Visible Monday #16: These Boots Are Made for . . . Raining

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We are having something just short of tropical storms today. Really high winds, driving rain, and cats-under-the-bed. But it doesn’t stop Visible Monday! Seriously, every time I wear these loud rubber boots, I get multiple compliments. They are at least 8 years old, faux-Wellies that I got from Lands’ End for less than $30 (similar pair still available at only $50 on sale). They are so much fun to wear in the rain; they give me an “I don’t care if it pours” feeling.

The floral blouse is a thrift store find. It has no maker’s name, but a tag says “100% silk.” I love the print, and it’s just the right amount of  sheer for me. The denim skirt is also thrifted. It’s by GAP but I think the flower applique was sewn on by a previous owner. I like it and wear it a lot. It is super-casual with a button-down shirt and more special with this floral blouse.

Please add your pictures below and share your visibility!

Blouse: unknown; Skirt: GAP; Boots: Lands’ End (old)
Earrings: handmade by friend
Inspiration is found in this Bird of Paradise that just bloomed for the first time
after living in our yard for ten years!

Meet Virginia Design

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  1. Thanks Vanessa – and yes, those gloves! Danielle had such great style (and so do you)

  2. I love galoshes so much! I think I could wear them everyday!

  3. Your boots provide just the right amount of 'color splash' in the rain.  They brought a smile to my face!

  4. You look so cute Patti.  The blouse is really pretty and great with the denim skirt  with the floral motif.  Love the wellies!

  5. thanks for hosting!  and i love the outfit!  the boots and the sheer sleeve detail are great

  6. Thanks Debbie – you are now ready for rain, snow and whatever else comes your way  : >

  7. Yes, please do join in! The "window" is open through Weds early AM, so no rush  : >   These boots are great fun in a storm.

  8. Thanks Mongs – I wish I were creative enough to have sewn it on myself — I *know* you could do it!

  9. I'm hoping to get up a post later today and join in the fun, but for now I want to say what fun your outfit is — those cheery boots would make it much easier to get out in the weather! It's currently pelting down on the skylight in my office, and some bright yellow cheer would be very welcome.

  10. the wellies are so cute! It goes well with your colorful floral top. I like that floral design at the corner of your skirt. 


  11. I know, rain boots are the best! You can hose them off at the end of the day — how many clothing items can you say that about??

  12. So my plant may start to flower more?? That would be fabulous. Thanks for stopping by, Erica.

  13. Let's hear it for some Texas rain, Pam! I want to see your rain boots. Thanks for participating.

  14. Thanks for coming by, and yes, please do add your pictures! I love your blog.

  15. Hello Susan! It was a wild and wooly storm — reports of wind gusts up to 80mph!

  16. Hi Paula – love your rainy day look. The bird of paradise is *so* pretty — almost looks like a creature that will fly away!

  17. That flower is so beautiful — as is the blouse!  How cheery and wonderful.

    I finally gave in and picked up some rain boots, too (Target).  They are such a joy to wear!  How did we live without them?

  18. Love your inspiration!  We have a big bird of paradise plant in our garden which blooms more and more each year, and always makes me smile.  Love your blouse!

  19. What a wonderful ensemble! The boots and blouse really set each other off nicely.

  20. I love silk…the blouse is beautiful.  I found two silk pieces at Goodwill over the summer that I cannot wait to wear!  I hope to break out my rain boots soon…things are looking more promising!

  21. Thanks so much for your supportive comment!
    This floral blouse is amazing!
    I think you are one of those women who could wear anything and it would be gorgeous!

  22. Patti, hi I just love your whole outfit.  The boots are a great color and your flower blouse is beautiful.  Great look on you.  I would love to link up…do my best to get in on the fun.  Have a great blogging week.  Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  23. We had some rain here too in Northern CA but your storm sounds like way more fun :). The green boots are adorable. I would wear boots like that.

  24. Love those bright wellies!  I love the printed ones they have out also–but I never have the guts–can you believe it/
    Agree with you on the denim skirt thing–it is a VITAL part of my wardrobe and I am presently looking for a replacement and cant find one that I like!
    One of my favortie plants–the bird of paradise.  Needless to say, we dont have them here…you must be excited after waiting so long for it to bloom!

  25. That's a lovely blouse and what a great way to cope with rain showers – cheerful ultra visible wellington boots!

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