Visible Monday #137: How To Do Warm-Weather Layers

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Layers add interest to any look, but who wants to layer when it’s 94 degrees? (The foolishly-named “Comfort Index” was 108 degrees today.) But with light textures and colors, you can get away with some layers, as I did with this outfit for the office.

The lace top is weightless and sheer. I found it in St. Petersburg at my favorite resale shop, Revolve. The olive tank is just an Old Navy staple. The full linen trousers are by J. Jill (similar) and I found them on the 50-cent rack at Molly Mutt thrift store. Wow, cheaper than gum.

Gorgeous vintage bracelet from Bella’s Etsy shop. The locket is thrifted in NYC and probably vintage 1960’s.
Skinny G. looks offended, but she loves attention of any kind. Except from her brother. She hisses at him like a snake.

Now, show us what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. i like this so much that I shopped my closet and the went out shopping the sales at lunchtime. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Layering with lace and full linen trousers looks delicious on you. Pants for less than gum – priceless.

  3. no, St Petersburg, Florida – just a few hours drive away! Thanks for linking.

  4. Oh your picture with your dog is so beautiful! You are beautiful and I love this light, graceful outfit for summer and do you mean St Petersburg, Russia? Wow!x
    So sorry I am scraping in at the last minute with this post- was desperately trying to send photos from my husband's phone and it refused to send and NOW he tells me I can use a USB!x

  5. Patti, O Patti … thou most gorgeous of creatures! Gotta say, I think this is my favorite of all your lovely concoctions. You look just spectacular in this. You are so good with neutrals and layers; the olive under the white is genius. Seriously.
    Thank you again for hosting all of us … and for showing us this lovely outfit!

  6. The linen pants and white top with olive tank is a FABULOUS look on you.

  7. Fifty cents! That is insane! I love a wide legged trouser but I always feel odd in them – you look amazing. And that lace top is gorgeous. Thanks so much for hosting – have a fabulous week!

  8. A very chic and fresh look. I envy you that warm weather. Autumn (Fall) has arrived in London and today, on last public holiday until Christmas, it's pouring with rain!

  9. Wonderful layering, a fabulous outfit, I am new to your blog and you have a great blog Patti, best wishes to you.

  10. I had to translate your temperatures – though when I was a child in the UK we used fahrenheit – and it sounds as if you are enjoying similar temperatures to us here in Spain. It's too hot to wear layers at the moment, apart from in the evenings, but I absolutely LOVE your look and would happily wear it too. Now to find me a similar top! Luckily I do have loose linen trousers, which are ideal for Spanish.summers.

    My Visible Monday link is no 86.

  11. That photo of you and Skinny G might be one of my most favourites ever! Lovely layering, you look cool, sleek and pretty. Its layering weather here but sadly for warmth! x

  12. Hello Patti, those palazzo pants are fabulous on you I also love the lace top
    Great to join you once more.

  13. I love this look! LOVE me a wide leg pant, and that top is perfect. You look so breezy!

  14. Skinny G the dog! Don't tell her, you know how cats like to maintain their dignity at all times… She's gorgeous, and so are you, Patti – you look about 20 in that lovely photo with Skinny. The hot weather layers are perfect, cool and chic and with that feminine take on androgynous style that you do so very well. xxxx

  15. Patti, your blouse and loose, wide trousers are beautiful. You have shown us how to do Summer layers, perfectly, here. Well done!!

  16. Pants cheaper than gum? That's a bargoon indeedie. And yowza beautiful on you, Patti. The flow is lovely. I thought you were afraid of palazzos. I hope these pants have cured you. I see a painting where the guitar was hanging. I suspect there are changes afoot.

  17. Gorgeous look for hot weather, Patti! Love the lacy top. And I love the photo with your cat, super!

  18. Obviously this outfit is perfect, because you look beautiful and cool even in that heat! Love this layered look on you.

  19. Such a beautiful and great-looking outfit – comfy and classy. My favorite thing is that the pants were "cheaper than gum," though. : )

  20. Get. Out!! You got those fabulous pants for 50 cents?! I love, love, love them … that cut is the nirvana of summer trousers! xox

  21. I love the lace top and the wide leg trousers. I love the idea of linen, but whenever I wear it it becomes a wrinkly mess. Can you believe I've never been to a Revolve? I really want to check one out.

