What I Wore: I Look Fluffy All Over

This is the second installment in my “Behold and learn” series (first installment here). These are outfits that are perfectly fine and respectable, but don’t “do me any favors,” as Grandma G. would have said. We mid-lifers are all about breaking old fashion rules, and dressing to please ourselves. I like that about us, and no one ever died from wearing white shoes in October. But some rules make sense for me.

I’m learning the guideline about volume either on the top or the bottom of an outfit is a good one. I usually wear a more fitted top with these voluminous trousers (from Soft Surroundings, similar). On this go-round, I chose a slouchy knit top (Romeo and Juliet Couture) and frosted the cake with a floofy scarf (thrifted, here’s one for super cheap).

The resulting look is good for my coloring, and perfect for the office. But I’d do better with a fitted top that shows off my waist. Here I look and feel shapeless, and I can read the mild dissatisfaction on my face. Next time . . . there is always a next time in style. ☺

I love, love these cool black suede dancing shoes.

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge and refresh, and contemplate the meaning of life. ☺ We’ll be back on Monday, February 24th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. I think you are obviously slender, so you don't appear shapeless in this outfit, just elegant and comfortable. However, I do understand what it's like to try something new and end up looking too far from the silhouette you prefer. Perhaps a belt or sash on the top to show your waist, while keeping your arms free and floaty?

  2. Oh, I think you look gorgeous here, I like the top with this scarf. Huge black and white striped palazzo pants would distract from the voluminous top if you're unsure, bwa-ha-ha. But the point is – if you don't like the top, take it off! (at home) Flowy clothes always feel divine and look superb, especially in motion.

  3. Hi Patti!

    I guess you can't be perfect all the time style wise but you pretty well on the dot most of the time – Have a great Monday!


  4. It is kind of scaring me seeing the looks for next Fall that are volume over volume and so many oversized items… For a petite like myself only one volume item really is best…

  5. I think you look lovely – but I too have done the same. Gone for volume on top and volume on the bottom and felt a bit too voluminous! Though I think you could just get away with belting the top. I do like combination of the stripes with the flow of the trousers.

  6. I know I am new at this, but can you tell me or tweet me what Visable Monday is? I like how your outfit flows. Very nice I hold onto much of my wardrobe as you don't know when you might want to wear it again. I don't go by, after a year, if you don't wear something, toss it. I have to wear comfortable, but that as you have shown here doesn't mean style has to be sacrificed. http://www.elegantlydressedandstylish.com

  7. I also thought there was a rule about the necessity for balance ! I recall with a cringe seeing myself in a clingy long sleeve T-shirt and voluminous canvas trousers . I've always had a small waist but I looked like a drawstring bag with matchsticks sticking out of the top ! Perhaps it's also texture ? I think your outfit looks great but maybe you just don't like being floaty/fluffy all over ?

  8. WE plan our outfits with the best of intentions and what sounds good in our head sometimes does not equate to the same satisfaction in reality.. I love the top and scarf to together, pencil skirt, slim pants and I think this would be a mega hit.

  9. Patti, I'm loving that scarf! Color me jealous!
    I do agree with your overall assessment of the outfit. The volume on either the top or bottom guideline (notice I'm avoiding the word rule, too) is generally a good one, I find. And with your petite frame, you are lost in the oversized-from-head-to-toe garments.
    Love your blog and all the thought-provoking topics you explore. Thanks for making my days more interesting!

  10. Patti, this looks great … rules are meant to be broken 🙂 the scarf does give balance to the outfit. Happy week-end my friend. Hugs, C.

  11. I hate it when you spend all day in an outfit feeling good, take a photo and the result doesn't reflect the reality.
    I totally agree with Cynthia, the top and scarf look fabulous and an even wider pair of trousers would add to the drama. I feel the more fitted top with a voluminous bottom half works for me 'cos I'm a midget but rules are meant to be broken, and its good to mix stuff up and not get stuck in a wardrobe rut.
    You're so damn gorgeous you could wear a sack with wellies and still stop traffic. xxx

  12. I tend to stick to the same guideline (a guideline is a little kinder and more flexible than a rule, don't you think?) of volume on one half, fitted on the other. That said, I have worn a peasant blouse with giant palazzo pants and liked it just fine… So maybe it depends on the exact pieces we are talking about. And as with all of these "rules", it's perhaps best to express them as preferences for ourselves, not laws-which-must-be-obeyed by everyone. (Which of course you would never do, you are far too reasonable to be dictatorial, Patti!) Plenty of women look great in stuff that wouldn't work on my shape, and all power to them.
    I like all the individual pieces you are wearing here, and have no problems with the outfit overall, but if you aren't feeling it, then you can change it up for next time – show us when you do! xxxx

  13. I fully agree with your assessment. I made the same faux pas last year when styling my palazzo pants. Top or bottom needs to be more fitted and I always feel better when my waist is defined. I looked too much like I was wearing PJs.

    I do love that top and the scarf.


  14. I don't know, I think that top has enough contour to it with the stripes that this looks pretty cool. I'd probably wear even wider wide legs with it just for the drama.

  15. Oh, but you look so chic and comfy at the same time! Had you not pointed it out, I would never have sensed the "mild dissatisfaction" at all. But I can empathize with that feeling nonetheless. Since I take all my week's OOTD photos in one day, I can tell from looking at my pics in succession which outfits were my faves and which were the mehs. I've long since given up on expecting every outfit to be perfect and make me feel good. As you say, there is always a next time in style.

    Since Visible Monday is on its off week, perhaps you'd like to join in on my linkup, launching Thursday, Feb. 20? It's called T3 (http://myclosetcatalogue.com/invitation/t3/) I'd love to have you there!

  16. There are so many outfits I wear throughout the year that I think NEVER AGAIN…I have even looked at old blog posts and thought WHAT WAS I THINKING. I think this top and scarf would be really cute with leggings or skinny pants. I like the scarf alot…you have such a great figure you could wear almost anything and it would look good.

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