What I Wore: A Last Gasp of Summer

Well, not actually a last gasp here in Florida. It’s about 86 degrees for the next week or so, then it will “cool down” to the low 80’s. But I feel like changing to more Autumn-y colors, textures, and styles, so here is a farewell to my summer look.

The blouse (thrifted) is super-summery, I think, all white and cotton eyelet. Even the cut says summer, with a loose, airy fit. The skirt has a cool ikat print that I love, and I’ll probably wear it through the Florida winter with cardigans, tights and booties. I could have elongated my legs today with some mid-heels, but I felt like sparkly flats instead. I love flats! Even before they “came back” into fashion, I was wearing them all the time and my feet were singing hallelujah.

Blouse: American Rag Cie, Skirt: Studio West, Flats: Lauren Ralph Lauren
I’m linking to Recycled Fashion, a very cool site

Have you said your goodbyes to summer? Are you still transitioning? Australian friends, are you saying hello to spring?

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  1. Patti, you are so right bye, bye summer.  This morning my car temp was 48!
    You always look so cute when you do the girlie thing.  I do really like the skirt.
    My linky is up and running.  Please, try to stop by.
    I found I made a couple of typos but I was to freaked out to try and redo it!
    Happy weekend

  2. It is in the 50's here. We went from Summer to late Fall very quickly. I have transitioned my closet but I still can't let go of my sandals! Soon, my toes will make me wear regular shoes sop they won't freeze.
    You look so good in this outfit. But, then again, you look good in everything. 

  3. I shouldn't complain because Une femme is in LA not minding the heat and you're looking happy in a much warmer climate, but I'm very unhappy with the warm, humid weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area! I want to be able to wear sweaters.

    I love your blouse. The whole outfit looks happy. That blouse would be perfect for me except for the princess seam merging into an empire line under the bust. I've learned (the hard way) to stay away from empire lines.

  4. I've been wearing flats in the classroom.  I'm often on my feet for HOURS on end.  This is a lovely summer jacket.  And, yes, the transition to fall has begun–crunchy leaves, cool temps, and deep sleep!

  5. It was 88 degrees here yesterday. Today it started at 79 and then dropped to 59. What a chill. Very cute outfit. egads, I hate that word cute. You're lucky that you can find flats — I have never been able to find a pair of flats that flatter my wide (as opposed to flat) feet.

  6. Ikat is so the new print! I just bought a satin ikat to make a cute top.  I was reading rules on how I should dress and apparently, drawing attention to my waist and hip area with prints is bad…. But tops ok 🙂  Apparently, as well, KFC and other fried foods are also bad for those areas *wink!

  7. We're in that very frustrating (well, for me, anyway) period where fall will tease us for a few days with temperatures in the low-70's, then throw some hot, dry weeks of 90+ at us.  Nature laughs when we try to plan our wardrobes…

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