New Shoes, You Saw Me Standing Alone . . .

You know this song, right? Here is my favorite version.

What does this have to do with new shoes? Not much, but it popped into my head. While I don’t need shoes, I just bought these Calvin Klein oxfords, via They were on sale for under $30. Sing it: “New shoes, you knew just what I was there for. You heard me saying a prayer for . . . some flats I really could care for.”

I had purchased and returned two pairs of pricey booties/oxfords because they weren’t perfectly comfortable. These Calvins are a cool pair of flats for walking days, and they work with either jeans or skirts. (I did stick to my one-in, one-out guideline.)

These are darn cute (love the zipper trim), of good leather, and well made. I needed to add an insole to make them comfortable for long distances, but that’s a must-do for all my shoes.

Wow, my hooves look enormous here.

Are you on-board with oxfords? Are they too mannish or just right?
Stay fabulous and walk on.

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Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge, refresh, and hope for some boots weather. ☺ We’ll be back on Monday, December 15th (actually, the Sunday evening before)!

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  1. I am a big fan of the oxford/brogue shoe. They are timeless and a great way to feel chic while wearing a flat. Yours are such a great rich chestnut brown too. What a score!

  2. this is my all time favorite song about new shoes. it is in Dutch and they so much as new shoes change your life! those brown Oxfords look so much like something I have been looking for, Lucy you and at bargain too!

  3. Those are cool. They have great details. I really like oxfords on other people but have never felt particularly inclined to add them to my closet.

  4. Lol, it's all about the perspective. My feet are average/large (size 8.5), but not the big canoes you see here : >

  5. Flats definitely make feet look bigger. This is the appeal of heels I suppose. Having feet that don't manage heels, I just have to go with it. Looking for some oxfords and looking and still looking! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yours are great! And so cheap! xo JJ

  6. These are so fab!

    The colour and that cool zipper.

    I was lucky and scored some wonderful brown already-worn-in brogues from the thrift store this week. Yay! ( like I needed another pair…but never mind!)

    Hafta say though…you do indeed look like you have rather large feet here. I almost thought it was a photo of a kid wearing grown up shoes! LOL Must be the weird angle of the camera distorting you.


  7. I can imagine a soft shoe shuffle in these shoes to go along with that marvellous song, a la Twin Peaks. The zipper detail is beautiful.

  8. Those are really cute! I find oxfords fall into that category of something I love the look of in theory but end up not wearing because they just don't feel like me. I love the zipper detail on those ones. It's a nice funky touch that makes them interesting and I would fall for that too if I saw them in the store. I would have to sternly tell myself no.

  9. I wear my oxfords quite often! Yours have great detail. I would wear them more with pants.

  10. That zip detail is so cool! I haven't got any brogues (are they the same thing as Oxfords? I don't really know!) as I rarely wear trousers, and then only with heels, and despite loving the Sensible Shoe-and-dress/skirt look on others, I always feel too frumpy when I try it myself. xxx

  11. They're cute. Have you gone out and walked a couple of miles in them? I've been staying away from oxfords because they usually have hard leather and rub blisters on my not-short daily walk to work. I'm too old to be breaking shoes in, so blisters or potential blisters are a deal killer for me.

  12. Great idea, thanks Val. I tried on the Docs while I was in NYC and I didn't like the fit either. I do have some (different style) Doc boots that I like. xo

  13. Those are very cool with that zipper! I think you should cuff your pant legs – that would look good with those shoes.

    Did you ever buy those Docs? I tried mine on, but the toes were cavernous and I didn't like the fit. Oh, well, Doc's are off my list.

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