What Do You Love About Your Looks? Sing It Out

Many, many things, I hope! Sing them out like a proud songbird.

One of the gifts of aging is looking back and seeing how completely fetching we were in our youth.  There was something about the fresh-faced, didn’t-bother-with-my-hair, jeans-and-a-tee look that still takes my breath away. And, the secret is, we are beautiful right now.

Now we’re older and still learning to love our whole selves, inside and out. What do you love about yourself now, in the physical realm? We’re all appreciating our growing wisdom, confidence, and our disinclination to entertain fools. Gosh, I enjoy a sassy, smart, self-possessed, imperturbable “older” woman.

My favorite things about my physical self, again not counting all the smarts I’ve acquired, include: soft skin, from years of no suntans; my curls, although they’re getting skinny, they still curl; and my slim body shape that makes shopping easy.

These gorgeous over-40 women from Visible Monday haven’t answered my question yet, but I am stepping in like a boss to reply for them. And oh yes, they have a LOT more going on than these lovely physical traits:

Melanie of Bag And A Beret has it all happening, from her it-does-everything hair to her inspired stylings. Her brilliant blue eyes stand out and catch your attention, and reflect the lights that are burning inside that creative mind.

web oct 15 mel kobayashi bag and a beret blue faux fur

Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust is another beauty with soul and spirit, and passionate beliefs. A great match for her brilliant red hair that goes everywhere with her. It’s got beautiful ombre tones throughout.


Rena of Fine, Whatever has the curls I’ve been pining for all my life. They’re thick and full and healthy, and now she’s letting them go silver. She shared some hair styling tips with me when we met in Arizona, thanks, Rena! Her curls look captivating with her fresh fashion sensibility.


And so many more – all of the 80+ women who added their look to Visible Monday have original beauty and style.

Stay fabulous, love your physical self, it’s what carries your soul around every day, xo

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  1. What a lovely recognition of the physical beauty of the three women hou chise to highlight.
    I’m thankful for fairly wrinkle free skin at 66 years old and I like my broad square shoulders too.

  2. Oh, Patti, that is quite a difficult one for me. Let’s just say that with the confidence age brings I have finally learned to love my curvy hips. And I have always loved my eyes, even though they are now mostly hidden behind my glasses! xxx

    • So glad to hear you’re loving your curves, Ann. You have a great vintage style, too. xo

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