Wear Shorts This Summer (If You Want To)

Many of us over-40 women (and over-60 women, like me) are loathe to wear shorts, no matter the temperature. I have uttered these words more than once, even though I mostly use body-positive talk: “I hate my knees.” I’ve heard other women say it too, even the 30-somethings. Bah, humbug to that. Knees are kind of funny-looking on most of us, but they serve a great mission, and they deserve their day in the sun.

If you get any kind of summer where you live, I am encouraging you to find shorts and short skirts that you like, and bare those legs. Only about 3% of all women in the world have shapes like models, and even their knees get the photo-shop treatment. Trust the gorgeous women of Visible Monday to inspire and demonstrate that shorts can be for anyone who wants them:
Go luxe with leather: Nicole of High Latitude Style chose rich-looking black leather shorts (OK leather isn’t lightweight, but Nicole lives in Alaska). She makes a chic outfit by adding a half-tucked chambray shirt, bandana, and fab platform sandals.

leather shorts
Go for it with short-shorts: Jill of Doused in Pink looks terrific in true short-shorts with a scalloped hem. This is a true height-of-summer look, and so fresh. Jill keeps it simple with a flowy white top, delicate necklace, and bracelet.

scalloped shorts
Do capris count? I say yes! La Senora of Senora Allnut looks delightful on a warm day, with flared capris. If you really, truly want to cover your knees, capris are a good option. Love her printed bag and funky sandals too.

capri shorts
Try flowy shorts that fit like a skirt: Joi of In My Joi chose shorts with a looser silhouette, and double denim, and looks fashion-forward. The floral topper and clutch add a dressier feel, and how about those pink earrings?

flowy shorts
Stay fabulous, go as short as you like, and stay you,


Here’s some shorts and extras that make the heat more chic:

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  1. Love these looks! These are perfect looks for day outing. I’m obsessed with those styles. I’m so excited to try them. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Wow I love this blog! All these ladies look absolutely stunning in their various shorts outfits. This is very timely – I am 58 years of age and will be going on holiday in two weeks with a large group of friends. The women are 40-something mums of teenage and below children. Now, I have never shy’d away from rocking what mother nature gave me – but as I get older, I have to remind myself that my sons are 33 and 35 and I am a grandmother of two. I still want to wear shorts and short skirts and body-skimming clothing – the spirit is willing but does the flesh hold up to the scrutiny? I was just thinking this afternoon about what to pack – I want to wear shorts, I want to wear holiday clothes without feeling frumpy. Reading the comments has made me feel triumphant about being a “woman of a certain age”. Who cares. I will wear what I want to wear, somebody stop me! (and if anyone doesn’t like it they don’t have to look). There is still a little niggle of insecurity however – these are my new boyfriend’s friends – they know his previous younger girlfriends – I am a lot further down life’s journey than they are – he is a “toy boy” three and a half years my junior. I must say that he is not bothered by that and in fact relishes it – and yet, and yet …. the need to be “age-appropriate” still haunts my thoughts at times.

  3. Yay for shorts at any age!
    We shouldn’t be age-shamed into covering up if we don’t want to.
    These ladies look fabulous with their own unique styles.
    Bravo to them.
    Monica is one of my favourite bloggers and I love that outfit… she always brings colour and joy!

  4. Wow. And I was going to whine about lumpy/bumpy cellulite and veins. I do wear shorts in public, but only to places I won’t be standing in one place long enough for anyone to get too much time to see my legs, like grocery shopping.

  5. I totally agree, although my main reason for not wearing shorts is that I had a melanoma (skin cancer) removed on my shin, and it left a noticeable scar that looks like a large bruise. If I wear shorts, someone always asks, “What happened to your leg?” It’s annoying and I don’t feel like talking about it. Although I suppose I should turn it into an opportunity to caution the person about tanning and sun exposure… 🙂

    • You’re absolutely not obligated to talk about your medical history! Glad you survived the melanoma, such a scary disease. And wear what you love, no explanations needed. xox

    • Inevitably, people will ask although most do not mean to be rude or to pry. I had major surgery on my left leg at 27. A giant cell tumor was found just above my knee and while this type of tumor isn’t cancer, it was still Pac-Man-ing it’s way through my thigh bone. The surgery removed the grapefruit sized tumor, my knee, half of my thigh bone , a third of my shin bone and 90% of the inner thigh muscle above the knee. An internal titanium prosthesis was cemented into the remaining thigh and shin bones and everything was stitched back up. So I have a functional leg, walk normally but have a large scar and an oddly shaped knee and one thigh noticably thinner than the other. I only wear shorts or above the knee skirts or dresses around friends and family. It grew tiresome, very quickly, having strangers ask about my leg. I prefer to be referred to as that older woman who still rocks a pair of skinny jeans than that older woman with that horrible scar on her leg.

      • Sorry for all you had to endure with your leg! And I totally understand not wanting to explain to strangers. Wear what makes you feel good and comfortable is my only style “rule.” xox

        • Oh! Bless your heart…. I was just delighted to be able to keep my leg, lol! I had the surgery 31 years ago…..even learned to walk in heels again though I’ve recently given them up. It just gets really old having people focus on your scars first thing.
          Your “style rules” and mine are very similar. I refuse to be button holed into all the old rules about what “women of a certain age” should wear! Ageism in fashion needs to disappear!

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