Visible Monday #13: Vintage Dress-Love

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Some of my readers have commented that they are vintage clothing lovers, and wouldn’t mind seeing some of my vintage dresses, on my vintage self (well, they didn’t say that part). So today we’ll do Visible Vintage!

Here is a pale peach 1940’s day dress that I have worn to work and to some social events. Somehow, it has grown smaller over the years, as the ghostly closet re-sizers must have had their way with it! So it will soon go to the consignment shop or up on eBay.

It’s a lovely heavyweight, silky fabric, not sure whether it’s nylon or a blend. I love the details at the front waist and the metal side zipper; these are classic 40’s touches. And the heavy plastic buttons, so retro.The dresses of the mid-to-late 1940’s are very flattering to most frames, and the silhouette has been revived many times.

I love thinking that someone wore this dress before I was born!
Shoes are Kenneth Cole Reaction
Linking to Spunky Chateau for Thrifting Day!
The graphic print is vintage-chic

Meet Virginia Design

Recycled Fashion

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  1. Oh MY!  Can you hear me SWOON?!?!  Gorgeous!!!  I adore this dress and it fits you so perfectly!!!  I love this!  ~Serene

  2. Thank you JT – very good styling ideas — but I have to hold my breath too much when wearing it!  : <   And thanks so much for participating, you are a ray of sunshine.

  3. You look beautiful in the dress, I think you should keep it. Love the buttons.  You could wear this to the office in the Fall and Winter with a I ivory or light brown cardigan, tights and boots.

  4. I like what you said about wearing a dress that someone wore before you were born.  I have some vintage wedding gowns circa late 30's, 40s, 50s, even 60s.  I don't wear them but I do keep them in my design studio and around the house for decor.  When I pass or open a closet I can say, I was 4-years old back when  . . . .

    oxoxoxo from San Francisco

  5. Thank you so much Jess. I do think the dresses of 50-60 years ago were made with a lot of care.  Thanks for coming by!

  6. I'm dying over that dress. How incredibly adorable and chic is that?!? And it fits you like a glove, you are right in saying that 40's era dresses are the most flattering. It seems like vintage clothing had more care put into their creation. You look absolutely stunning.

    Jess. 🙂

  7. oh my Paula this dress is wonderful, you look great! yes we will go to Beacon's Closet my daughter says it is amazing, i can not wait!

  8. Hi Lise – I am loving that hair! I think you'd look great in 40's style too.

  9. Thanks for your comment and invitation!  Mondays are much better already!
    I want your dress!!!  I love the clothes from the 40's as well and you have the figure for it!

  10. Thanks Kiki, and thanks so much for participating – love the leopard print belt!

  11. I agree – it's hard to find vintage dresses in good shape. Thanks so much for coming by!

  12. I love vintage dresses!  This is so pretty on you and even thought it's vintage, it's so modern.  I had no idea you were doing vintage, so I guess it was just meant to be that I wore my vintage Esprit blazer.  I'm thinking from somewhere in the early 80's according to the cut.  Have a great week!  Debbie

  13. very vintage chic dress, I love vintage dresses although I don't own many, they are hard to find at the thrift stores these days, and are usually expensive at vintage shops. 


  14. Sweet dress Patti! It's a very flattering line and looks great on you!  The print is so cool too!

  15. This dress was made for you , Patti!  It is beautiful and I agree, vintage, chic!  I will see you tomorrow with my post!! 

  16. I love this dress on you. It is just perfect for your figure. It looks like it could be a high end designer piece of today.
    I love imagining who might have had something before me or who might have touched it in the past.

  17. That dress looks divine on you. I need to add this to my calendar so I can participate. I have a few vintage pieces I just love. 

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