We Are SO Not Dead (Or “Age Appropriate”) Yet

My husband, age 60, has been saying “I’m not old enough to play golf yet” for 25 years. He’s just teasing our friends who do play golf, because in Sandy’s worldview, it’s a sport for his Dad, not for him. Similarly, I don’t think all of us over 40 (or over 60) are ready to be “age appropriate” in our style choices. That doesn’t mean we run about in hot pants and tube tops (did you ever? I did) but that we’re not afraid of making a style statement.

The fabulous women of Visible Monday are SO Not Dead Yet, and they express their style personalities without worrying about age. They inspire us to step outside of the age box, and dance.

As always, the first tip is: dress and create as you will, and own your look. Confidence is all.

Embrace Your Shape: Jodie of J Touch Of Style looks terrific in a body conscious dress. She’s about 50, I think, and dresses her truth. Love the denim jacket over the summery dress, the espadrilles, and those cool eyeglasses:

age appropriate Jodie

Relax: Dawn Lucy of Fashion Should Be Fun shows how great 50 looks, in a relaxed, authentic outfit. The fringed jeans are of the moment, and Dawn looks like she was born in them. Great booties too.

age appropriate Dawn

Let Your Retro Flag Fly: Vix of of Vintage Vixen dresses almost exclusively in vintage pieces, and she always looks just like her fabulous self. She’s written that she’ll never, ever go back to the blazers, hose and heels of her corporate days. Age is no factor.

age appropriate Vix

Feel Your Inner Butterfly: Nancy of of Nancy’s Fashion Style is gorgeous in a 1950’s style summer dress, and I love that she knots her sweater at the waist. Such a charming, fresh look for any age. Her long curly hair breaks the old “rule” about cutting our hair shorter after 40!

age appropriate Nancy
Bare Your Shoulders: Jess of Elegantly Dressed And Stylish is always, well, elegantly dressed and stylish and her age matters not. Jess knows her style personality and that’s what guides her. Off the shoulder blouse, sure, and distressed jeans – of course. It’s a terrific look.

age appropriate Jess

How do you feel about dressing “age appropriate”? We all have some guidelines for ourselves, and that’s part of dressing authentically. You dress you, and pay no attention to how many summers you’ve enjoyed. xo

Stay fabulous,

Here’s more fab and affordable pieces for any age, inspired by the Visible women:

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  1. Wow, Patti, thanks for the mention! “Dresses her truth” what a fantastic phrase. Strangers often tell me that they know I’m a left-leaning, vegetarian, yoga practicing, festival going, free spirit just by the way I’m dressed and I love it! xxx

  2. Thanks for introducing us to all these women and their unique styles. I’m a big fan of Jodie and all the ladies over at J’s Touch of Style! Nancy’s red & black outfit is my favorite in this post!

  3. I love all these looks! Each unique in their own ways, these gals know how to rock their signature looks! And yes, I say wear whatever you darn well please – whatever you are happy and comfortable in – then let your inner confidence will beam through!

  4. Oh wow! I am just back from a fashion show and totally exhausted. And then I saw this! Wow! I feel so honoured! Thank you very much Patti!

  5. Great features!

    I’m thankful to be in my mid/late forties at this time because there are so many fabulous women who dress in a way that’s right for them, and they look fantastic.

    My own mother dresses better at 81 than she did in her 40s and 50s. I think when she turned 40 forty years ago, she thought she had to be “age appropriate” and it didn’t always turn out so well. The older she got, the less she worried about being age appropriate and the more she focused on being comfortable in her own clothes and her own skin.

  6. These women ROCK Pattii!
    I couldn’t agree more with your choices.
    Sticking two fingers up to ageism.

  7. Great choices! All these women really do own their looks.

    The term “age appropriate” is ageism in my eyes. No one should dictate what you wear at any age. I certainly wear what I want.


  8. Great commentary and examples of how to rock your own style! I never wore tube tops but hot pants? Oh yeah. These days, I love a boho style with “scarfy” tops that drape and float and make me feel weightless (even as my knee joints complain loudly going up the steps…)

  9. Hey, Patti—thanks for the spotlight with the rest of these fabulous women!!!
    I have to say that blogging and seeing other women on the internet has certainly changed my idea of what I can and should wear! Or should I say there aren’t any rules anymore??!! It’s quite freeing, I think!!

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