Featured Blogger Du Jour: Melanie

Bella of The Citizen Rosebud has put out a loving call to action: let’s talk about and talk-up our favorite blogs, hosted by fabulous, fascinating women. We’re moving on from the Independent Fashion Blogger dust-up (read all about it here), and showing off our diverse beauty.

There are so, so many blogs I admire, follow, imitate and put on a pedestal. Some can be found on my sidebar and many more in my Reader.

Today I’m tipping my hat (heh) to Melanie of Bag and A Beret. Melanie is an artist, I should say Artist – she exhibits her work and teaches it too. And you have to see her delightful cartoons and caricatures. She approaches fashion with a wonderfully open mind and artist’s eye. Her posts are filled with not only marvelous photos of her creations but some of the gosh-darn funniest writing in fashion-land.

If you haven’t yet, please check out Bag and A Beret, and raise your happiness quotient.

This is Melanie – she’s a joy!

Have a super-groovy Saturday, and don’t forget, Monday, August 20th is Visible Monday! Everyone is welcome to participate!

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  1. What a wonderfully choice, dear Patti, Mel is def 'TOP TIER" style for me as well. Like you she is full of thoughtful words about style- both of you are such good writers. And she made me want Fluevogs in my life.

  2. I've been following the IFB debacle too, and totally agree with he call to action! I've been trying to find more interesting blogs to follow and will go check out your friends right now!

  3. Melanie always lights up the screen and is a quick antidote to a day without color or humor.  I am an avid fan. Thanks for the feature Patti!  

  4. Yup, I'm right there with you!!  I adore her: her style, her creativity, and her energy.  Good choice for the "Du Jour" menu!!

  5. Oh, she's fabulous! I've begun following her blog and have added her to my blogroll as well.

  6. Patti, this struck me out of the blue. Wow! I am so honoured that you have featured me!! I always look to your blog for your great style AND your professional, thoughtful writing. You are like a blog world foundation for me and many, many others. So a huge hug and huge silly puppy-dog grin to you. I must put on something fabulous to celebrate! I must also spread the love around as you are doing with all the other incredible bloggers out there who shine, shine, shine!!!

  7. Melanie is just fabulous and so are you for sharing her with other bloggers who might not have discovered her incredible style yet! x

  8. When I found Melanie she's the one who made me want to style blog in the first place. It takes some courage to get started for sure.
    I have featured an undiscovered style blogger on my blog today too. Hope you get a chance to check her out! And possibly invite her to your Visible Monday affair. 😉

  9. I have been to Melanie's blog before and I love her unique style. I need to spend some more time over there. And so great of Bella to promote this wonderful idea. I was never affiliated with IFB so I don't really "get" all of what's going on but I do love the idea of we women bloggers promoting one another. There are so many great blogs out there that go unnoticed or under-noticed (is that a word?). 

  10. Melanie is one of my absolute favourite bloggers. That photo of her is an inspired choice, it sums up her creativity, style, humour and playfulness perfectly. xxxx

  11. I love Melanie too! She's so incredibly talented and always inspiring. Her cartoons are fantastic, showing her great sense of humor, as is her writing. She can always make me laugh! 

  12. Awww, love this idea!  Melanie looks like a darling!  I will check her blog out.


  13. What a great idea, Patti — you are so generous in your support of other bloggers and in your nurturing of our blogging community!
    And what a great one to start with — I love Melanie's blogs. Do you know that besides her Bag and a Beret, she has a fabulous street-style blog, Culture Serf, shot in Vancouver and featuring a wide diversity of subjects, not just the young and the slim, not just dressed in the latest retail offerings but richly creative in ways unexpected.

  14. Hip, hip, hooray for Melanie today!  I agree whole heartedly with your selection –  a day without a Bag and A Beret, is a day without sunshine!

  15. She looks like a joy…thanks for the introduction, Patti…I will stop by to meet her!

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