How To Dress Like A Fashion Editor

I don’t really think much about how fashion editors dress, but I do like the simple, versatile pieces I saw in this article: “Fashion Editor Gems! What They Really Wear.” It’s from InStyle magazine, and it includes the exclamation point!

The editors at this mag ponied up their favorite choices for work wear. As the article says, “[Fashion editors] vet more clothing and accessories than even the most obsessive shopper.” So they know what’s-what when it comes to dressing for work (at least at a fashion mag, in NYC).

I like these pieces, but my own daily “uniform” isn’t very different. Maybe I will get a job in the Big Apple?? Let me know what you think of the Editor’s Wardrobe:

  • Chambray shirt by Madewell. I have a similar shirt and wear it a lot; it gets better the more I wear it. I think mine was from Old Navy, but I can’t remember. I agree with the Editors that this is a versatile piece; I wear mine with a pencil skirt for work.
  • Black skinnies by J Brand. I like black skinnies, but prefer a long knit skirt or boyfriend jeans, for comfort. And I wouldn’t splash out $185 for jeans, but then I am a bit cheap (see here).
  • Classic tees in black, white, and gray by Kain. I wear basic tees all the time. For work, I wear them under a cardigan, blazer, or dress. I usually stock up at GAP; their “Body” line is very soft and wears well. These Kain tees look great too, and have a touch of silk in them.
  • Studded cuff bracelets are in, in, in. I like these for their simplicity and modern vibe.
This one’s from Madewell, and it’s only $32.
I like this funky one even better.
  • Manolo stilettos. They lost me here. No way am I going to start wearing stilettos at age 58 (don’t even listen, feet!). I know there’s a mystique about Manolos, and they’re well-made and all that, but I don’t go over a 2″ heel.
It’s beautiful, but painful to see. From Sak‘s.

Have a happy Tuesday, and stay fabulous,

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  1. I guess these are staples in many women's closets, but they are just sooooooo boring…..I don't get it. I

  2. I could actually live in a chambray shirt paired with comfy jeans so I'm glad the fashion editors agree (jk). When I go out I usually throw on a pair of comfy stiletto's, I can do 2-3 inches and still be ok with comfort. Although if its a day of total run around, I'm sticking with pointy flats or my new love of sporty 'new balance'. check out the latest Jcrew catalog, its chalk full of new balance foot wear in about every fun color you can imagine.

  3. I think it has to do with the same concept as selling wedding dresses – I took a job for a short while on commission doing this – in that, you want to keep the conversation and attention away from yourself cause you're not selling the items you're wearing. You have a short window of opportunity when someone comes in to look at wedding gowns so you want to steer the conversation to being about them and what they want to be wearing. Any distraction from that goal is a chance you won't make the right analysis of their needs and make a sale.

  4. Score Curtise with an A+. Does remind me, however, that I must bring out my chambray shirt I've had in the closet for eons. Tried shoes like those back when I was about 15-16 ….. couldn't wear them then, and certainly can't now–even if I wanted to. My feet and Achilles tendon aren't shaped for such. As for me, whatever I wear will definitely have lots of color.

  5. What the WHAT??? They are such creative people and they wear such simple, yes quietly chic but I must say rather boring outfits. I wouldn't be inspired by these people at all and I would wonder why they are telling the masses what to wear.

    A typical, "Do what I say, not what I do".



  6. I would definitely wear all of these especially the chambray shirt and a pair of black skinnies which definitely doesnยดt cost $185! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Hi Patti!

    I have heard that the Manolos are comfortable believe it or not, but i would not wear them to high a heel for me as well –
    I have a chambray shirt and i find it versatile and a life saver when i have no idea what to wear or in a hurry, it's great piece to have indeed –

    Have a happy day today!



  8. …and that's precisely why I don't buy fashion magazines…how dare such dull and unadventurously dressed women dictate how I should dress!

  9. It reminds me of how a decade or two ago when fashion editors were not so famous -probably this was before street fashion photographers- we used to be told that the fashion designers only ever dressed in black, and usually it was some variation of denim and tee shirts or jersey knits. This was considered chic and minimalist and I think the idea was to be sort of zen in your person so you can create. I remember reading that Georgia O'Keefe preferred to wear and decorate her home in all black and white because she was so colourful with her art.

    I think there is a kind of subtle arrogance in the concept of a fashion editor telling the rest of us what to wear and then only wearing jeans, tee shirts and heels like it's some sort of "I am above fashion" statement. There is a place for jeans and tee shirts in my life, though not for heels. However, I also enjoy putting together outfits based on skirts and dresses, which I wear a lot of despite having no need to.

  10. I'm with Curtise too – I'd expect more for a fashion editor. These are nice, chic, laid back casual options but where's the cutting edge fashion?

  11. The pieces are cool but why spend the money? I just don't get it. Then again, no one checks my labels for the price of admission. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I like these fashion staples, all of them, BUT to have FASHION EDITORS wear them publicly to fashion jobs, well, how can I believe what they say (okay, well, I don't, but even so) if they don't walk the walk? It's on my mind lately because another mid-profile blogger wrote to say he was getting flack for wearing blah clothes to school, not clothes like he wears in his posts. I was surprised because he had "fooled" me into thinking he was one person in when he's someone else in public most of the time. I'm with Curtise.

  13. I wondered similarly – no daring choices, here. But maybe it's like a banker, lawyer or (ahem) counselor — we get stuck in our uniforms and don't bust out. We ought to bust out more often! xoxo

  14. Really? REALLY? These women are fashion editors, and this is what they wear to work? I'm astonished! Where's the flair, the innovation, the risk, the fun, the individuality? I see loads of women wearing black skinnies and plain t-shirts, but I don't tend to view them as particularly interested in clothes… I'm really not getting this, am I? 'Twas ever thus! xxxx

  15. I think I have more than a couple of each of chambray, plain tees in various basic colors and skinnies.. I agree they are essentials. Kain Label tees are fabulous but at $88 a piece, I have to go easy on them ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  16. As to the shoes I've got to the st(age) where I can't separate the pain from the aesthetics any more !

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