How To Wear Vintage Over 40

First tip: wear vintage any way that inspires you and makes you feel great. I wear vintage skirts and tops mixed in with more modern clothes, and I wear vintage jewelry and scarves. Second tip: there are a lot of fabulous Visible Women at Visible Monday, so you can get vintage inspiration from them as well.

Always room in my dresser for vintage accessories:


Beata of Fashion Adventures At Any Age looks like a chic supermodel in her vintage hat (she calls it an “enormous” hat.) I love the retro look, a shout-out to the Dior New Look hats of the 1950’s. One way to do vintage is to choose just a single vintage item that makes a powerful statement:



Sheila of Ephemera demonstrates that a long denim skirt  (this one vintage 80’s, I think) is still mighty cool. Especially with a front opening to the knees, and swooshy shape. Love that fuzzy pale blue sweater too. Sheila’s silver accesories look modern, as does her fabulous hair:



Sacramento of Mis Papelicos in a true purple vintage shirt-dress, with an emerald belt and red bag. It all works together beautifully, combining decades and primary colors:

Vintage Purple Shirtdress mis papelicos.-1

Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo looks stunning, as per always, in a vintage skirt from an estate sale. Suzanne combines it with a modern top and brown suede pumps, and vintage reproduction bag. Read her post for lots of great suggestions on how to style a vintage skirt.


Vix of Vintage Vixen wears vintage most every day, and she always looks glorious in it. Here’s a 1960’s maxi dress, while Vix shows a newly created lace dress, from a vintage Mexican tablecloth. Talent and beauty, this one:



How do you like your vintage?

Stay fabulous,

Announcement! Visible Monday is taking the week off, as I travel to foreign lands (Canada!). We will return with Vis Mon on Sunday June 26th. Enjoy the weekend, and stay fabulous.

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  1. It is challenging to get knowledgeable guys and ladies with this topic, nevertheless, you be understood as there as far more you are preaching about! Thanks

  2. I love vintage clothing but my size makes it almost impossible to find anything that fits. People were smaller in the past and clothing was smaller as a result. This post really works well.

  3. Yay, that’s me!! Thank you for the shout-out, Patti and for including me with such cool chicks like Suzanne & Sacramento.
    The best thing about wearing vintage – no-one else will have the same piece so you can wear it however you want and never be compared to anyone else! xxx

  4. Thanks for showcasing one of my true loves vintage : )
    These wonderful women show so many different unique ways to wear vintage.
    Thanks for featuring me.

  5. It’s fun to wear items that have history!! Especially if it’s your family’s history!
    I have a navy lace dress that was my grandmother’s! It used to be a long dress, but mom cut it off to make it tea length—I definitely get more wear out of it now! The only bad thing about some of the older materials, is there’s no stretch to it!!

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