Visible Monday #130: She Wore Blue (And) Velvet

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The title refers to an old Bobby Vinton song. Are you seasoned enough to remember it?

This dress gets a lot of wears because it’s cheery, comfortable and completely washable. I love a deep vee and find it the most flattering neckline. It’s by R & K Originals, vintage 90’s,  and it was thrifted at Molly Mutt for under $8. The cost per wear is less than the daily newspaper, if there were still a daily newspaper.


I often wear a black belt with this dress, and I think I like it better that way. I lost my waist here.

We have squeezed out a few more cool days, so I added a 1960’s velvet vest, also picked up at the Mutt. The pretty stone bracelet is by Beleza and the comfortable booties are by Sofft.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. I adore the look of a fitted vest over a springy patterned dress! That vest is darling…it's so hard to find good ones! You look simply gorgeous!

  2. Hi Patti!
    Looking lovely in your R&K dress – They are nice aren't day? i own one R&K and loving it – Getting better every day! Tks for your comment on my last post

    Huge hugs


  3. You look gorgeous in those colours! There are so many gorgeous looking ladies here and more blogs to explore. I'm starting to find it difficult to keep up with reading and commenting and yet there are even more great blogs and great women out there than I have already found. Thanks for organising them all together in one place!

  4. I'm in my late 40s and struggling to find stores and style to suit me. Just found your blog and I'm feeling inspired! And that blue is so flattering on you!

  5. You are beautiful in blue/black/velvet! And I do remember the song by Bobby Vinton! Songs from my past always bring back memories, and music from the present helps to create new ones.

  6. I, too, love a deep V-neck – so flattering! And the pretty floral pattern of your dress, along with the beautiful shades of blue is perfect on you! Really lovely!

  7. Hi Patti, I am loving blue lately! You need my blue boots 🙂 You look gorgeous as usual!

  8. What a gorgeous dress on you, Patti! Thank you, as always, for hosting Visible Monday!

  9. Ruffles – check! Print – check! Waistcoat – check! A perfect outfit in my book, Patti. You look stunning. xxx

  10. Hello Patti,
    I really like the way you wear that romantic flower dress together with the cool vest and boots. Have a good time

  11. ´Thank you so much for this link up.
    looking gorgeous in blue.

  12. That's funny, the song came on the radio last night and I enjoyed singing along (badly!). A very pretty dress, love the blue hues! P x

  13. You always rock your blue(s) and velvet. Pretty dress Ms. Patti.

    As always a pleasure. Ada. =)

  14. Wow, that's a very pretty dress, the pattern seems somehow impressionistic. And the black vest gives it the necessary peace…
    It's great with the booties.
    Have a nice new week 🙂

  15. Fluttery, floaty madness, Patti. Would love to see you walk in this. Thanks for the party.

  16. Ow ow! Great dress, loving it on you!!! You always look amazing in all your beautiful outfit posts! Loves!

  17. Oh, two of my favorite things – blue and a floral print. I may even have owned that dress! I love your outfit, Patti, and as always must tell you how much I appreciate these Visible Mondays (and Sundays)

  18. You look super chic, feminine and romantic in this dress and amazing vest outfit, Patti! Great color on you too! Happy to see all the colorful ladies in your wonderful link-up party again! xx

  19. This colour suits you so well! And design of the dress is so feminine and so summery. You look great in it. Love your stone bracelet, such a pretty thing.

  20. Yay, first time joining in! Love those boots…they are amazing. And good on you wearing the vintage 90s! I know the song from the title of your post, but not from when it was popular originally. 🙂

  21. You're rocking the 90s dress, Patti – I can't believe that the 90s can be vintage though… doesn't seem long ago enough!! Thanks for hosting my lovely – have a great week!!

    Catherine x

  22. Little did I know when I prepared this post, the focus would be on blue! I swear we think alike. Many thanksomundo for hosting yet again Patti. Cheers~

  23. I am completely in LOVE with the vest that you paired this with, and about the daily newspaper…I sometimes used to get nostalgic when I lived in New York about having a daily noes rag delivered to my door, so I subscribed to the Sunday edition (only) of the NY Times, and in about three months, I was knee-deep in newspapers! No WAY could I read one in less than a month. Plus I was in grad school and had to study. And Drink beer. Lots and lots of beer.

  24. Patti you look gorgeous. Blue is such a beautiful colour on you. And the black booties are a fab touch to the soft femininity of the dress.

  25. Lovely outfit Patti. You look wonderful in blue and the black booties look great with the soft feminine dress.

  26. Very pretty. I like a deep V also – and the ruffles add an extra element. Love your bracelet. Thanks so much for hosting.

  27. You alway look nice in blue. I like that you mix it with black too. Thanks for hosting Visible Monday. I always love discovering new bloggers.

  28. Yes, I'm seasoned enough to remember it and now I can't get it out of my head. Oh' well, its a good one to be singing. You are wearing one of my favorite color combo's and I simply love how you put a cool (weather) twist to them. Don't you just love the cost per wear when its too good to be true. Do you also wear this adorable dress with sandals?

  29. Wow, your skin looks amazing. I just discovered Sofft shoes and am wearing them in my post. OMG – they are amazing!!!

  30. A soft, frilly dress is always a winner. Yours is so pretty!

  31. There's that pesky comment box!
    Looking beautiful, Patti – blue is such a great colour on you, I agree about the deep V neckline being really flattering, and I love the addition of the velvet waistcoat and ankle boots. Gorgeous hair too!
    Thanks as always for being such a delightful hostess! xxxx

  32. What a lovely summer look Patti! The blue hues are very flattering on you and the pattern and cut of this dress is gorgeous, you look beautiful 🙂 hugs, Beata xxx

  33. You look so great in all these blues, Patti! Thanks for hosting Visible Monday!

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