Shiny, Pretty Things

When faced with one of these shopping/style dilemmas:

  • Low on cash
  • Unsure of which season to shop for
  • Feeling “fluffy” and unwilling to try on jeans
  • Sore feet are refusing to squeeze into new shoes
  • Etc.

. . . it’s always OK to call it a day, and have a nice skinny latte (plus biscotti). Or if the mood strikes we can add a fun or funky or romantic piece of jewelry. No sizing issues, no tired feet.

This darling initial necklace was purchased for $29 on The gold open heart came from the back of my jewelry drawer, where it had been neglected for about a decade. I think they look so adorable together:

Two are better than one in this case.

There’s a yellow bangle on my wish list for Spring/Summer. I found this cute one at Target yesterday for under $10 (I was shopping for soap and paper towels, ahem):

My statement “G” ring by Wendy Brandes makes me smile.

The above is not stopping me from contemplating this bangle:

Nordstroms, $28. Comes in 15 colors!

I also picked up this faux-pearl stretch bracelet at the Humane Society Thrift for a couple of dollars last week, and I love wearing it:

Will you sometimes buy a piece of jewelry on a whim, when the shopping goddesses are not otherwise smiling on you? Or am I succumbing to shopaholic thought patterns? It is OK to go home empty-handed, if not empty-stomached. ☺

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  1. Ah, I was SHOCKED that I went into an art museum gift shop last Thurs and emerged without buying a thing. They were also having a huge book sale, and I resisted. The cafe, however, got my business! Eating wins!

    I recently found a huge cache of glass earrings that I designed (and sold) up through the 90s. in the summer, I was wearing them, but got tired of remembering to put them on in the morning. Mostly I wear pieces 24/7 (my rings and small stud earrings).

    EVENTUALLY I'll find the time to get the earrings photographed and onto CARGOH for sale.

    I think my shopping weakness is a pretty scarf under $15. They'll get me every time. The museum scarves I liked were over $200! Not tempting at all. I took photos of my favorites — no charge.

  2. Accessories are my #1 pick me up when I feeling blue
    As you said no sizing required and they can completely change the look of an outfit

  3. Hi my dear! Lovely finds and the two pendants look really great together! Loving the yellow bangles too, I will be joining Visible Monday with a pop of yellow tomorrow as well! xx

  4. Yes I am definitely feeling 'fluffy'.  How did you know?

    Love the G statement ring.  So fabulous.  

  5. Very cute pieces – I especially love the pendant. I am a bit of magpie and in the past loved shopping for baubles but have enough costume jewellery now which I need to get more wear out of and so I avoid buying now unless it is something really outstandingly beautiful or heavily reduced in price in sale.

  6. What a lovely collection! Love that yellow bangle. If I see a piece of jewelry that I like too much, it is indeed very hard to resist the wish to buy it straight away.

  7. Patti, I love ALL your pieces! I agree that it's good to shop lovely jewelry pieces when you're feeling "fluffy" and still need some self (retail) love. I love all your finds, especially the Nordie's arm candy.

  8. Dearest Patti,
    Coming from Europe, we are not as custom jewelry programmed as most American women so I do cling to my favorite pieces of real gold or silver jewelry. Hah, feeling fluffy for trying on jeans. It would take a certain prep, like eating cooked carrots for supper the previous day for making you as slim as you can get. But that means; planning. We all feel different on any given day and feet can get tired indeed. But still, I'd rather sit quiet with a nice coffee instead of buying shiny things. Love your pendant coupling though!
    Hugs and happy weekend to you.

  9. I love the initial pendant and open heart together; great juxtaposition. A similar pairing of this type would make a great gift for a bride…something old, new, borrowed, blue.

    As for the Unintended Purchase (yes, I know it well), I think it is an occupational hazard of being a consignment and thrift store habituee: we always have our eye out, and may fall prey to the Pavlovian instinct to BUY IT NOW OR IT MAY BE GONE, even when the be-still-my-beating-heart item is not a one-off (Target, I'm looking at you).

  10. Love the G ring!!!  I feel like those are my dilemmas every day!! haha Becky 🙂

  11.  You are not dense at all! The "G" is for my surname. It's also for my husband's surname, although we don't share one – so we call ourselves the "G's".

    I like the idea of making your jewelry so special like you do.

  12. I have a silly question with the 'G'? Is it for your full first name,or surname? Sorry if I am being dense!

    With jewellery, I have a funny thing where I have a few bits of costume stuff, but otherwise, everything else is worn every day and becomes talisman-like. I am quite superstitious. I really like the blend of pendants on your necklace. New and already-loved!

  13. I think I need to give myself permission to actually spend any money at all on accessories (other than shoes). I somehow feel like 15 or 20 pounds (no idea in US$ – maybe around $30?) is too much for a scarf (for example) but when I do get a good scarf I wear it regularly and it really makes outfits sing.

    I do agree about needing to be in right mood for shopping. Trousers and jeans are the hardest for me 'cos I'm nearly plus size and I don't want to admit it. I can get away with tops and skirts, but trousers are unforgiving and often unflattering.

  14. I adore the G necklace… I'm not much of a jewelry girl. I'm more prone to browsing around goodwill for a 99c item when needing a cheap pick me up. 

  15. Sometimes those little consolation prizes end up working full-time! Sometimes it'll be earrings or a scarf that I end up wearing a lot. Even new nail polish can be inspiring!

  16. How pretty, Patti.  I love jewelry and it always picks me up and elevates my outfit.
    I love that you put one of the charms that you already have with a new one for a special look.
    Jewelry is the perfect pick-me-up.

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