What I Wore: I Shopped My Closet

I posted a couple of weeks ago about what to wear to my friend Joy’s wedding: four possible dresses to choose from, and you all helped me out with your feedback.

I hadn’t counted on getting the flu (like anyone ever schedules the flu, doh). It definitely kept my interest in shopping waaaay down. For a couple of days, I didn’t change out of assorted black tees and a sweat-skirt.

Online shopping wasn’t going to make the deadline either. So as the day approached, I had to explore my closet for a dress. Reminding myself that no one other that my husband would notice what I was wearing (and even he doesn’t always pay attention), I decided neat, clean, covered, and happy was going to suffice.

So I chose a pretty floral dress. I’ve worn it to work several times, the way you see it here below. For the wedding, I switched to a self-belt and brown suede open-toe pumps (We didn’t get any worthy pics at the wedding, as the rains kept falling and it was dark-ish). I carried a cute floral clutch and wore dangly gold earrings.

I was under-dressed compared to the wedding couple and wedding party, but absolutely fine for blending in, having a blast, and feeling comfortable. Oh, Joy walked down the (outdoor) aisle to the tune “Sea of Love” – perfect!

Thanks for all your good advice, and sorry to disappoint with an oldie-but-goodie dress. More parties are ahead, I’m sure, and this red dress is still the total bomb.

Via Pinup Girl Clothing

Stay fabulous,

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  1. Pretty enough dear. Besides it is the bride's day anyway. It vannot be helped when you are ill and don't have the time. Besides, your floral dress is lovely.

  2. Patti, you look lovely, and that dress is a beauty. Weddings are all about the couple and the celebration, so feeling comfortable and enjoying the vibe are far more important than fancy new frocks (though I agree the red dress is a stunner!) Congrats to the happy couple, hope you and Sandy are fully recovered, and here's to a great weekend! xxx

  3. I think that dress is gorgeous and is perfect for a wedding – Looks wonderful on!

  4. That's a lovely dress and I'm sure you looked perfectly festive and pretty. I've worn and re-worn dresses to weddings and gotten compliments each time. It saves me having a wardrobe with 20 dresses all worn once each!

  5. Hi Patti, I really like the colors in the floral print. I am a big fan of florals. The purple and mustard colors look lovely. I also just wanted to come by and introduce, as I just began my 40+ blog yesterday, http://www.elegantlydressedandstylish.com

    Comfort and style can go together! jess 🙂

  6. I love the colours of that dress and the clutch! I want that clutch! Bet you were just glowing…and not all from the flu meds either! ha ha

    Sea of Love is such a great song.


  7. Hi Patti!
    Your grace and pretty looks i'm sure would suffice to blend in anywhere!
    I love your dress, pretty colors on you, good choice and i approve!

    Have great weekend Patti i will see at Visible Monday!
    I took a little blogging break but i will be back!



  8. You look lovely, Patti – I hate feeling trussed up at weddings& never buy new clothes! Much better to feel comfortable.

  9. I love that dress and it looks gorgeous on you. You aren't supposed to upstage tyhe bride or the wedding party anyhow, but if I had been a guest at the wedding I would have been envying your dress.

  10. Good for you!
    A healthy wardrobe is one where the owner doesn't have to buy things for particular events, because she maintains a stock of outfits that fit her and fit her lifestyle. The fact that you could come up with something to wear out of your current closet means you're succeeding.

  11. Very pretty dress. The rich colors become you, and I like the way you accessorized it with the belt and jewelry.

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