Spring-y Footwear, and Visible Monday Reminder

It’s almost time for bare legs! That means shaving is coming back in style, and . . . a new pair of warm weather shoes. I don’t need any new summer shoes, but then I don’t need to have blonde hair or red lips (or cats) either. It’s a happy choice. (Well, I have to have cats, it’s my doom).

Oh hey, King. You rule my destiny.

I’m happy to see the ankle-strap flat making a big splash this season. These cuties are by Miz Mooz, and only $80. Love the yellow:

Available at Nordie‘s. They come in orange, too.

or these, if you prefer your toes covered:

Also via Nordie‘s. The cork makes a statement.

I don’t wear heels, so a wedge or platform sandal is a good choice, and there are lots to choose from this year. Here are a couple of contenders:

The “Sangria” from Bella-Vita. I like the name already. Lots of colors.
From Lucky Brand. These are so freaking cute, with the polka dots!

Are you adding any colorful footwear for Spring/Summer? Have a super Saturday, and stay fabulous, and see you at Visible Monday,

Friendly reminder: Visible Monday starts Sunday at around 5PM. Be there for all the visible fabulous-ness!

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  1. I also wanted to say thank you for posting about the espradrilles! I think these are something I can wear, even with my illness, as they are not high and have support. Since I need to curtail some $$, I will check back on those in June and maybe get a few colors 🙂

  2. Fun choices of new footwear. I'm really trying to be a good girl and not add to my ever growing shoe collection, but those pointy closed ones are so calling my name.

  3. These certainly look comfortable and I do love the color of
    them. I have a hard time finding comfortable wedges but I bet these would be
    great for me.

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  4. The cat looks like it doesn't feel like posing… How many cats do you have? I used to have cats, too, when I was a little girl, but unfortunately I'm allergic to them! So, now I have to settle for cat videos on YouTube…

  5. Your cat's gorgeous, I just love the looks you get from them, the dirtier the better! I also have a black cat, but she's slightly fatter than yours…!

  6. Honey, in my part of the world, it's already bare leg season, as you'll see in a post I'll share with Visible Mondays.

    Finding sandals that look good and don't exacerbate my disability is a hard task. Some of the ones you have here might fit the bill.


  7. I went a bit more neutral but I think still pretty. Can't post a pic here but the Born Ebb, which is a two toned, leather flat sandal. Looks nice, hope they fit when they get here. Thank "Nordies" for a sale price and free shipping! I return a lot of mail oreder shoes… 🙁

  8. Yes, cats "ownership" is my fate too, I can't avoid it.
    I like those yellow sandals, and I like a wedge too, not too high. I snagged some red sandals in a charity shop today, so I'm happy.
    Snap, just did my legs too in preparation for warmer days – the acceptable face of deforestation! xxx

  9. Ooh, I love all your choices, Patti. I like the fact that the toe is covered – I need that since busting my toe! Yes, it's shaving time again, and also time to out on a wee bit of self-tanner as the legs are fish-belly white!

  10. Those first shoes are super cute. I Love Mooz shoes.

    I just bought some black sandals. For some weird reason I'm getting into black and white lately. I must be ill.


  11. I immediately felt the need to say, no Patti, cats are a necessity. Love those yellow sandals, they are so cute! I haven't got any footwear plans but I won't rule out love at first sight.

  12. I definitely need some new sandals this year. Those Sangria ones are adorable! I guess it's not too soon to start shopping! And shaving -sigh.

  13. Curse you, Patti! Those cork wedges are MINE!!!! Sigh. Not really. I already splurged and bought a pair of coveted Chelsea boots form ASOS this month. Real leather and the price to prove it so my shoe splurge is done for the month. And don't ask why I'm buying boots in the spring. ;p

  14. Aww cute kittie!! LOL at the "it's shaving time again". I feel you on that and glad it's time to get the dresses and skirts out and not wear thick tights LOL! That just made me laugh. Those shoes are so cute especially the yellow ones!!!

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