A Walk Around The Block, An Amazing Block

We’re in New York City today, working on our little studio, and enjoying all the Spring beauty. A walk around the block here opens up a mini-world of wonders. Everything in Greenwich Village is squeezed and sliced into surprising spaces. History and new life are on every corner.

I took a break from cleaning/organizing/decorating to take a midday walk around our block, near Washington Square Park. Here are a few highlights and everyday wonders:

The park itself is beautiful right now, in full bloom, and with New York University students spread out all over the grass. The squirrels here are so fat, they only come up to you and beg if you have macarons to offer.

The Arch is the centerpiece of the park, stately and elegant. It was built in 1893 to memorialize the 100th anniversary of Washington’s inauguration as first President. His quote is inscribed:

“Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair. The event is in the hand of God.”

I’m not sure this is a “highlight” pic, but I loved these three pigeons posing smartly on a bench. Fat and sassy. There’s plenty of nature’s beauty in the heart of a city.

A bookstore right on the sidewalk. That’s irresistible. Literally – I can’t walk past a table of books without a browse.

You thought I might forget the shopping, but no! I found this new-to-me vintage shop today, Mo:Vint. Nice stuff, and the sales were tempting. 

I had to end my tour at the Blue Wall on Minetta Lane. I’m wearing a newly thrifted pleather skirt – I never thought I’d like one, but it’s so comfortable, and practical: the dropped french fries slide right off.

I have a cold, so my paleness is even more pronounced today. Slap some lipstick on, woman!

 Stay fabulous and go look at something beautiful, xo

Some warm weather pieces to browse:

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  1. Thank you for taking us around the block, Patti. I can never walk past any book displays either. But I would certainly have been into that vintage shop in a flash! xxx

  2. How totally fun to be in the center of everything like this, Patti!!
    And I had to laugh at the great aspect of these kinds of skirts—-I always say that the kitty hair doesn’t cling to them too!!

  3. I loved joining you for a stroll around the ‘hood, I’d be right in that bookshop, too.
    Looking super cool in that slinky leather skirt. xxx

  4. Ha ha! Gotta love a skirt where the french fries slide right off.

    You should be enjoying some brilliant weather down there right now. Lets hope we are as lucky in Raincouver.


    • I’d never heard the word “raincouver” – now I have a wardrobe review to do! xox

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