Grease. I love how the zipper only goes part way up and the shoulder faux leather detail. Thanks again for the party.

  21. The pink lip color works for me! Cool vest with the leather trim and I like the length. Great booties that go beautifully with your pant. this outfit look so good on you!

    blue hue wonderland

  22. If that's your idea of tough, I think you'd better be sure to carry some pepper spray because I don't think you'll scare anyone. But you do look the epitome of cool. That top is very flattering, and had pockets, too! You look pretty hip for a fluffy-haired blonde!

  23. Great color combination with the olive, black and the Tsubo cognac booties. I have those same boots! Tsubo makes such great shoes.

  24. I do love olive on you Patti!! Thanks for hosting as always <3

    Catherine x

  25. Great look Patti! I like the military feel to the vest πŸ™‚ thank you so much for hosting such a fun party πŸ™‚ hugs, Beata xxx

  26. I love the tough gal detailing on the vest. icing soft and hard is one of my favourite things to do, and I think that pink lipstick is perfect with this. Something like red would be too much….

  27. It's lovely- it's classic looking as well as being a bit tough! And yes, pink lipstick and tough can go together, definitely!x

  28. I like it, and did you get a haircut? It looks great, too. Funny story: I was looking through the other Visible Monday posts and I saw Dawn's beautiful tile dress. It made me think of a friend here in Boulder who teaches mosaic sculpture. And when I clicked …. I saw it was Susan!! What a tiny tiny world. : ) Ana

  29. I love this sihlouette on you! And the green colour.

    Very sleek and chic with the booties.

    Tough and tender : ) I like that. A great affirmation for females everywhere.


  30. Patti–I'm with you–I dont do bad-ass/tough girl 100% either. I can mix–and I love the way you did with this outfit. Us girly-girls have our style too! :~)

  31. Patti, absoutely a tough girl can wear pink lipstick:) I love the vest. It's a very cool piece.
    Personally I really like contrasting tough with feminine which is what you have done her. And as always, thanks or having me πŸ™‚

  32. You look more chic than "tough" but I'd definitely put on some Joan Jett to go with that awesome vest! Andrew Marc is known for quality sophisticated leathers, and you've got a great example!

  33. I love trying new personas with clothing…and your new vest is darling on you! Yes…pink lips are a sure way to tone down that tough edge!

  34. Love this look, Patti…it is super cool and perfect for you!! Great decision to get it at Ross! Thanks for hosting!

  35. Tough? No – but edgy and fashion-forward, yes! That's an amazing vest. How wonderful that you found such a unique piece at Ross. It looks perfect on you! πŸ˜‰


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