What I Wore: High-Low Skirt

I am on the bandwagon for the mullet skirt, aka the high-low, or the asymmetrical hem. I think the look may be very dated by next Spring, so I’m enjoying it for a brief happy moment.

I really like this striped knit skirt from Nordstroms. The mullet feature is pretty moderate, and the front covers the knees, easily. The black tee is from GAP, and the silk floral scarf is vintage, via eBay.

This is an easy, all-day work look that I can change up next time with a colorful top and bangles. The super-comfortable sandals are by White Mountain.

Similar skirts from Nordie’s here and here

Are you wearing any high-low skirts or dresses for Spring/Summer?

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  1. I like the mullet hem when its "moderate" as you say, like on your great striped skirt. The super hi's- not so much. I like the variation of the hem, it adds movement and interest to the outfit. But I agree, we may be done with this trend by next spring. However, I've been craving "Hi-Low" hemmed tops. I could use a few seasons of blouses with this style of hemline. 

  2. I like the high and low skirt or dress
    I found a high and low dress the swap  i went to  a couple a month ago – Now i have to style it – I love what you are wearing – love the layering of your Ts and adore the scarf – Très jolie!


  3. i have a mullet skirt from last spring that i love
    i saw an article just the other day that said to turn the high low sideways for a total different look
    can't wait to try that

  4. Well, I LOVE it!  My kinda outfit!  
    You look fabulous, and this shows off your cute figure!  The scarf adds just enough color…perfect!

  5. I'm so happy for you,Patti. You made it to Already Pretty.I always thought you had a great thought provoking blog and I'm glad so many more are going to check you out.As for me I broke my camera and I can't get decent photos on my mobile but mostly I don't have mind for blogging now that elections are nearing.

  6. You look so elegant in this outfit – I really like the mullet skirt! And I think you're right, it's probably out of fashion within a year, such a pity – it  shows off the shoes so nicely!

  7. I love this outfit on you–and the floral scarf is just the tight pop of color! 
    I think the skirt isn't too extreme a "mullet" style that it can't be worn for several seasons.

    I've been looking for one myseld!

  8. I am a big fan of this hemline and hope it sticks around awhile.  I really like this look on you, Patti, and the scarf is the perfect pop of color!

  9. I always thought the high-low skirt was kind of ick, but I've been thinking of the tacky ones from the 90s, which were too asymmetrical, in my opin. The ones you, and Mongs from My Thrifty Closet, have posted are much more subtle and simple – I may have to reevaluate my earlier viewpoint! 🙂

  10. I've been seeing these high-low skirts everywhere but I hadn't been sold on them yet.  I think it is because they were too short and I wouldn't want the front of the skirt above my knees (you'd really see my little chicken legs then).  I have been inspired by yours though because of the length.  You wear it well!

  11. This outfit looks fantastic on you, but my favourite thing is the scarf! Ooooh, I swoon over that scarf. I reminds me of one my mum had when I was little. I took it everywhere with me. I don't have any high-low clothes but I like the asymmetry. 

  12. Wonderful touch of colour with the scarf patti.

  13. I do have a few skirts with funny hems but don't wear them very often because they are so memorable – hmm, guess that ups the cost per wear factor.  Yours looks very wearable – it's a quite subtle change and as you say, versatile too.

  14. That looks great Patti! I don't think this look will go out of style so quickly especially since the high low of the hem on this skirt is down low and not above the knee like some of them. I think this looks really good!

  15. Love the scarf.  I have mixed feelings about hi-lo skirts…but this looks great on you!

  16. Classy!  The fabric flows nicely and the vintage scarf is a lovely touch.  I don't have any high-low skirts, but would wear one if it crossed my path.  

  17. I don't have any and didn't like them until I saw yours. It seems more subtle when the skirt is longer. I am open to the possibilities now. BTW, that cat's leg is so funny, sticking straight out next to your left hand. 🙂

  18. I am indeed wearing my mullet skirt – it's in my June capsule! Mine is actually several years old, so I'm not trying to emulate the current trend (although I thrifted it last year, I bought it because I loved it).

    This one looks lovely on you, Patti!

  19. I see skirts and think how wonderful they look on other ladies, but I put them on and am less than impressed. I'll just let you wear them. 🙂

  20. I keep seeing this style and though I admire it on others, for some reason it doesn't even tempt me.  What is wrong with me?

  21. I like this skirt on you, Patti. It's not too extreme, and looks very comfortable and less "blocky" than a full-on maxi.

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