Visible Monday #54: Florals Brighten the Day

Welcome to Visible Monday #54! If you want to participate, it’s so
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This easy outfit is a variation on my loosely defined “uniform“. Today I chose a fitted, rather than full skirt, with a floral blouse and personality-shoes. I’d like the shoes better if they had a back – there’s something about slip-into shoes that always makes me feel a bit house-bound. But these do have a cool design on the wedge.

My mind-of-its-own hair is one accessory on these steamy hot days. I kept the rest simple, with just my favorite WendyB “G” ring and a new bracelet. I really like it: it’s a twisted fork, found on eBay for under $10 (similar). I am choosing more unusual handmade jewelry lately, and eschewing “fussy” pieces.

Skirt: To The Max; Blouse: Anne Klein, thrifted; Shoes: Nine West (similar)
A J. Crew linen jacket is more professional when working with clients.
My real WendyB ring, real fork bracelet, and faux Picasso  : >

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Ack! Sorry I am so late! I love the fork bracelet – I've seen those at markets and admired them.

    Love this version of your "uniform."

    L will be reviewing an EmmyLou album in the next couple of days!

  2. That white jacket looks brilliant with this outfit. For me it's not only professional but it's sporty too. I would never have thought of this combo – love it.

  3. Floral is so hot right now. I love that top. You can wear it with so many different pieces. 
    That ring is awesome – I am going to consider getting one myself. It's got just the right amount of edginess to it and so original looking. 

  4. Your choice in jewelry is to live for!  Your statement shoes are always a great addition to your loosely defined uniform.  It's all in the details!

  5. I love that fork bracelet, I am going to have to try and find me one. The floral shirt is so pretty, I am on the hunt for one.


  6.  Thanks Jesse! It was great to meet you and talk about classic scents. You've got a real passion for the great ones.

  7. Love the blouse, Patti. I have an Ann Klein top with a print that is kind of similar! It has been a favorite for many years. I recently put it in my "to donate" bin because it's starting to lose its shape a little. Seeing how pretty yours looks, though, I'm thinking about digging it out again! (D'Oh!)

  8. Hey, Patti! This is Jesse from the thrift store today. Your blog is fantastic! Keep up the good work! Your fork bracelet is awesome, as well. If you would ever like any fragrance advice or suggestions, send me an email!


  9. Patti, I'm always up for a floral top. I've been especially inspired by bloggers lately who've been wearing them. You look great!

  10. Love that bracelet! So very cool. I am usually a statement jewelry kind of girl, but it has been so hot and miserable that I find myself keeping it pretty simple lately. 😉 You look lovely as usual!

  11. Handmade jewelry has the promise of being all you. I relate to the house bound feeling with flip back shoes.  My daughter wears them everywhere I don't know how she does it.

  12.  yes, a bit of a haircut! Not a very brave one, and the hot weather def. gives the hair another few inches off  : >  Thanks for participating, Kym.

  13. I love your floral top and love how you've put it into an outfit for work.  The crisp white jacket and grey pencil skirt really sharpen it up for the office.

  14. About the shoes: whaddya talk? They are FABULOUS!! I wouldn't waste them by wearing them around the house. That is just my kinda shoe because it has style but also looks like I could wear it without toppling over. 🙂

  15. Patti I love your wedges, and it may be a very simple grey skirt but it is sooooo chic – I think it must be the perfect colour grey! Looks great with the patterned top and your fabulous legs… you look divine as always!

    Catherine x

  16. I want that grey skirt!  What a great basic – so versatile!  The fork is a cool signature piece, too.

  17. Patti, you are just such a class act. You always look spot on perfect. I love the top and it looks fabulous on you.  That is a really cool bracelet. I love things that are different from everyone else and especially those that are artisan created.

  18. Hi Patti – Did you get a hair cut?  Or is it just so hot & humid that your hair curled in on itself by a few inches? 🙂  Either way, it looks fabulous!  As does your fork bracelet.  My dad once made my mom a ring out of a spoon and I was always enthralled by it as a kid.  This brings back those nice memories.


  19. Wow, I like how the jacket just classes the outfit up for bus'ness!  Love the portrait as a backdrop for the jewelry…

  20. That bracelet is great!  I see spoon jewelry all the time but never fork.  Looks great with your other accessories too.

  21. Patti, I envy your "right to bare arms"! 🙂  You look lovely in sleeveless tops, and that one's a keeper.  I love it with the jacket too!

    My VM post today gives your blog credit for re-awakening my love of style.  

    Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life

  22. Love the bracelet and ring and that top as well. 🙂 As always you look beautiful. 🙂 Mine is up, but it will be my little girl this time showing off her patriotic dress that I made her for the 4th. 🙂 

  23. Your gray skirt is so wonderful. I'm sure you get a lot of miles out of that in your wardrobe since it would look great with so many blouses, vests or jackets… the way you are wearing it.  

  24. Patti–I like the profile of this skirt on you.  The Anne Klein blouse is gorgeous–but the fork bracelet is my favorite part of this look.  And thanks for having all of us!

  25. Hi Patti! You look so cute! I have missed my style bloggers this week.:-) So you are eschewing fussy, huh? Awesome! I am embracing the fussiness now, so I will take all the fussiness you have and I will give you all the unusual in return!  I love how we can move our style in other directions at will. Talk about control! A control freak must be the prerequisite for being a fashionista. 🙂

  26. I think I remember you told me once you also had a fork bracelet. I love it! And you look really cute in a jacket like that. Did you find a striped one yet?

  27. This is a great look.  I love the pencil skirt and the jacket with it!  You look wonderful as always!  have a great monday!!

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