What I Wore: DIY for A Day at the Beach

This is no cutting-edge day for style ☺. It’s a day for a beach walk and a slice of pizza at Bizarro’s, and nothing wrong with that. Fabulosity does not manifest every day of the week.

I tied my hair up in a scarf and tried my new over-sized sunglasses, a gift from Sunglass Warehouse. Check out their website for dozens of totally cool shades for men and women, at very affordable prices.

The skirt is a no-sew DIY, made from a man’s XL tee shirt. The tutorial is from the fab site WobiSobi, and this is the third one I’ve made. Each skirt takes about ten minutes! You can tie it in the front or back, but I am decades too old for a slogan on my butt, so I show the bow in the rear.


Ah, the shoes – love these. They are courtesy of Colour of Cocktail, a women-owned company that customizes shoes for your foot size and shape. Their offerings are here, and well worth a look. These “Brooklyn” flats are super comfortable and I love the hot pink insole. I also have a crush on these “Vivid Lemon Juice” wedges:

Have you taken a vacation day from fashion, and still wanted to wear something fun? Me too.

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  1. What a wonderful idea, I know what I will be trying this week. We also do a 'craft' type project as women when we head to Lake Powel, this will be perfect, thank you for sharing. And those shoes, love them!

  2. I live in Orlando and we get pizza at the Bizarro's in Oviedo! It just opened in the last year and we love it! So funny to read about Bizarro's in your post!

  3. Patti, love seeing you in such a fun outfit like this! We both do a lot of work posts, so what a nuce change to see the other side!
    I am pinning for those yellow wedges as well; and love the ones you have on.
    Tee shirt skirt idea is total genius and it looks so good on you! I have to try that. I have added that site to my blog list.

  4. Loving the skirt Patti! Particularly that you didn't even need to sew, very cool!

  5. Thanks Patti. WobiSobi is a great site. I have been looking for a site to show me how to deconstruct a t-shirt and now I've found it and there is so much more. I love your hair scarf, I wore my hair in a scarf alot in the 80's. Great laid back chic look.

    Barbara @ http://www.allmylivesnow.com

  6. Ooooh those shoes. Yeah, I cut my posting days down but still pay attention to what i"m putting on. Makes me feel like I'm getting dressed more for me these days than the "show".

  7. The shoes are lovely and the tee idea is a lot of fun! I should try it myself!

  8. You are so dang cute! I love this look on you…so relaxed and fun!

  9. Great idea with the skirt – though I had no idea your lady area was Irish! Sorry, I am always the one who has to lower the tone… You look funky and casual and cool and gorgeous, the bow on your bottom looks delightful, and you do so suit a shorter skirt, Patti, can I put in a plea for you to wear them more often?
    Love those yellow wedges. xxxx

  10. I love that DIY tee shirt skirt! There's nothing wrong with your butt, it's very cute – I say turn the tee round and flaunt a great arse for all it's worth! xxx

  11. So cute…fit for Project Runway…I bet you were the most stylish one on the beach!

  12. I love those shoes, and the T-shirt skirt is a great idea. I'm going to check out both those links stat!

  13. Question after seeing how the skirt is made… Does this withstand washing. I think this might be a darling way to get my niece some more skirt options.

  14. Great shoes. And fashion can be in small gestures, like tying a skirt; it needed be an elaborate affair.

  15. I really love your outift – the skirt is genius! The shoes are wonderful – want a pair too 🙂

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