Visible Monday #104: Big Skirt and Sassy Shoes

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I wore this Ideology skirt before with a loose top, and you all had some good advice for me – to accent the waist and reduce the volume on top. This time out I did just that, with a slim fitting tee from GAP. I added a leather belt to further define my smallish waist. Good advice, you!

The skirt was purchased though ThredUp, an online consignment store. I love the print and the fullness. A big underskirt would be fun, and give a cool ’50’s vibe. The gorgeous rose pendant is via Bella’s Etsy shop. You had advised some peppier shoes, and the blue suede Sofft sandals add a pop of color.

I followed your advice and stepped up my outfit. Thanks, stylists of the web!

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Hi Patti!
    Wanting to comment before
    I usually do my commenting at work but the browser is not compatible with Google+!
    Your skirt is so, so pretty!

    Ariane xx

  2. Love the fitted tee and the printed skirt. Underskirts for volume would be amazing!!

  3. Perfect re-styling of that skirt. Looking forward to what you do with it next!

  4. Love this look! That full skirt is fantastic and the blue shoes are divine!

  5. Love the whole outfit — especially your waist and those beautiful shoes.

  6. I know I swooned over this skirt in the past, but I am not above swooning over this skirt again. It is just SO pretty. I love how you styled it this time; it totally accentuates your figure and looks so flattering! I especially love the polyvore outfit you included in the linked post – I'd love to see you pair this skirt with a coral top in the future; they make such a beautiful contrast.

  7. Thanks for the fun compliment and hosting this fun hop each Monday. I'm loving it here.

  8. Love these shoes – such a great colour. I will be joining in again next week. I am struggling to find a moment to take photos when I am not watched by our builders!! X

  9. The return of that gorgeous skirt, and your restyle knocked it out of the park. You look wonderful.

  10. I love that skirt, so awesome!!! Really cute and that print is cool!

  11. I am a fan of print skirts so you've got my vote!

  12. Love the blue shoes and patterned skirt. You can wear that skirt so many different ways. Congrats!

  13. What a wonderful skirt! Great colors and pattern! Blue is my favourite color πŸ™‚
    Your shoes are nice and the same blue like in your skirt.

    Love your necklace with the red stone, your red nailpolisch and the red lips.
    Amazing πŸ™‚

    Dana, Germany

  14. Now that looks wonderful, Patti – the skirt is the star of the show, but the shoes really complement the blue in the skirt, and the tighter top shows off your enviable figure beautifully. Lovely! And thanks so much for hosting, as always you do so with grace and humour. xxxxx

  15. You flawlessly wear 'the blues' and with a very lovely silhouette.

  16. Beautiful, and completely sassy. Perfect for you, then! I'm quite taken with that print from a distance … what's illustrated there?
    I'll be linking later, so thanks in advance for making the party. What a grand hostess you always are. ( Additional thanks for your advice on Disqus.)

  17. This is gorgeous printed skirt! I agree with what the others said about a fitted top. Cute look with the belt. πŸ™‚

  18. Patti, I adore 50s prints and this skirt is wonderful… I'll take it off your hands once you no longer want it!! πŸ˜‰ Beautifully styled too – you got it just right.

    Catherine x

  19. I'd love to see you in a full fifties swing skirt. I just bought a tutu from modcloth in yellow which I am hoping to wear under everything I possibly can. Those shoes are an amazing colour! Thanks so much for hosting once again!

  20. Looking great, Patti! Love the skirt! I'm talking about thredUP today, too!

  21. Love, love, love your skirt and gorgeous shoes, dear patti.
    Glad to be with you all another week

  22. I missed your "before" outfit, but I love your newly-styled outfit!

  23. Beautiful! I love the skirt with those shoes! You have to let me know where you bought them!! Necklace added the perfect touch!!

  24. That looks great, we can see your fabulous bod now! Love those sassy shoes and the print of the skirt! x

  25. The pattern of that lovely skirt is exceptional, and I love the colour pop with those blue sandals. Another gorgeous effortlessly pretty outfit dear Patti!

