What I Wore: Cropped Trousers, And Cats On Parade

I look pretty cheery, but these trousers have to go back to the thrift — they look much too big, and not in the cool, slouchy way. Thank you, Camera, for telling it as it is. I do like showing off my ankles, though.

On top is the Cynthia Rowley blouse (similar) I found in St. Petersburg, at Revolve Clothing Exchange. I wear it a lot because it meets all my criteria: flattering, versatile, and easy to wash and dry. Lazy, that is me. Hope you enjoy a peek at our view – the ocean is just over those bushes, and please pay no attention to the parking meters.

King prepares the magic rug for a brisk nap, while Skinny looks on wistfully. She will not share.
 I’m wearing a vintage 1960’s locket, thrifted in NYC.

Do you recycle clothing, from-and-to the thrift or consignment store? And does your camera tell you things you didn’t really want to know?

Stay fabulous,

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  1. Kitty babies! My camera often tells me things I don't want to know. Fortunately, I'm relying less on that because I began nitpicking too much, but it does help you get a good idea about certain shapes just not working for you at all and lets you avoid them all together

  2. The camera tells me so many things I don't want to know! Mostly about my aging skin and my "generous" thighs! 😉 Well, in the photo the pants look big in a cool way, but they have to feel that way in person too! Love seeing your kitties! I need to get my cats into more shots. Those darn dogs hog up all the photo bombing around here! 😉


    Dawn Lucy


  3. I rely on the camera as well to see if it's a keeper or not
    The top is marvelous, i found one Cynthia Rowley in a thrift shop, i love it too
    Yep the pants a too big for you that's for sure but you gorgeous anyway
    Cats are so cute, Leo does the same, well did the same on the bed, but now the newest member took over the bed

    See you soon xxxx

  4. I don't think the cropped trousers are a bad shape, just a little too loose on your very slim frame (Vix is right – show your sleekness, don't hide it!) Of course the top is lovely, and a more fitted, tapered pair of pants (peal pushers, I suppose) you'd look even more amazing! I take more notice of photos than the mirror these days (which is unfortunate on the days I don't take pics, I must leave the house looking a sight sometimes…) The camera definitely tells a different story compared with the mirror. And yes, sometimes pieces go back to the charity shops from whence they came (or I sell, or pass on to friends).
    Oh, the kitty ritual of Rug Preparation! We call that kneading behaviour "playing the piano" – a French friend calls it "treading the grapes"! Isn't it supposed to be a kitten-like activity, a throwback to when they kneaded their mum as they fed from her? xxx

  5. I have the same issue… occasionally people compliment my outfit, but when I go to post– awful! I think it's because we are showing 3-D looks in 2-D, so the depth perception is all flattened out. Probably the same reason many of us look heavier in photos than IRL!

  6. Yes, I recycle! We receyle evreything here in Holland. And I find things at markets and secondhand stores.
    you are right about those trousers and very very brave to show it to us! the camera never lies, like the mirror sometimes does ( carefull lighting and all that) After seeing the photo's of the blog I poster this eventing I realised that besides the 5 chins and grey hair I look a bit tense, I'm still so bussy with the tecnique of making photo's…

  7. I agree the pants aren't right. But the top really is lovely! And, yes, I always have a paper grocery sack tucked in th corner for tossing the cast-offs into. It gets full and away it goes and out comes another. A growing child in the house helps it fill up even faster!

  8. There have been a number of secondhand purchases that I've donated back. Usually it's the case where I didn't try something on (bad idea) and it turns out to be too small, or it's something that I think I can pull off, and then when I see a photo of it, I see how unflattering it really is. That top is so pretty, it deserves to be paired with a more flattering bottom.
    I used to refer to the Kitty Kneading as "making bread" when I had cats as pets. I had one cat that would close its eyes and purr while kneading, as if it was some sort of zen/meditation thing. I envy you your sunshine – we haven't seen much here lately.

  9. yes, they all "make biscuits" on the rugs until the feel is just right. What a life! xo

  10. lol! my husband, who's never been a farmer, said it looked like I was hiding cow balls. Cows don't have balls — right?? xo

  11. My camera told me I looked like a Russian peasant from 1960 a couple of weeks ago, (wait till I post the photos!) so yeah…she can be a real *itch sometimes, no candy coating.

    I have noticed that sometimes things really do photograph poorly though because I will get compliments on outfit and then it'll look awful in photos. Maybe people are feeling sorry for me so they compliment me? Who knows.

    I really envy your location…and the sunshine! I'm looking out my window right now and feel a strong urge to go and eat a spoonful of peanut butter. Maybe with a piece of dark chocolate on top. Just as a garnish ; )

    I love the top and the locket! But agree that at this angle it looks like you could be hiding something suspicious in the trousers.


  12. That's a shame, the colour and length are great but, yes, flaunt that bod! The cats are hilarious, look at King working his magic on that rug. We've just come back from the charity shop with a groovy footstool and I can hear claws already! xxx

  13. My camera hates black, which is sad since I used to live in black and still do love my pieces. I honestly think those pants you've got on aren't as bad as you perceive them to be, but if they don't make you feel special, then I agree that back to the thrift store they go. That top, though. Très adorable!

  14. I really like that combo of black-and-white with the tan trousers. The kitty "fluffing" the bed is too funny. One of my dogs does something similar.

  15. You are so authentic and true as a blogger and I love that. If I could only tell you how many times I changed based on a camera! I just posted a vintage/consignment story about a favorite bag. I get many items in consignment and vintage stores and I am blessed to live in NYC where we have a large selection. I think you look great in this post.

    Accidental Icon


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