Visible Monday #115: There’s A Cat On My Chest

Welcome to Visible Monday #115! If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Please be kind and leave a link to Not Dead Yet Style in your post.

I chose black and white photography today to highlight the cat on my shirt. What an adorable cat face! The tee is from Aeropostale (similar), a gift from my baby sister. I paired it with my striped skirt from Shabby Apple (similar), and a messy-haired, no make-up look, visible bohemian wench that I am. (Not a work day, be assured.) (β€’β€Ώβ€’)

I am in NYC (Delta Airlines willing!) as you’re reading this. I will not be able to comment on all your fab posts this week, due to limited computing ability on the road. But I appreciate them all, and adore you all for taking part in Visible Monday.

So, would you wear a cat on your chest?

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple!

  1. Whoever wants to can join in! Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
  2. Include a link to Not Dead Yet Style somewhere in your post. Please leave a comment, too, so we know you had a good time.
  3. Go to the bottom of this post and click on this cute little link:

In the “Next Step”, you crop the pic (easy tool) you want to display, and you’re done!

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  1. Call me crazy, bu you look even more gorgeous with messy hair and no makeup! Or maybe my opinion is favorably swayed by the cute graphic cat on your shirt πŸ˜‰ Btw, if you have a little free time and would like to meet up (perhaps to go thrifting?) please email me! I'm just a train ride away from NYC.

  2. Hi Patti!

    Your outfit is soooo sweeeet!! You are beautiful and I
    love this photo in black and white. Yes, I would wear a cat on my
    chest, but I would like it to be a white cat on a black tee, since I
    once had an adorable white cat. πŸ™‚

    I'm a newbie on Visible
    Monday, though I read it regularly. Thanks for taking the time to
    organize this party!! Have a wonderful week!! Enjoy your time away from the computer!

    <3 carmen

  3. Hope you are having a lovely trip, Patti! Look forward to hearing about it. You look relaxed and gorgeous in this picture. I love the cat tee, so cute.

    Glad I squeaked into VM before heading to bed. I was up early & was worried wouldn't get my photos in on time! xxx

  4. I love your style, you look great. Your striped skirt is gorgeous. Have a fabulous trip πŸ™‚

  5. Love the Cat Shirt, Today was not a WOW Visible day for me as it is gloomy and rainy but the Blue Suede Knee Boots always make me feel stand outish. Thanks for this.

  6. It's a cute outfit. Great for travelling. Love the skirt. Can be worn so many ways.

  7. I have New York on my mind too. I am hoping it will be in the cards soon. Enjoy your trip. There are some pretty Fabulous posts here!

  8. Visible bohemian wench? Bwa-ha-ha! You look schwell, Patti. You wearing cat today, I'm wearing rabbit. Wild women! – ah, except that kitties and rabbits are rather docile, though playful, creatures. Look forward to your New York reports…

  9. You look adorable! Great outfit. That skirt looks so cozy. Can't wait to read your NYC posts.

  10. That t-shirt is magnificat! I love the arty, relaxed prettiness. You make a beautiful bohemian dear Patti! Have a great time in NYC!

  11. What a cute look, Patti! I love a good graphic tee.
    Have a spectacular time in NYC!

  12. Yep. I would wear a cat on my chest. I will wear anything with an animal printed on it. Anything. LOVE the black and white photo.

  13. Hi Patti,
    before I'd seen your pic I would've said "no way!" to wearing a cat on my chest, but you look so awesome in yours – you're making me think twice. And that's you without make-up? Wow!
    I also want to thank you for your donation to my Frocktober fund. I really appreciate it.

  14. The cat top is awesome and really rocks the stripey skirt! Brilliant combination.

  15. Oh you're back in my favourite city again! Yes I would most definitely wear a kitty cat tee just like yours!

  16. I need and love your whole ensemble, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love, love, love.

  17. A great outfit, Patti! I adore that skirt and that top is fun and whimsical!

    — Shams

  18. Very pretty cat – I like those graphics. And combined well with the striped skirt.
    Have great days in NYC πŸ™‚

  19. Patti, I love the combination of this skirt and tee – it's casual, but clean and purposeful, if that makes any sense.

    Thanks for hosting Visible Monday!

  20. Hope that you're having a marvelous time in your favorite city!

    I love the black and white photo and the boho look that makes you look like a movie star.

  21. I love the B+W Photo, so cool. Your Graphic Tee is adorable and I love the Skirt. You styled this so well. I am having a real hard time with the thumb-nail of this linky but anyhow check out the Outfit I linked up. =)

    Have a Great Sunday Night, Ada. =)

  22. I love this look on you! It's brilliant and the cat is the perfect cat; not too cutesy but still a cat. LOVE.

  23. Cats and stripes and black and white! What a fun tee, and I love the perpendicular stripes on the skirt. You're already looking like you belong in Greenwich Village or Soho.

  24. I had the pleasure of having an actual cat on my chest as I was cat-sitting. That t-shirt is adorable and I love the graphic quality of the entire ensemble. Have a great time in NY!

  25. Hey Patti! Hope you are enjoying New York! And no, I would not wear a cat on my chest….well, I say that–I guess I never know! xoxo

  26. So jealous of you being in NY ! Have fun ! I love your fun outfit, it's very original yet not too much, perfect in a word ! I took part in your Visible Monday once again, thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚ Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  27. Hope you have a great trip to NYC. This outfit is so adorable and you look comfortable and happy. Cats and stripes make a fun combination!

    blue hue wonderland

  28. Such a cute outfit and it really fits you so well! I hope NYC is super wonderful!

  29. Well, darling, if that's you without makeup, don't bother with it ever again! You look absolutely radiant, so beautiful and relaxed. It must be the I'm-going-to-NYC factor, it's got you glowing! Love the cat t-shirt and striped skirt, and you're right, the black and white photo is perfect.
    Have the most marvellous time! xxxx

  30. I LOVE the cat tee! The striped skirt goes perfectly with it. You look very beachy chic : )

    Hope you dressed warmer for NYC…it'll be quite a change in temps.


  31. lovely shirt Patti. Sure I would wear a cat at my chest πŸ˜‰ Have a nice trip, and thx for hosting a lovely party.

  32. I hope you have a wonderful time in NYC! It would be a real kick to see this fun outfit with a leather jacket and boots while you're in the Big Apple! I love your "boho" vibe!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

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