Visible Monday #88: Arrangement in Gray and Black

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Well, I hope I don’t resemble Whistler’s Mother, handsome though she may be. But the title seemed apt for this outfit. I acquired the neat Loft coat-dress from blogger friend Megan. It was too big for her, and fits me perfectly, thanks Megan! For Florida winter, I needed a layering tee underneath and tights below.

And for accent, what better than the buttonflower Megan generously included in the package? I added my thrifted zebra belt, emerald bangle (cost per wear must be less than zero now) and black Sofft booties.

This shape dress is not my usual, and I really like it.
I’m not too “seasoned” to experiment with different designs.
The gray fabric has a light sheen – even prettier in real life.

 Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Finally, I made it!
    Patti, you look great in your coat dress with custom button – Megan is too cool. You are glowing here! Spring is coming (or fall, depending where you live), and look at all the incredible women here. Love it.
    I also wanted to say that I like your stone wall.

  2. I linked up for the first time ever! I am new to blogging and it is taking me quite a while to get computer literate in this area! I love your blog!

  3. What a completely charming dress and extras, Patti … it must be you wearing it that lends the extra charm!
    Thanks again for hosting .  I'm so sorry to be so late, but it's my sad schedule that's to blame. I swear!

  4. The first photo is my favorite of you ever. Your hair looks fantastic, and the outfit is so fresh and fun and vibrant.

  5. Patti, you look great in this double-breasted style.  Holy cow, over 100 Visible Monday links!!

  6. Great acquisition, Patti! The dress fits you so well and there is so many ways you can wear it. Although only with the shooboots please, I love that look so much.

  7. What a handsome dress you have on Patti.  And it can be worn in some many ways.  I'm surprised you haven't tried this style before.  I think it would even look cool unbuttoned and worn like a duster over straight pants, etc.  Very cool.

  8. The dress is a great shape. Can be worn with many different items. It looks great on you.

  9. Love the first image full body shot.  You are darling!  Thank you for hosting, I've linked up the Traveling Yellow Skirt ~

  10. Hi Patti! I love that dress on you. I'd love to own one myself. And I'm just loving the length of your hair. I'm going to copy you. 😉

  11. You look gorgeous!  Love the dress.

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  12. The dress looks really great, Patti – that double-breasted style suits you very much, and I am thinking there will be all sorts of styling options. How lovely of Megan to send it to you! xxx

  13. This is such a beautifully flattering shape on you, Patti.  I really really like it a lot.  (And for the record you look nothing like Whistler's Mother.  Not even close).  🙂


  14. The belt and the bangle adds something special to the dress.  You look fabulous!


  15. I love this dress and the tailored look! It's great with the black tee and accessories.

  16. You could never look like Whistler's mother, Patti, far too beautiful! That style really suits you, I love the soft grey.

  17. Hi there! What an amazing dress, I love the structured yet chic feel of it and it really looks great! Have a good week ahead xxx

  18. So wonderful to visit and join you every week, patti.
    You are looking glorious in that denim dress. Great layering.

  19. Hallo Patti and happy spring! You accessorized well and you made this dress look special. I so like the flower you added. Thanks for visiting my blog even though I sort of changed the subject for the moment.

  20. I think its great your trying something different….I need to do that more!  Looks good on you.

  21. Isn't it wonderful to try out new shapes?  You never know, you might just like it and you do!  I love the double-breasted look on you and how adorable is Megan's brooch?  Thanks so much for VM Patti 🙂 xoxo

  22. Suits you so well the neat dress with the double row of buttons! It's a style I seldom see, but like so much.

  23. Cute dress and I love that belt. You can wear the dress so many ways – and all year round where you live. 

  24. I really love the fabric and style of this dress.  The little pop of green in your bangle is a great addition.  

  25. What a cool dress, and so versatile! I love how you've accessorized it, and I can imagine all sorts of other things you can do with it, all year long!

  26. Not at all like Whistler's Mother 🙂 Though I am not big fan of grey colour this dress in combination with black looks interesting and good on you.

  27. It's a really cute dress!  I love the cut and the color!  You'll get  a lot of wear even in the summer with sandals.  Cute button!!

  28. I like it! You have the knack to make everything look classy. Thanks for the great party Patti.

  29. i absolutely love this dress! the structured trench coat style is awesome! and the zebra print nelt is a great addition! xx

  30. I think it's safe to say that this style suits you perfectly, so much so that I'm surprised that you are just trying it now.  How nice to discover a fabulous "new" look.  I like the way you styled it, too.  

  31. Omg! That dress looks SO GOOD on you. The fit is totally spot on, and your styling too. I'm glad the dress went to you, because you totally rock it.

  32. Florida winter…is that an oxymoron?  : )

    It's fun to try new shapes and discover something that gives us a new outlook when we go shopping. I think we all get stuck in ruts. How nice of Megan to send the dress to you because it looks great on you!

  33. That dress is cute and you wear it well! If Whistler was around, he would be whistling at you.

  34. That dress really works for you! I love the grey colour. Lucky you acquiring it! It's great when you get to experiment with something new style wise for free!

  35. Whistler's Mother never looked like that…so cute, Patti!  love it!

  36. The fabric looks very denim-like in the photos and looks great on you!  Whistler I am not thinking…..Y

  37. Love that dress! I think it's a really good shape on you, and you don't even come close to looking Whisteresque LOL. A great example of dressing well for very little money.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

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