What Are Your Favorite Underthings?

True confession time: I feel least like a style blogger when I’m rummaging through my underthings drawer. I don’t have a single sheer-lace bra or thong, nothing silk or satin. I have a drawer full of comfortable, stretchy pants and cotton camisoles with built-in shelf bras. That’s how I roll.  And panties just have to be sleek, and not show under my clothes, thankyouverymuch.

I’ve read the books, especially the French Women Are The Chic-est books, that tout the wonders of lovely underthings. It’s just not a style passion of mine. Do I have to surrender my Chic-Woman card?

Here’s some lingerie talk, that leaves me feeling second-rate in the underwear department:

“Occasionally a lady needs a new kind of lingerie fix in order to feel like her most pampered self. Sometimes, a lady needs something with a bit more personality and (dare I say it?) bite.” Source

“Regardless of whether you’re single or in a blazing hot love affair, your unmentionables are sending a very powerful message to your psyche.  Either you think you’re worth it, or you don’t, and that, my love, impacts everything!” Source

Real elegance is everywhere especially in the things that don’t show.” – Christian Dior

“French women demand to be stylish in every layer of their outfit; beautiful underwear is part of the dance of life.” Source

So what are your favorite brands and sources for underwear? Are you a cotton/poly wash-and-wear woman like me, or do you enjoy the finer fabrics and cuts? Will you splurge on high-end silk and lace? Good for you if you do, because I truly believe we should treat ourselves well. I drink the good wine and coffee, love the feel of a real gold ring, and high thread count sheets. I’m just a blue collar underwear woman. My current faves:

Old Navy camisoles. They used to be made with shelf bras, but I can’t find them anymore, sad. So I am on the lookout for a new source of lightweight, fitted camis with minimal bra support. I fully get it that many women have to wear supportive bras or they feel discomfort, even pain.


These non-bra camisoles make great first layers too, and come in lots of colors.

GAP bralettes. Ooh, there is some lace here! These are soooo easy to wear and have no wires or clasps. Full disclosure – this is not me in this pic:


I like this GAP bralette as well as others in the GAP BODY line.

Target bikinis, the 5-for-$20 kind, are the absolute best. Sleek, comfortable, no Visible Panty Lines. They come in all the neutrals I love, and they have a long lifespan. These Fruit of the Loom hipsters are a close second, and cost less than lunch.

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Here’s some under-style that’s making me smile:

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  1. All cotton for me because I’m worth it! My undergarments (camisoles and panties) are made in Germany with no side seams. They are very pretty, some with a bit of lace and so comfortable. I’ve worn them all my life, well, I have to buy new ones and wash them, of course! I won’t wear old, worn out underwear because my undies are a foundation of how I feel in my clothes.



  2. Hello Paty! I love your blog. You are an inspiration for me. I like comfort. I like to wear second skin t-shirts and bralettes. Lace does not attract me. I’m from the cotton team. Congratulations on the blog. Kiss for you girl

  3. If my chest could handle a shelf bra I’d be all over it. The gals need some serious underwire support with wide straps to stay remotely happy.

    When I was younger ( I hate to say this ) I cared way more about my underwear because there was much more of a chance that someone else would be seeing it. I would spend $ on fancy lace and silk. Now that I’m married over 26 years and I’m 51 I find that my body isn’t as keen on those thongs I used to wear. Comfortable cotton (the least sexy of all) is often what I buy for the bottom half and the top half requires simple smooth cups with wide straps. That is the only area of my wardrobe that has actually become more practical and less theatrical as I age.


  4. I’ve always been one of those who liked wearing pretty underthings — still do. In fact, my motto is “life is too short to wear ugly panties!” lol! Bras must be functional, first, pretty, second, however. I need to have support for my girls. With panties, no panty lines are ever allowed, and Hanky Panky panties and thongs are great. I like splurging on a few new pretty underthings before weekends away or vacations with hubby. Often buy online at Bare Necessities. Wide variety to choose from.

  5. Oh man, I have such a large chest that it’s hard to buy standard bras without spillage. That means I pay extra and have to hunt and often order bras. And that spills over into the swimsuit arena as well. It’s so hard to find a top that fits! Underwear are much easier, Hanky Panky makes some great thongs and Victoria’s Secret makes some great no show panties. I’m obsessed!

  6. Style & Co. make great stretch tanks with built-in shelf bra. Available at Macy’s, Hudson’s Bay Co. etc. but if you can’t find them you can order on-line. If you can forgo the built-in bra under shirts around the house, Ellen Tracey has great stretch cami’s at Sam’s Club in beige, white and black for $8.99. Comfie. Love the lace bralet but the bottom band usually rolls and is uncomfortable. Hard to beat Soma briefs with high-cut leg with tummy panel and invisible panty-line. Great colours, prints too. Hate bras but they’re a necessity, especially underwires. I’ve been sized a thousand ways from Sunday and never get a comfortable fit. When I am forced to wear a bra I can’t wait to get home and rip it off. Check out my earlier blog posting on the issue: https://boomerbroadcast.net/2014/01/13/lets-burn-our-bras-again/

  7. I love JCPenney’s tanks that you can find in their more office-like section. Maroon, black, beige and white are perfect under most everything I own. I also like Express’s tanks for minimal support (not sure if they still have a shelf). As far as panties, Soma has by far the best with lace, some with no lines and beautiful prints. I still like pretty undies.

  8. Genie bras and Jockey for Her Elance high cut briefs. I’m a Floridian as well. Comfort is absolutely the most important thing to me when it comes to underwear.

  9. Shelf bra? If only! I remember how thrilled I was to discover underwire bras with wide, adjustable straps so I could keep things “under control” LOL. I know a lot of women say they are more comfortable without a bra, but it’s not comfortable to me to flop around. Underpants are black or neutral color, no “high leg” or “hip hugger” styles. I truly cannot imagine how uncomfortable and unpleasant wearing a thong would be…

  10. I wear all-cotton, white, granny panties — and a supportive, sleek, underwired brassiere — because I am worth it! Comfort is at least as important as sex-appeal, at any age.

    Besides, underwear doesn’t stay on very long when one’s sex appeal has achieved its purpose. At least, not at my house.

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