What I Wore: I’ve Been Posterized

That sounds like something vaguely medical. I have been playing with the “Effects” in Paint.net, my photo editing program. When I have a routine photo of a rather ordinary outfit, I’m now turning it all kinds of artsy/silly.

I like “Posterize” because it: 1) completely eradicates lines and spots, and 2) shows where the light hits you. The outfit is a simple navy tee, striped knit skirt by Shabby Apple, and self-made denim vest (from a long sleeved shirt). The rose pendant, which poster-izes very nicely, is from Bella’s Etsy shop.

I like this tool too, “Ink Sketch”. Kind of spooky with black lips, yet playful:

I don’t alter my photos for the blog, except for cropping, resizing and lighting. There are times when I’d like to “fix” some things but I am resisting. On the other hand, I don’t show full-face close-ups either. I will work on getting the courage for that, to show that 50+ women have nothing to hide.

Do you like to play with special effects? Some of you may be skilled at the Big Daddy, Photoshop, but I don’t own that one yet, and it intimidates me. ☺

Have a terrific Tuesday,

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  1. I love the effects on your photos, they look great. I tend to use Photoscape mainly as I have it on my works laptop. I dabble in Photoshop very occasionally. πŸ™‚

  2. No Patti, these are not special effects – as you snapped the photo you mysteriously slipped into another dimension. The camera simply captured that other-reality that can only be revealed through these filters – like how vampires don't see their reflections. But I like you in that other dimension. I may run into you there.

  3. I like the effects! I crop, resize and maybe brighten up the color if it's too dark but I also resist other effects. I'm trying to be real – lol! But it's fun to get creative like that! I've played with textures and focus (in my header, for example) but not the "lose 10 pounds" button or anything. The pendant from Bella's shop is adrorable!

  4. Love the inky drawing look … but you look wonderful, long and lean and graceful no matter what you do.

    I'm lucky … Dan and my digital can't seem to get a completely sharp photo since last it was dropped. Imagine that. I'll try to sharpen via PicMonkey and I use it at least every other week with my little square Visible Monday labels also. My photos are so soft anyway (no filters) that I get a flattering focus … I don't correct wrinkles or my face, but have whitened teeth after overall color adjustment. Where I take photos is very cool north light, and colors are often way off. I don't take off pounds (one starts looking squished by a black hole), but have blemish covered scars and bug bites on bare legs. For summer, I need to learn to tan my legs a little digitally, as they look cadaverous next to browner arms, and light self tanner just doesn't seem to make much difference.

    I've loved playing with background effects, and hope to do more drawing this year. That's what's fun to do digitally! I'd like to learn to do as Pao does and replace her own figure entirely into a different environment, but can't manage that just yet!

  5. I like the shape of that skirt –
    I like to play with effects too, i add light, i use Surface Blur in Photoshop that gets rid of the lines and wrinkles too – But i have the courage to show my face up close, scary i understand – But i'm certain you are beautiful

    Tks for linking up
    Have a good weekend

    Ariane xo

  6. Lol! These ARE fun. I will try and fiddle with color/contrast if I forget to put my camera on the correct settings, but at the moment – I'm without my 'big computer' and not able to run any big editing software on my lappy without it crashing. So I do minimal cropping and resizing, but otherwise what you see is what I look like!

  7. I have to say the only effect I tend to use is the autocorrect button! Love the chambray and breton stripe combination!

  8. I love playing around with Picmonkey! Some of those effects are so scary especially the make-up ones! x

  9. I too resize, crop, and tweak the lighting on my shots, but I haven't tried out full effects!

    I will admit I 'shop the occasional stray strand of hair off my forehead, and once I blurred out a scar on my back.

  10. I can do a few quick tricks in Photoshop, but I try not to go so far that I just can't figure it out! I was so tempted to touch up my neck in my last post, but that's just too much trouble. It is what it is.

  11. Oh, Patti, you crack me up! You? Intimidated? You've got to be kidding! I stumble around in Photoshop and it's so powerful that it's hard to miss. You look very cute "posterized" –as always.

  12. I love your stripey skirt. Definitely poster worthy. I don't alter my photos at all. Not one single bit. Which is exactly why there are no close-ups of me either!

  13. I love the skirt. It's great for warm climate. There's a lot of free software online that you don't have to download. A great one is Fotor.

  14. That skirt is great, makes me wish we were heading into summer here!
    Haha, love it! Posterized… you might start a new trend so we can all say there's been no photoshopping! I can't do Photoshop… but wish I could! If you are looking for something very, very easy then check out PicMonkey. It's free and intuitive. Happy to answer any questions you might have too! I love it to adjust the lighting and even focus when something is a bit blurry (my photos of my daughter – hers are sooo much better than mine!)

  15. Great outfit, Patti, love the stripey skirt, and love the effects!
    I use PicMonkey for editing, usually adjusting lighting, contrast and colour, and cropping. But I will confess to zapping the occasional spot, and attacking wrinkles – but on my clothes rather than my face! Oh, and I have used the tan function to retouch my roots when I was overdue a visit to the hairdresser! I do love fiddling about with the effects available. xxxx

  16. That first photo almost looks 3D. Cool!
    I use lighting fixes and cropping but no erasing except sometimes I will blur out a big bruise on my leg (i bruise like an overripe banana) if it's distracting.
    I don't own photoshop but would love to try it out for graphics and outfit collages. But I don't want to pay the high price tag.

  17. Very nice look Patti, and so trendy! I like how you played with the effect of the photos πŸ™‚



  18. Very artsy! I haven't tried the effect with faces – my camera will make a watercolor or a pencil sketch out of a photo but it doesn't work with every subject.

  19. Fun effects! Love that skirt with the pockets and how ingenious of you to cut the sleeves of your shirt to make it into a vest! Like you, I mainly just edit the photos with lighting or resizing. I do not have the skills to do anything else. If you use picmonkey, they do have features to make you 10 lbs lighter and wrinkles etc removed.


  20. Super fun photo's Patti!!
    All i do is crop/resize /adjust lighting.
    And I'm skeered of a close-up face shot but i'm working up my courage!!

  21. I like the fun effects! I do not do any kind of retouching or altering, aside from cropping and resizing.

  22. I love the changes you made on these photos. They make them look really artsy. I use iphoto to crop and adjust colors but if I knew how to use Photoshop I'd probably use it a lot. hehe. Nice post, following you now



  23. How fun! I don't alter either, but special effects is a different scenario and playful. And you're right. We have nothing to hide.

  24. I work in Photoshop and Illustrator. They can be addictive.

    I don't often use these filters though. Most of my stuff is drawn by hand with a tablet.

    The stripes are fun.


  25. These are fun, Patti! I rarely use a special effect, but you have just given me a desire to play with it more. Fun outfit too. Have a wonderful Florida day!!

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