  22. Loving the photo with the cats! I would totally wear this outfit! In fact I have a Winter version on now as I type. Linen pants, long sleeved top and crocheted long vest! You look über cool, even if you might not feel it 🙂 xo JJ

  23. Aw, I love the picture of you with Skinny G! Your smile is gorgeous! I also love that you found those linen pants so cheap – great deal. Thanks as always for reminding us all to stay visible and feel good, Patti!

  24. Oh, it's no offense at all, Pam! I love the doggies too, and Skinny is definitely big enough to be one! xox

  25. Patti, please forgive me…I just realized that I called your cat a dog earlier…please chalk it up to the beginning of the school year! I am so sorry…I know you have cats like I do! Don't know why I did that!

  26. Awww, thanks, I will tell her and she'll give me one of those cat-smiles : >

  27. Oh, yeah…and I am laughing so hard because Skinny is so big that Pam thought it was a dog. lol We love you Skinny G….just the way you are. 🙂

  28. You look amazing in this outfit, Patti. Very pretty. That is so funny…because when I get a super bargain like that I compare it to being cheaper than a pack of gum too. hehe But, I mean, really!….a nice pair of pants for less than gum!?…and the pants last much longer. That's exactly why my closets are jam packed. haha

  29. Patti, you look amazing! Love the lace top and your red lipstick! The picture with the cat is beautiful!

  30. Love the picture of you and your kitty…I don't know which of you is cuter!

  31. Patti I LOVE the picture of you with your kitty cat!! Priceless 🙂

    I'm so envious of your temperatures – everyone in the UK (and quite a lot of Europe it seems) have resigned themselves to the fact that summer is lonnnnnng over. Your wide leg trousers are perfect and I remember your lace top, it's one of my faves on you!

    Have a wonderful week, much love
    Catherine x

  32. You did such a great job of layering for a lightweight summer look, and those wide leg lined pants . . . awe, love them! Totally agree with Pam, the picture of you with your dog is adorable.

  33. I do love your outfit, but I'm such a wimp with heat, I could never handle more than one layer! Definitely want a lacy top though, looks so pretty! 🙂

  34. I love the layers, Patti! The olive tank looks really nice under the white lace and paired with the peachy colored pants. Great color combo.

  35. lol! We named her Skinny as a kitten when she was, well, you know, skinny. "Fatty" is her other name, but I don't want to hurt her feelings. xox

  36. Your look is very transitional. The earthy tones and the layers at depth to the simple looks of summer. You look nice, comfy and ready for the day.

  37. Well, that outfit certainly looks cool… and the cat is just precious. BTW, regarding an idea in your previous post, the alternative wedding ring… I have that, a gold ring of my grandmother's, customised with stones of my choice, and I wear it whenever I wear gold-tone jewellery. So, I alternate between my white gold ring and my gold ring…

  38. Ummm….that is a cat right? Not a dog? … like Pam mentioned ; P

    Well I don't know where that name came from because clearly Skinny ain't so skinny anymore. Either that or the photo angle is terribly unflattering. LOL And they say wearing all black makes you look thinner. This proves that theory wrong.

    At that temp I think I'd be naked walking around with ice packs strategically positioned.

    Those linen pants look very cool and relaxed…with nary an ice pack in view ; )


  39. Lovely layers patti! I wish we could have some of your heat.. It's actually like autumn here in the uk:(
    Funny, my cat got in on today's outfit post action too haha xx

  40. Great, I love that easy linenpants. They fit you very well. Have a nice Sunday evening a a good start into new week. Sunny

  41. No one would ever know that the "Comfort Index" is so uncomfortable by looking at you! You look like you're at a resort, just as cool as a cucumber. I especially love the pants but it's the whole package that is chic beyond words!


  42. That picture of you with your dog is precious! Layering makes the most sense for our South Texas weather…we start cold around late October and by the afternoon is really warms up. This is a cute outfit! Thanks for hosting, Patti!

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