Vintage Adds Spice To Your Wardrobe

Do you like to shop for, and enjoy wearing, vintage clothing and accessories? I know that some of my fabulous blogger friends dress exclusively in vintage, and make quite the art of it. Others like to just dabble.

I  had a vintage reselling business on eBay about 15 years ago, and I came to acquire some gorgeous treasures from the 40’s and 50’s. Oh, how I wish I had held onto them, rather than sold them. I still dream about the midnight blue velvet gown from the 1940s, that I let slip for just a few dozen dollars.

this etsy store

It resembled this dress, but was floor length. Sob! Now sold out at this etsy store.

These days I wear a lot more modern, although thrifted, pieces. I still adore my vintage jewelry and a couple of 1950’s dresses that one day will zip up on me again. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to hear how you do vintage, and if it’s part of your regular wardrobe. If it’s not, I encourage you to dip in with even just a purse, scarf, or pair of sunglasses, to spice up your wardrobe

Some of the fabulous women from Visible Monday are rocking vintage treasures this week. Get inspiration here:
Be fabulous with vintage accessories: Jill of Grownup Glamour didn’t mention whether this amazing bolero jacket is vintage, but it has the look. She did say she’s had the wide buckle belt for decades. Belts are another easy way to ginger up your wardrobe.


Go all the way vintage, in a sunny dress: Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo is a vintage reseller on Etsy, and has the most glorious array of 50’s through 90’s pieces in her inventory. Go check it out right now. Here, she shines in a mod print sheath from the 90’s-does-60’s.


Shop at a vintage store, stocked by a fabulous fellow blogger: Becky of Pink Cheetah Vintage is also a reseller of cool retro and vintage pieces. Her shop is here.  This dress from the 1970’s really appeals, and could be the star of your date night or Sunday brunch.


Create new pieces from vintage fabric: La Senora of Sra Allnut looks amazing, in a skirt she created herself from a vintage sofa cover! She dyed it red, and sewed it up, for a one-of-a-kind piece.


Just go with one vintage piece and a modern outfit: Jen of Librarian For Life Style added this charming 1960’s wicker purse to her modern look, and it’s the perfect mood-setting piece.


Stay fabulous, and wear what you love every day,

Some vintage inspiration from Etsy:

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  1. I bought a gorgeous vintage swing velvet coat-ยพ sleeves, midi length, one big button- in Navy a few years ago for $60. That was money i should not have been spending. But it fit so beautifully and I KNEW I would find a use for it. It is the perfect cover up for a sleeveless velvet cocktail dress, wonderful over jeans and I find great joy in just seeing it hang in my closet.

  2. Beautiful choices of outfits and beautiful women! I adore vintage fashion. I mostly collected vintage accessories over the years – costume jewelry, purses, scarves… It’s not easy to come across vintage clothes in bigger sizes, but I have a couple of either genuine vintage pieces or contemporary, but made of vintage fabric. There is something special about them! I hope you’ll find your perfect blue velvet vintage dress again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Patti, wish I knew when you were getting rid of your stuff, I would have loved the chance to grab a few pieces!
    Always enjoy seeing how other bloggers style their vintage looks. That’s a really cool idea to use vintage textiles to create something new for yourself.


  4. Unrelated to vintage–just a quick aside…praying for impacted Caribbean islands, FL and the rest of the East Coast and hoping that you and hubby have a safe place to go if you must evacuate your home from the wrath of Irma–the b!tch. Thinking of your beautiful ocean view that isn’t going to be so pretty in the coming days. Stay safe, Patti.

  5. Oh vintage! You know I love it : )

    I have a 1940’s blue velvet gown so similar to the one you showed here! It is my haunted dress. I keep it downstairs now. I was actually a wedding dress and is amazing! If I had three ribs removed I might be able to squeeze into it.

    Thanks so much for including me here with some other fabulous vintage loving bloggers. Thanks for including my Etsy shop and some of the pieces I have for sale. I really appreciate it!


    • Ah that blue velvet! It did fit me at the time, too. Your shop is full of yummy pieces, xox

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