Visible Monday #60: Menswear, Softened Up

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I usually choose feminine pieces that have a drape, ruffle, or soft print on top. Today I’m going a little Tomboy with a plain white cotton tee and menswear vest.

So I had to girl-it-up with a couple of necklaces, a bold bangle and a soft knit skirt. If I’d chosen menswear-style trousers, it would’ve felt “off” for my style. The shoes are newly thrifted. I love a Mary Jane even if they skew a bit youthful. I shall call them “new classics” instead  : >

Aren’t we shiny today? It’s a happy glow. You can see my cool
WendyB “G’ ring.
A friend made the longer necklace for me.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Wow! How crafty! I have never seen any cupcake stands like
    these!! Very creative! I would love for you to come link up to Link woman’s
    wear dresses.

  2. Oh, I love your vest, a little structure and a touch of feminine sounds great to me! I am a huge menswear fan. I will have to check out these other lovely ladies. 🙂 Have a great week.

  3. You know yourself so well, wearing a skirt rather than trousers.  Tomboy, yet feminine.  The jewelry adds spice!

  4. Love the pretty menswear look! So perfect on you! And maryjanes are definitely a classic! 😉

  5. I love menswear. It's weird how wearing it makes me feel more feminine.Your vest is a fabulous staple piece.

  6. I like your take on menswear! It's a trend I'm warming to a lot, and you've done it very well. Layered necklaces is another thing on my list; yours are great!

    Thanks for hosting, as always. 🙂

  7. You look very stylish in this outfit. I really like the skirt! Is it asymmetrical or is it just the way it's photographed? I have new skirt with a dip hem and the same kind of waist band, and I was looking for some inspiration on how to style it. Now I know, thank you! Oh, could we please have a close up of the shoes? I need to know exactly what to shop for?

  8. what an adorable look pattie
    that skirt is beyond cute and you styled it excellently

  9. I love that long mazi skirt. Looks great with the layered necklaces and the fun colorful burnt orange bangle. =)

  10.  Thanks Pao – it's attached to the skirt, a nice scrunchy built in belt  : >

  11. Hi Patti, you look great!  I like the black cinched cumber-band element.  Is it part of the skirt or a separate piece altogether?  It all makes you look even taller and slimmer, if that's possible!

  12. Great way to wear a vest! I will have to try this look. I have a vest that I love hanging in my closet that doesn't get out enough. 

    You look very stylish in your outfit today. It's a flattering look on you. 

  13. Congratulations, Patti, on being featured in Huffington Post's list of Fashion over Fifty blogs — well deserved!

  14. While rediscovering my style these last few months, I have found that I have a real affection for soft menswear. I just wore a black vest the other day so I when saw yours I said, "YES!" 🙂 You look awesome Patti!

  15. LOVE a menswear vest, and though I have one, I havent been wearing it because it always felt like something was missing. Your necklaces have just pointed-out where I was deficient in my styling. They are the perfect feminine touch with the vest! Thanks!

  16. Hi! Really like your blog! Why don't you open a Facebook page, so I can see when new posts come out? Just an idea…

  17. This is such a great look.  The skirt, the vest.  And a Tomboy look is always in style.  Good job!!

  18. Wonderful outfit! I love masculine style vests – they are so great to dress up a casual tee and love the way you've paired it with the skirt.

  19. it's beautiful the combination, although it is very different from your style. you look marvelous! i love mary janes too, are always hunting for them.

  20. I like your take on mens wear!  If you wore trousers, would a frilly blouse work.  Now that I think about it, have I ever seen you in trousers?

  21. Love, love, LOVE.  This is my kind of outfit and it looks great on you.

  22. I like how you "girl-it-up"! The necklace your friend made is beautiful. And those fabulous new Mary Janes are a youthful skew but they work great because they match your young energy – even though I like how you have matured the name to New Classics. Hello Monday!

  23. Patti, you put the style into "menswear" today! I love the whole Annie Hall look. This is a great look on you.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  24. Hi Patti,
    There's nothing cuter than menswear on a feminine woman. I think your vest makes the outfit!

  25. Such a cute look Patti…it is chic and comfortable and stylish!  Love it!

  26. Hi Patti!

    You look great, I love this look on you!  Loving the accessories, I would have done the same.  The skirt is lovely, the pattern so flattering.  I just really really like it! x

  27. Love the outfit Patti!!! I LOVE the shoes (i'm partial to Maryjanes, too) and i like how your bracelet echos the color of the shoes!!

  28. Hi Patti!

    I like this!  The graphic black/white combination with the red shoes for color.  I like the simpler top with the skirt as well.  I have a black vest that I wear constantly, so much so it's shredding, and I still love it!  Your hair looks great, too!!

  29. Patti, you look very feminine and chic in your Tomboy outfit! 

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