Beauty From Ashes

On one of our walks in New York City, around West 11th Street and Greenwich Ave., we passed a chain link fence hung with hand made tiles. The tiles are covered with messages and images of September 11th, many child-like and many sophisticated, and all heart-rending.

I spent much more time there than I had planned, just meditating about that day, the despair, and the resilience of the human spirit. I felt I had to share these images with you.

We all have a need to express ourselves. Some of you are wonderful artists and able to appreciate nuances of color and shape. Others are artists with words or music, and some with clothing (I am thinking of the wondrous Judith of Style Crone, for one).

Some New Yorkers hung their expressions on a fence after a day that changed the world:

Can you see the twin towers on the tile in the upper right?        
So simple.
“At a troubled time, in an uncertain world, in a difficult job,
your service to your country shines bright.”
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  1. 9/11 a day I'll never forget. Thank you for posting theses beautiful images! I've never seen them before.

  2. I think every American should go at least once and experience what you did.  We all need to remember and to "be there" for a few moments.  Thanks for sharing, Patti!  I agree with Terri, the one that really struck me was Go Down to the River and Pray….

  3. It was the "go down to the river and pray" tile that gave me goosebumps…I cannot imagine what it would be like to visit the site.  Like you, I would likely have been spellbound…

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