Weekend Check-In #4: Tell Us What You’re Thinking

Time for another edition of Weekend Check-In! It consists
of random thoughts, left over at the end of the week, about style and
more. The fun part is you playing along in the comments.

start an open sentence about fashion, or life, the universe and
everything, and complete the sentence with whatever I’m thinking about.
Then you finish the sentence with your own random thoughts.

So, the (non) rules are:

  1. I start a sentence.
  2. I finish the sentence with my thoughts du jour, subject to change at any moment.
  3. You finish the sentence with your own response, in the comments, if you like.

This week’s check-in: 

  • I’m currently fascinated with . . . an alternative wedding band, very vintage, with personality. I adore my husband but don’t hold my simple band as the only option. So we’ve agreed an alternate band would be fun, and just as loving as the original (13 years ago).
This ring dates to the Victorian era. I love the detail. Available at The Three Graces.
  • I am starting to get used to the idea of . . . culottes. Yes, culottes, that awkward word that sounds like a body part or communicable disease (“My first boyfriend gave me culottes, the jerk.”) I saw these online and said, well maybe. Never say never. With platform sandals and a slim knit top?
I really like these simple culottes from NeedSupply.com.
  • The worst movie or TV show I saw this week was: The Sentinel, starring Michael Douglas, Kim Basinger, and Kiefer Sutherland. Pretty good leading cast, right? But the film was flat, predictable, and I may have fallen asleep at the end. To be fair, I had a bad cold that day, and couldn’t deal with anything too cerebral.

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  1. I had never thought about having more than one wedding ring (probably due to the fact I have never been married!) but it seems a perfectly sensible idea!
    Fascinated with the book I am currently reading (which seems to be what I always say, sorry!) – Life after life, by Kate Atkinson, I highly recommend it.
    Getting used to the idea of the Return To School, and the accompanying return to getting up early – which may kill me…
    Worst TV is Celebrity Big Brother – so awful, some really dreadful people in there, but I am sadly a little hooked. The shame, the shame! xxx

  2. I don't mind a nice pair of culotte's, although I don't own a pair.

    I'm currently fascinated with: my lovely children and the small things that inspire them everyday

    I am starting to get used to the idea of: Spring! Hooray.

    The worst movie or TV show I saw this week was: I didn't watch any TV shows or bad movies this week. I did watch Lucy at the movies a few weeks ago, and left the cinema feeling a bit disappointed.

  3. Not sure I can do culottes again. They were popular when I was in middle school, and I don't think they looked particularly good on me then! Love your idea of an alternative wedding band, and the one you showed is stunning!

  4. I'm currently fascinated with bracelets. They provide and opportunity for adding colour when I might not be completely invested in that particular colour…..a little bit of fun even with the most business-like of business suits.

    I'm starting to get used to the thought of moving into town. After years in the country, it has taken me a while to get comfortable with the thought of street lights, and neighbours.

    The worst movie or TV show I saw this week was one I can't name, but it was about a good witch. It was terrible, but I was in a hotel in a small city and there were few channels. In the end it was really just background noise to mask the sounds of the city.

    Culottes? I don't think I'll be trying them. I remember them from the 60's. One needs a little more leg-length than I have in order to wear them!

  5. In spite of the name and the association with your old boyfriend, I want culottes. But I can't spend any money until we pay off our mortgage. Or win the lottery. So I'm just fascinated with trying to make some money.

    Starting to get used to the idea of making major changes in our lives if we don't make more money, on a regular basis.

    Worst movie – um, we just don't watch much TV, so I can't think of anything.

  6. I changed my wedding band from a small gold one to a large silver one which stands on its own. My hubby Bushy engraved a secret word inside!
    I am currently fascinated by 3d dress design I.e. Architectural shapes
    I am getting used to the idea of having shaved hair and how to style the long portion.
    The worst TV show I saw this week was a DVD of The Green Hornet series which I borrowed from the library for my kids. They are addicted! It is so bad, with obvious models, melodramatic acting and repetitive music. Sometimes the old shows are so bad they are funny 🙂 xo JJ

  7. I'm currently fascinated with 40s style dresses. I think I'll sew myself one for a wedding I have coming up next month.

    I am starting to get used to the idea of having to clean my house top to bottom before my folks arrive for the above mentioned wedding.

  8. Oh man…culottes??? Yikes. I don't think I can go there myself again. But…like you wrote…never say never!

    I'm currently fascinated with eating pine. Real pine …um…fronds? is that what you call them? I had them last night at a swanky restaurant in a tasting menu and honestly they were divine! I don't know what they did to them to get them to taste so good. Weird right? I love tasting new things.

    I'm starting to get used to the idea of focusing more on the back end (tech side) of my blog where I've neglected it basically since I started it. The time has come though. I must leave TypePad and switch over to WordPress. There I've written it down. That means I have to do it now.

    The worst movie I saw this week, well I haven't watched one. We don't have TV at home and just really only watch series online, but when we were at a hotel this week and had regular TV I became addicted to Storage Wars. LOL Sad but true.


  9. I'm fascinated with my knitting this week and just wish I could knit faster so I could knit this.

    I'm starting to get used to the idea that summer's ending soon (way too soon!)
    I can't say i've watched much on t.v. this week and the news is too depressing.

  10. I'm currently fascinated with: Building my own ceiling clothes drier (sad but true).

    I am starting to get used to the idea of: The great British Summer being well and truly be over.

    The worst movie or TV show I saw this week was:The news announcing the news of James Foley's horrific murder.


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