Visible Monday #91: Bank of the World Headquarters

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I’m all suit-y again today. But the leopard print keeps me from looking like I work for Bank of the World. Especially when Bank Management finds out the whole outfit came from thrifts!

The skirt was purchased at Housing Works in NYC, so it’s forever cool to me. The silk blouse was a terrific find at the Humane Society thrift. So was the blazer, the top piece of a Tahari pantsuit. And the J. Crew like-butter boots are from the Daily Bread.

I’ve needed reading glasses for about 15 years, but I’m lucky to get by with over-the-counter readers. So these nifty glasses, courtesy of, really make my day. These are the “Nelson” (as in Rockefeller?), and there are over 600 interesting choices at their website. Check them out.

Do we all look a little smarter with our glasses on?
Gorgeous rose pin from Bella‘s Etsy shop. I made it into a necklace. Love.
Oh hey! Not Dead Yet Style has a Facebook page now! I am getting all modern and with-it. Please check it out when you have a moment: Facebook Page.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. I love the Cheshire cat look you have wearing eyeglasses. I pick up my readers at the dollar store, at a buck a pop I have one at the ready at every possible spot in the house in every color and style. You do look snazzy as a power grrl in your ensemble – one that means business during office hours.

  2. Very chic Patti, your leopard print pencil skirt looks great! I hope to link up to your visible monday again some day soon, I need to inspire myself to post an outfit!

  3. LOOKING VERY VERY CHIC THERE PATTI. A little bit like a Corporate Banker but so Elegant indeed. =)

  4. You look like you could own the bank …very classic, every element, and how cool you look in them. Love all pieces, especially the boots.
    How about your own fashiony avatar from that unbelieveably talented Anne Spy Girl! Wonderful … lucky you! But you thoroughly deserve it!

  5. Hello Patti!

    Thanks for dropping by our new blog!
    We are so proud!



  6. Love the skirt, love the pin/necklace (I wish I'd seen that first!), and love the glasses! But as a glasses wearer, I usually do love to see cool glasses on people. They look really good on you!

    I just got the internet back – don't know where it went – so I'm going to pull together a post, and I can still make it for VM!

  7. Dear Patti, besides looking amazing in a blazer with fabulous rock n' roll boots, you are hilarious and wonderful. Hated to miss last Visible Monday, but so glad to have made it here – these weekly gatherings keep my fires stoked! Thank you!

  8. I first need to say that you have the most amazing smiles on the face of the earth. It's so geniune and contagious. For being suit-y, its sure a fun outfit. Thanks for reminding us how to make the office attire have personality. And, I LOVE the eye candy.

  9. Great skirt! I think it would be awesome to have the Bank of the World think you were all corporate and not even realise you were thrifty enough to not pay retail!!!

  10. You look so glamorous in those gorgeous specs and the leopard print skirt! What a fab outfit, feminine but 'don't mess with me' smart, I love it!

  11. I had to giggle at your title! You look very smart and sassy at the same time – love the pairing of the sharp blazer and leopard pencil skirt!

  12. This look says, "Museum Curator" to me… polished and professional, but with a bit of artistic flair. LOVE the skirt, Patti!!! ~Sarah

  13. Patti, I love your animal print skirt! Looks great on you! Thank you for the party! Have a wonderful week.

  14. Meow! Such a pretty look for you today Patti. I love how the cut of the jacket, the blouse, and the pendant create a deep V without actually being revealing.

    Thanks for hosting Visible Monday. Always a great chat!

    Sue xo

  15. Your gathering every Monday has been like a welcoming cafe( La Visible) where we all meet To get to know each other better or meet newcomers.Today you arrived in your new specs and we all liked your style.

  16. You do look very smart in your specs, Patti! Great look today – so sharp but also really funky – the leopard skirt and boots make it πŸ™‚

  17. I love the leopard print skirt, Patti – that's not Banking Chic, that's pure Rock Chick! And you suit your glasses so well, most intellectual! You always look fabulous, and thanks again for being the Hostess with the Mostest! xxxx

  18. Your rose pin is awesome! I am always a little scared of leopard print but you make it look like somethin I'd like to give a try!

  19. Hi my dear! Love this look, the leopardprint skirt makes it all look so chic and modern!

  20. Gorgeous skirt! I love leopard prints and there is always this thin line between cheap and classy. Your styling is definitely very classy!

    I love your Visible Mondays as it is like a get together with virtal friends. Thank you so much for hosting this regular party!!

    Lady of Style

  21. Indeed you look very smart, but we already know that you are smart Patti from your thoughtful comments and posts!

  22. I would like to wear this outfit to the office – I'm not working for a bank – it's so elegant and feminine! Reading glasses provide a nice hairstyling, I often use mine therefore.

  23. You look great in glasses, Patti!
    Love that skirt.
    Thank you for hosting VM.

  24. You look great with or without glasses! I graduated to graduated lenses several years ago,so unfortunately readers no longer do the trick. Bella's rose pin provides a special punch of color to your sophisticated look!

  25. hi patti, thank you for hosting visible monday . it is the highlight of my week. you look smart and stylish as usual. i hope you have a lovely easter monday. x lucy

  26. You look like a "bad" (sexy) librarian in those glasses. And the skirt is boss.

  27. You can never miss with a good leopard print skirt. Love the outfit and your readers are fab!

  28. For some odd reason I tend to prefer glasses on people (sort of jewelry for the face but without the piercing). You look sharp and sexy in your too-cool-for-the-bank outfit. Congrats on getting a Facebook page going, I just liked it (or rather, my blog page liked it).

  29. You look fabulous! The skirt is simply amazing. Love the pin/pendant as well.

  30. Fabulous leopard skirt and I really like the glasses! Wish I could still get by with readers…my eyes need correction coming, going, near, far and sideways.

  31. Hooray for leopard-print!!!! There's no way anyone could fault your corporate look here – the blazer fits like it was made for you and the skirt ***drool***. And the best part? All thrifted! xo

  32. You look so classy and elegant here, Patti! I love the new glasses.

  33. I like the mischievous twinkle in your eye in those specs. Are you plotting a takeover at the World Bank?
    Needing readers coincided with the start of my working on the computer, 20 years [really???] ago. I still wore contacts then, but quickly tired of constantly looking for the readers. So I went back to glasses and got progressive lenses. $$$

  34. Love the skirt and the specs!! You shine in this one, but then, you always do. XXOO

  35. You certainly rock a pair of specs, Patti! I think the banking corporations would be immensely impressed that your entire outfit was second-hand. Our countries would probably be in a much better state if we were all so frugal! That skirt is just so rock 'n' roll! x

  36. Those glasses are so cute on you! I just liked your page. I made one, too, so check mine out also whenever you get a chance. Hope you are having a great Easter day! Debbie @

  37. Patti,

    You always inspire me to hit the thrift stores more frequently, with all the fun pieces you find! Thanks for all the links…I think I'll take a look at those glasses, 'cuz I want to look smarter, too! I adore Visible Monday – it's an awesome way to connect with like-minded gals and see how everyone's putting it all together.

  38. YOU LOOK AMAZING, Patti! I think this is my favorite outfit of yours…I love you in glasses!! A great look no matter where you work!

  39. I'm absolutely in love with that skirt. I must find a similar one immediately! How clever to turn that beautiful pin into an even lovelier necklace. You look very chic and hip – not even remotely Bank of the World". Well done!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  40. LOVE your outfit Patti! Both sharp and fun. My favourite is your black silk blouse and I've been searching for one for the longest time….

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