What I Wore: Last Chance For Boots?

It’s been a nutsy Spring here in Florida, with plenty of the expected warm, humid days, followed by a couple of brisk ones. I enjoy those chilly days to get one or two final wears from my boots and tights.

It was about 60 degrees when I got up today, so I got self-permission to wear a fab vintage 1970’s velvet vest. It’s too small for me to button properly but I can’t give it up. A slim denim skirt from Old Navy (here, in plus size only) and a colorful tee (similar) make up the look.

I always feel lucky when I wear my key pendant (thrifted, similar); I think it opens up adventures.
Are you prolonging your winter wardrobe, or excited to switch to lights and brights?

Black boots are by Aldo. They’re my most comfortable pair.

Visible Monday is ON for this weekend! Have a wonderful Thursday and stay fabulous,

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  1. I very much like this outfit. The fitted silhouette, the length of the pencil skirt, the tight boots. Ever so nice. And I never noticed you could not button the vest up. I thought you came up with this way of wearing as it is fun.

  2. I was surprised to see you in a cool weather outfit this time of year. Weather is always fickle in spring, isn't it?
    I love a good vest. They always add such a classic touch.
    It's been warm here so I am mostly wearing sandals and pumps. The boots are already starting to collect dust. I hope we get a few more cool days before summer arrives so I can get in a few more boot wears!

  3. i wish I could wear boots all year round here – I have trouble finding sandals and shoes that are comfortable. That vest is a keeper, even if you can't button it all the way. You never know when you may need a key to an adventure.

  4. You always look so young and fresh! I love your hair at this length. The key necklace is adorable.

  5. Yes, clearly your key is magic. I'm glad you got more wear from those great boots. You've got a jump on warm weather there, but like many other readers, usually we can get away with tights and boots year-round in Van.

  6. Ooh, this is a very nice outfit. I thoroughly approve of wearing boots as much as possible. My most comfortable pair are by ALDO too, and they look like yours! They're boxy-toed, about the same height, and black. It's just the leather on mine looks like it's wrapped in layers.

  7. Here in Scotland it's still only about 10 degrees, so boots and layers for some time yet i think! I love your waistcoat, shame all I can think when i see it is that my arms would be freezing!

  8. Love the vest! Frankly I think it is great just how you have it buttoned, edgier perhaps? Yes, this spring ha been crazy in Florida.

  9. I wear boots most of the year, an essential for car booting and festivals. Loving your deliciously cool waistcoat and that fab key pendant! xxx

  10. This vest is such a winner. It makes the outfit so much more stylish .And the key symbolism so smart.

  11. It's perfectly possible to dress in tights, boots and layers all year round in the UK, depending on what sort of summer we might have… So I'll just wait and see! Yesterday – maxi dress and sandals; today – jacket and boots, you just never know!
    You look lovely in this slim-fitting silhouette, love it when you wear red, Patti, and the velvet waistcoat is a delight.
    So what adventures did you have today, Patti?! xxx

  12. Is it just the Californian in me – where the weather pretty much dictates that we dress seasonally confused – or am I wrong to think that boots are a year-round proposition? I say my boots are made for walking and that's just what they'll do. ;p

    You, my dear, look utterly fab in that vest. Thanks for the inspiration – I may just have to unearth mine and give them a go!

  13. Needless to say I will be so happy to put away my winter clothes. This winter has been the longest and worst that I can remember. That said, I often wear boots in the summer. I have some from Anthro that are made for summer, plus others that work well in the summer too, as long as we aren't in the throws of a 35C humidity and heat wave.

    I am enamoured with that vest. I'm glad you didn't give it up.


  14. Great outfit! Loving the vest. It's still been a little crisp here so the winter clothes are still making the rounds … but I'm so ready for the warm weather pieces. Happy Easter, C..(HHL)

  15. I like the simple uncluttered look of this outfit (I love keys!), said the lady covered in gobs of accessories and shiny things (ha!). I will be at Visible Monday – I have a very visible dress planned!

  16. What a cute vest! I'm always stretching out sweater-and-boot season as long as I can too.

  17. I can't wait to put all the winter clothes in storage! Lucky fo rme, I just arrived in Britain this morning, and the weather here is so much warmer. I feel almost as if I'm cheating: 3 hours on the plane and no more winter coat!!!!

  18. Fab outfit Patti! The key necklace and vest are winners for me. Its cooling down now in Australia and I am looking forward to layering, tights and boots.

  19. Really cute outfit, Patti! This is a keeper…it will be a perfect Fall 2014 look!

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