  26. Hi Patti! Just love love love that skirt, I adore picture skirts and have one but would dearly love more, they look so fabulous-those sandals are a great colour too! Have a nice week xxx

  27. fabulous print and fabulous sandals, amazing blue!
    thanks for your great style and attitude!

  28. Good morning to you and all your readers,
    hope you enjoyed the weekend.
    I like your summerly skirt and the poppy blue shoes most.
    Have a good time

  29. A great skirt! And the shoes are just right.

    xx juli

  30. Excellent suggestions…it's a great look with a more fitted top and the killer blue sandals! Also, your necklace adds a color pop, which I love!

  31. The skirt already has the 50s vibe due to the wonderful pattern and it suits you well. You look abolutely cute in it!

  32. Patti, I think you look lovely here. The outfit is relaxed, chic, and flattering. The blue shoes are great, too. Plus I love your manicure. Hope you had a great holiday. XXOO

  33. Love it with the fitted top and bright shoes, Patti! And that red necklace really pops with all that blue. Love!

  34. Such a great skirt. That "resort" print is my favorite. It's harder to find nowadays, which is too bad, because it's perfect. And so is your styling here. Love the blue shoes!

  35. Great outfit, Patti, especially with that tower of power pendant and blue shoes (when I write blue shoes I want to spit or drool afterwards in reference to Twin Peaks – I don't know if you are familiar with that or not…)

  36. I love stumbling upon Ideology clothes in secondhand stores – such cool prints! You styled this perfectly. I'm a huge fan of the black tee for the office. How many do I own? *blush*

  37. That's a great outfit – glad you followed all our expert advice! The blue of the shoes is stunning and looks great with that fab skirt.

    Have a good week!

  38. WOW! WOW! WOW! Oh Patti, you've made my heart to pitter-patter with that glorious printed skirt and those drool-worthy shoes!! Off to visit ThredUp now … weeeeee!!! xoxo

  39. Oh, you have that cute skirt on again, and I love how you're wearing it! The black tee looks wonderful as well as the leather belt. I do remember eyeing this fun skirt, I believe at anthroplogie, you did well my friend.

  40. That Skirt is Gorgeous – I love the Print & Color. Pretty Necklace & Shoes, also.

    Have a Great New Week. I am coming to the States, this week so it's a Real Busy one for me.

  41. I like it better than the first styling. Getting the loose/flowy/relaxed look down is challenging because it's so easy to end up looking frumpy.

  42. You look great! Love that color blue! The shoes are killer! πŸ™‚

  43. That skirt is gorgeous, Patti! I remember I had a very similar one in green from my mother, real vintage piece. Unfortunately it somehow got lost – wish I still had it now!

    Lady of Style

  44. Great skirt and I love the blue shoes. That blue is lovely and you look great in this outfit.

    Blue hue wonderland

  45. Now this is totally YOU!! Gorgeous, summery and so fresh!

  46. You've such a neat figure that it's a shame not to show it, so the advice that you have acted on is good! A skinny white top would look nice and summery as well. Such a lovely print on the skirt – it looks like a French scene, and the shoes work so well with the colours in the print.

  47. I love how you have taken on feedback to shape your outfit. Lovely match with the bright happy shoes & skirt and I agree, a closer-fitting tee looks good.

  48. Gorgeous! You look well-defined (read: slim & trim, but not over-exposed!) and the top and shoes perfectly complement the skirt. Love how you accented the features of the skirt.
    xo ~kim & chloe

  49. Ooh ! I love that skirt Patti, it reminds me of Capri for some reason, I love the different blue tones on white, very pretty πŸ™‚

  50. Those are sassy shoes…love the color! Thanks for hosting Patti!!

  51. Perfect shoes with that fabulous skirt and great silhouette. Hooray for ever-helpful and inspiring Bloglandia, which includes generous you! Thanks for gathering us together, Patti.

  52. You look great, Patti! I love that skirt, and the outfit is well-balanced.

  53. I'm in love with that skirt! What an amazing print – and I'll definitely check out thredup! I'm glad you went a little bolder, too. πŸ˜‰


  54. I really like the print on your skirt. It was an awesome find! The blue shoes DO pop!!

  55. Perfect Patti! I love that skirt and the fitted tee with belt is a great silhouette.

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