What I Wore: Classic Blue by Jill McGowan

I appreciate a well-made shirt. The very nice folks at Jill McGowan asked me to try one of their very well-made shirts. So, yes! They’re a small, woman-owned company with their flagship store in Freeport, Maine. They sell their shirts online and through selected retailers around the country.

Here’s their story, from their website:

The first line of clothing from Jill McGowan, Inc. was a series of white shirts. This line was inspired by her work as a patternmaker in the men’s shirt industry.

After comparing her work on men’s shirts to women’s clothing of equal price, she recognized the genuine need to improve the standard of women’s clothing.

Hooray for  quality, and made in the USA. The shirt I received is impeccably constructed from fine cotton. It feels crisp and substantial. I plan to wear it year-round, as an over-shirt/light topper. Check out more of Jill’s designs here and have a look at her Facebook page, too.

Black cats go with everything. So do my awesome Cydwoq booties.
The back of the shirt has great seaming.
Here’s the Lara. Love all the details.

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  1. Oh, you know, there's one of us in every group, that just has to know where the critter shirt came from 😛 Altho' I do love the beautiful blue shirt, you had me at the cat.

  2. Ohh! I love this look. Then again, I'm a bit partial to tuxedo cats, and your tee looks like you've got one clinging to you. And of course those awesome boots. *drool*

  3. That color blue is fabulous on you!! Add some kick-ass boots and a cat shirt and you look amazing!!

  4. I love this outfit, Patti! The shirt worn as a duster is perfect and the cat T so cute! Good job!

  5. A well made shirt is priceless – and this one looks great on you! xo C. (HHL)

  6. Beautiful colour on you, Patti, you do relaxed chic so very well! I'm not a shirt wearer, but can appreciate the quality and detail of yours. And a cute kitty, key, and funky ankle boots are the perfect accompaniments! xxxx

  7. Lovely outfit (have to get used to these kind of booties with a skirt but I know that is my hang-up). I think I would also wear it with skinnies. But I think I wear a lot with skinnies.
    The T-shirt with the cat is great.
    And I could do with the Lara, but it is not a very good idea for me to order clothes in the USA.

  8. Hi Patti! I just raided your Pinterest style board. Thank you. These shirts are so beautiful. You look fabulous in yours. Ever since I left the corporate world I have not been able to drop that much for a shirt. Though I do understand WHY they are so expensive.

  9. I love the cat peaking out : ) Looks like he is trying to play with the key hanging around your neck.


  10. Hi Patti!

    I'm pleased you had a nice Thanksgiving – Restaurants are the best, sorry foodies! We also do the resto bit sometimes, less trouble and no leftovers to deal with
    Lovely shirt, that's your color for sure –
    Typing with my gloves, cold here and snow but it's ok, very thankfull for my lovely life with my Mr. D!

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