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Today marks the launch of The Style Crone‘s new link-up, Hat Attack.

The SC, aka Judith, is one of the kindest, wisest, most authentic women I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Yes, I did get to meet her, when she was visiting here in Florida last year! We had a wonderful time talking about subjects deep and not-so-deep, and shared a lunch. She was wearing a fabuous hat of course:

Judith’s hat collection is as exquisite as it is extensive. I, on the other hand, own only two sun hats. I guess I’ve feared the effects of hats on my fuzzy curls, or I just never got started wearing them in my formative years. But I cannot miss the inaugural Hat Attack, so I am submitting a head scarf with fingers crossed, and lots of love to Judith:

Please visit Hat Attack and join the fun here.

Happiest Thursday,

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  1. How awesome you got to meet Judith!! you both look fabulous in your picture!

  2. Dear Patti, Thank you so much for the support and your kind words. I have many fond memories of our lunch together and the conversation that flowed with ease. I appreciate your display of the Hat Attack badge and for linking up with my first blog hat party.

    I love your lovely head scarf, your white dress blowing in the wind and you gorgeous beach background. The love of hats is not required to be "birds of a feather!"

  3. Judith really is a beautiful and inspirational woman, much like yourself, Patti, so it's a delight to see the two of you together!
    And how lovely do you look on the beach? Very – beautiful in pleats and all-white, barefoot, and with that cute scarf in your hair. xxxxx

  4. Patti–thanks for letting me know about 'hat attack.' Fab idea. And, by the by, you look stunning in your white outfit!

  5. You look lovely! I will wear a hat or headgear tomorrow so that I can participate with you all.

    I love that picture of you on the beach, Patti – you look amazing!

  6. Such a beautiful picture of you on the beach Patti and a very creative use of a headscarf, How wonderful that you and Judith had the opportunity to meet… you both have inspired many to find true visibility!

  7. Two nice picures… and a famous idea!
    But I haven't fotos of my hats today (why I wear it so rare?)… in the other month I will join too…
    Greetings Mascha

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