Feminine Plus Masculine Style Over 50: Visible Monday

Feminine plus masculine style over 50. It’s always been a stylish combination, from Yves Saint Laurent‘s tuxedos (with red lipstick) to fluffy Boho dresses (with cowboy boots) 😊.

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I love, love this Urban Outfitters cotton lace top that I rented via Nuuly. Have you heard of their subscription service? You can rent six pieces of clothing for $90 a month, then return it, or buy it, and pick six more. So far, I’m relishing the chance to try new things and then put them back into circulation. (They don’t sponsor me and I used my own $$). And if anyone is thinking, “Aren’t you a bit, well, old, for a lace top?” I say “Check out Elizabeth I, baby.”

The (masculine) faux snakeskin shoes are by Steve Madden, and replace other dressy sneakers I wore down to the nub.
I lightened the pic so you could better see the (masculine) trousers. They get a lot of everyday wear. Style tip: get a super comfortable, stylish pair of black trousers in your best cut.

Style tip #2: get your favorite pieces tailored to fit just so. The trousers, by AllSaints and thrifted years ago, were too big so I used to leave them on the hanger. Now they fit, and I’m enjoying the good quality, for a $20 alteration.

A (feminine) childhood beaded name bracelet from my grandparents , and a chunky ID bracelet from Bryan. Two pieces I like to wear together, because love.
Stinky turned 18 years old yesterday! Best old girl, and she loooooves Sandy’s shoes.

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    • Thanks Sherry! I actually like your Charlie Caftan and have total awe of your skills. Stay wonderful, xox.

    • Thank you dear Emma and thanks for linking up! Your fox sweater (and cat purse) are so fabulous, xox.

  1. You’re such a cool style icon Patti and this look typifies the very best in chic dressing. My heart skipped a beat when I saw these snakeskin print Oxfords. I’m trawling the internet to see if I can track them down now. What a fab feature, thanks!

    • Thanks so much, Anna. And congratulations on a successful show! Your mermaid coat is delightful. xox

    • Good morning, Shelley! Thanks for the kind words. Stinky gets treats about once an hour! Have a great day, xox.

    • Good morning, Cheryl and thanks for all the kind words! Love your hot pink sandals with olive trousers, so cool. xox

  2. Happy Birthday to Stinky! I love that lace top on you, so pretty. I was just thinking today how nice it would be to have a “lending library” for clothing. What you are describing is certainly similar. Great idea!

    • Thank you, Debbie – a “lending library” is a good way to describe it! Love your surprise blouse, with the colorful back, xox.

  3. Oh Patti! I am obsessed with renting clothing and accessories! Between renting and thrifting, my clothing expenses have gone way down. AND I have much less clutter in my closet! I am a Rent The Runway Unlimited super fan, but will check out the site you mentioned as well. These rental companies are popping up everywhere and I think it’s brilliant! Thanks for the link up!

    • That’s terrific, Suzanne – I have heard Rent the Runway is on top of the field! And your op-art colorful dress is simply gorgeous. Thanks for coming over and linking, xox.

  4. ooo, renting clothes, what a good idea. Since when is anyone too anything for lace?! You look fabo in your ensemble, Patti. Head-to-toe. And your real kitty kat too. Mine rubs her head all over my shoes, it must be the stink!

    • My theory is that Sandy’s feet smell more . . . interesting than mine : > Thanks for coming by and linking up, and for the nice words. Party on and be excellent, xox.

  5. Nothing beats the luxury of well-tailored trousers. And I’m so into ruffles lately so you can bet I love your top. The Nuuly service is a great idea. You don’t get bored and there’s no waste. I don’t think there’s anything like that in Canada; postage is so $$$. But don’t quote me on that. Thanks for the linkup.

    What are Stinky’s beauty secrets for staying so wonderful at 18 besides being loved dearly. Wonderful to see her.

    • Ah, being dearly loved is Stinky’s beauty secret. That and being spoiled like a princess. Like you wrote about a fantasy life, she has a driver, a chef, a nutritionist, hairdresser, and a housekeeper already. Thanks for coming by and linking your space-inspired post. That farked jacket with the new zipper = all the good things. xox

  6. Love the mix of masculine and feminine, Patti. I have trousers like that in plaid and am searching for basic black–yours are perfect! There is nothing as timeless–at any age!–as a lacey blouse. Perfect on you!

    xx Darlene

    • thanks so much, Darlene! I love how you styled your Chanel-style tweed jacket, and your curly hairstyle, xox.

    • Thanks Suzanne! Yeah, Stinky and Sandy have a tight bond – she doesn’t love my shoes, only his. I wish you spectacular selling at the show, and a great weekend. Hugs to all, xox

  7. Aww, happy birthday to your kitty!
    Love the mix of feminine blouses with trousers. This looks great and those snakeskin brogues are very styish!
    jess xx

    • Thank you Jess, and thanks for coming over! You’re such an animal lover, I thought of you when I put Stinky’s pic up! xox

    • Thank you dear Amy! Your great Fall look, with that sky blue duster, is making me jealous of a cool day : > xox

    • Good morning, Shelbee and thanks for your kind words! Your post today about sustainability is a must-read, and so important. xox

  8. Love a masculine/feminine combination. Totally agree that a well fitting pair of black pants is always a good idea. Never too old for lace.
    Stinky is such a lovely girl. Many thanks for hosting Patti.

    • Good morning Jill and thanks for linking up. I love your spirit of experimentation, and this quote: “that really is the joy of ageing you dress to please yourself.” You look marvelous, xox.

    • Thanks Julie! You really own the denim short look – so great for early Autumn, and cute with your plaid blouse. xox

    • Thanks Leelo, and you’re looking really chic in your all-black outfit today. Thanks for coming by! xox

  9. Patti,
    I love how you mixed the feminine and the masculine look Patti!
    That is going to be so popular this fall!
    I need to try this style!


    • Thank you dear Robin, and thanks for linking up. Your leopard and tan combination is gorgeous! xox

    • Thanks, Laurie! I love Fall, whenever it comes to Florida (at least another month to wait). And that leather trench coat you featured is the absolute best! xox

    • Thanks Rena and thanks for coming by. I always enjoy your week of looks, and those Eileen Fisher shoes are fabulous! xox

  10. This is a great look on you, Patti, and I agree, lace has no age limit! I love your snakeskin oxfords, too.

  11. Happy birthday to your black kitty. Ours turned 18 in June. She’s a Tiffany, you know this kind of sausage on 4 legs. She need knee replacement, but that doesn’t exist for cats. So she limbs as good as she can. Nice outfit btw. Thanks for hosting the party.

    • Thank you Nicole! Stinky has arthritis too, and takes a mild painkiller every day. She still limps, but she gets around! May I say your moto-dress is a stand-out piece, xox.

    • Thanks Sue, it’s lovely to see you! That sweater coat you featured from anthro is a true stunner. xox

  12. Happy Birthday, Stinky! What a good girl, rubbing the shoes.

    Love those trousers, Patti! All Saints is a great brand, so I know those are quality and well worth the alteration cost. Renting clothes is a great way to reduce one’s consumption, and who ever said lace has an age limit?? Looking fab, my dear.

    Thanks so much for hosting – I’ll be joining you shortly with a floral dress and tall boots.

    • Thank you Sheila! Stinky is a VGG (very good girl) as we tell her a dozen times a day! And thanks for all your kind words. I will be looking for your floral dress + boots outfit, xox.

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