What I Wore: How Sporty Can You Dress for Work?

It’s Thrifty Thursday at the Spunky Chateau. If you’ve read my blog (thank you!) you know I’m a devout thrifter, so coming up with a thrifted outfit is not very hard. I think a head-to-toe retail outfit would be more difficult. I’m not cheap, I’m adventurous!

For today I chose an old standby denim skirt by Lucky. This is a youth-oriented brand but somehow this skirt speaks to me. I love the slim fit, the knee length and the curved seaming. The top is new, from Calvin Klein’s “Performance” or activewear line. So I think I’m supposed to go play rugby in it, or at least jog in place. But even though it’s casual I love the fresh stripes for work.

Knit top: Calvin Klein, Skirt: Lucky, thrifted, Belt: Guess, thrifted
Necklace: yard sale, Shoes: Naturalizer, Watch: Freestyle, thrifted

I’m working on the multiple bangles look with a new-old thrift find: a cool stainless steel watch. It’s big and chunky and I think it functions like a bangle. (Also my old watch is broken.) The brand is “Freestyle,” which I’d never heard of. But I found they’re a nice medium-level sporty brand. So, after work today I had better plan some SPORTS!

I find the whole look appropriate for my workplace, but obviously not for a conservative office/bank/law firm. At a dressier workplace I could still rock the watch, and maybe even the striped sweater under a blazer and with a more formal skirt. And some closed-toe pumps. And hose?

How sporty do you dress on a “work” day? For those of you who have retired or work at home, do you incorporate “activewear” into your daily looks?

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  1. Great look on you, Patti! I love the stripes and think you look very sporty.

    My work look is whatever I want, as long as it's professional.

  2. I love that denim pencil skirt on you- a perfect balance of youthful fun and age-appropriate. And those adorable shoes show off your hot legs!

    Given my moniker, I'm figuring everyone can guess I don't get to dress "sporty" or "casual" at my workplace. Although compared to my cohorts at the big firms, I suppose as a lowly Assistant Public Defender, and female at that, I do get some slack.

    I don't wear suits because:

    1. I can't find ones that fit. I'm such a difficult fit given my tiny waist, huge hips and thighs, and respectable bust. Waists are too big, too high in the front and too low in the back. Hips and legs are sausage-casing tight. Not a good look.

    2. And washable pants save on the dry-cleaning bills. I make a living, but I'm definitely not rolling in excess $.

    3. Suit-shopping is additionally difficult for me because I'm allergic to all animal fibers (excluding silk). Finding nice non-wool suits that fit and I can afford… Wait! I see my unicorn!

    At least my professional environment doesn't require me to wear skirts. Or I would seriously have to rethink my career! There are still some very conservative firms and judges out there that ban pants for female attorneys!

    Which strikes me as a bit pervy, really… why do I have to show you my legs to be allowed to work?

    I wear pants because they're more comfortable for me, and because my legs are heinous. This isn't "poor body image" I swear. Just fact.

  3. Hi Patti! What a great blog you have! Tis is a great question. I am the senior woman in my office, so I sort of set the tone. I wear open-toed shoes and never hose, but I never show knee, shoulder, or (gasp!) cleavage. 🙂 Kiki

  4. I absolutely love stiped tops. I want the stripes to be very thin though otherwise I look like I am wearing an awning.
    You have the perfect figure for pencil skirts.
    I don't wear much activewear except to exercise. Your top does not look like activewear at all. I think many brands have labels they refer to as activewear, but can really be used for any casual outfit. Chico's has a Zenergy line that often looks no different than their regular line of clothing.
    Anyway, you look very crisp and perfectly attired for work.

  5. I could dress this way on campus. The denim skirt has a great fit on you and I like the top, especially with the belt over it.

  6. There is nothing like a jean skirt, no? Definately a basic in my wardrobe too. Yours is adorable with some really cute details.
    I could wear REALLY casual clothes to my workplace, but I like to dress! I like being the most dressed person in the roon.

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