Wear A Long Dress, Easy And Breezy: Visible Monday

Wear a long dress, easy and breezy. It’s been written about in every style book, because it’s true: nothing beats a dress for easy wardrobing, and a midi/maxi dress is even breezier. You’re instantly covered and cool, everything goes together, and you may not even feel like shaving your legs 😊.

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My friends, sometimes wishes come true. I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I was in search of more hippie/granny/festival dresses. My delightful friend Anne of SpyGirl heeded the call and told me she had just the dress, and she wasn’t wearing it. So we made a deal and now the dress is mine. It’s a thrifted Banana Republic midi dress from the 90’s, all loose and flowy and fab. Thanks Anne!

A strong breeze off the ocean made sure the dress was flowy and a little bit sexy. It has a tank under-dress and I like letting that show a bit.

I kept the accessories simple: a dainty gold heart necklace and a couple of sentimental bracelets. I love my black cotton hat, thrifted from My Sister’s Closet in Vancouver. The metallic wedge sandals from Sofft give an even taller, longer look.

The plants got a trim during Hurricane Dorian. Kitty is unflappable as always.
With a major hurricane passed, the sea and sky look captivating today.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. Love this floral, midi dress Patti. You look fabulous in it. My kind of easy to wear dress. Pleased to see the hurricane passed. you live in a beautiful part of the world. Love that ocean view.
    Alison x

  2. From one coast to another, that dress is quite the traveler! And it looks great on you, Patti! What a delight to see how you and Anne linked up to spread the love for that treasure.


    • Good morning, Linda and thanks for linking up! I like how you mixed a proper suit with fun accessories for a great look. xox

    • Hi Amber and thanks for your kind words. Yes, dresses from fellow bloggers are extra special! xox

    • I agree about BR’s best days. Thanks for coming over and linking up – and I like your travel outfit- similar to mine except I wear a midi skirt! xox

    • Thank you dear Suzanne! I do love this dress and how great are blogger friendships? I was mesmerized by your Mugler photos and vids, what a happening. xox

    • Good morning, Lisa and thanks for coming by! I enjoyed your tips for running shoes (now I walk, but still interested : > ) xox

    • Hi Jess! thanks for the nice compliments – and you are rocking leopard print like no other today, my friend. xox

  3. Very nice, Patti! I’m a big fan of those 90s flowy floral dresses. The sandals look fab with it. Glad you didn’t get whacked by Dorian. It was a nerve racking close call, wasn’t it? I’m up north, but was fortunate my step son was able to run over and put all my shutters up in Stuart.

    • Oh yes, Stuart was in the crosshairs for a while, and we’re fortunate to have missed Dorian! The residents of the Abacos are still suffering greatly. You look vintage-awesome in your navy dress! xox

    • Thank you my friend, and thanks for your thoughtful post today about how we see our bodies. “The size of your ass does not determine the size of your life” is the quote of the month! xox

    • Thank you Nancy, and thanks for sharing all the great lace looks with us! I’m inspired. xox.

  4. Most days are easy and breezy when you’re as stylish as Patti (and Anne). I so adore a midi floral dress. They seem to be timeless when it’s on a dark background like the one you’re wearing. I’m glad you weathered the hurricane with little fuss. I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead.


    • Hi Rena – and thanks for the kind words. I’m crazy for your sparkle + red outfit today! xox

  5. I am glad you and Sandy are safe, even though the plants took a hit.

    Love the flowy dress, Patti! That is right out of 1992, isn’t it? I’m joining you today with one of my fashion idols, John Fluevog himself!

    Thanks so much for hosting, my dear! Hugs to you and your kitties.

  6. Your ocean view is gorgeous, Patti! Especially now that the storm has passed you–thank goodness. I love this hippy-dippy dress on you. What a cute find!

    xx Darlene

    • Thank you Darlene and thanks for linking up! You look cool and stylish in your long cardigan, xox.

  7. Glad to see you made it through the storm with only a little trim to the plants. I see you’re feeling groovy and looking it too. Spy Girl gets the job done. Very nice and breezy.

    • Thanks Pao. I trimmed the plants while they were stuck inside the apartment! Hurricanes that don’t hit are blessings, but make for loooong boring days of waiting. Your linen dress is a beauty, xox.

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