Can’t Hit a Home Run Every Time. Help Me Re-Style?

All good intentions and some potentially great pieces went into this outfit. But it fell a bit flat and – dare I say it? – frumpy in the end. I didn’t take time to re-style this morning as I had to get to work. So off I went, knowing I was covered and clean, yet somehow unfulfilled. But I knew I had you to help me elevate the look for next time. ☺

Not a complete strike-out, but I feel kind of wilty looking at it.

The Ideology print skirt is adorable. The Old Navy silky top is a lovely sapphire color and it drapes nicely. I like the nude sandals just fine. And the green wooden bracelet is newly purchased from Bella’s Etsy shop, so guaranteed cool.

But the top cuts my body at an odd spot, making me look wide, even though I’m not very. Perhaps the blue blouse is too matchy? The necklace too lifeless? How about a colorful scarf? Help a blogger friend out with your styling suggestions, please.

I made a pass at a new look, with a coral blouse and colorful
scarf. The bracelet is but a pale substitute for Bella’s fab version.

Print Skirt
Print Skirt

Thanks for your help, style sisters. And have a great Thursday.

P.S. The Winner of the Cafe Press gift certificate is . . . Tamera of The Menopausal Supermodel! Congratulations, Tamera, your gift certificate will come to you by email.

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  1. Coming a little late, as I am on catch up, but I think a loose tuck in with a obi belt perhaps? The colour and style of both top and skirt are lovely, but yes, you need to highlight your waist here.

    Hope you are enjoying your trip!

  2. I feel a bit odd to give you advice, but here we go… Perhaps the top is too straight for the long skirt. Shorten the skirt? Wear a belt on this top to define your waist? Try a fitted top?

  3. I'd agree with most of the comments here: too much volume. With this beautiful skirt, maybe try a classic fitted white long-sleeved shirt, tucked in, roll up the sleeves & pop the collar. Add a chunky necklace in either color blue (or both hues) & kinda chunky earrings (classic silver or gold hoops?). A statement ring? (no bracelet – too much) Maybe a black belt & more neutral shoes (more skin-toned). Love the colors!

  4. Patti, first off, I have thorougly enjoyed reading all the wonderful suggestions, I'm going to give this a try some time. Now, here's my two suggestions. The first (which won't surprise you, coming from Trina), I would wear this skirt with a black and white stripe boatneck tee with three quarter length sleeves. Possibly throwing on a wide black or white belt. I would wear some black wedge sandals to give it a really updated look.
    My second would be with a coral shirt, I actually love the one you have showing but with it being a blouse type I would probably add a belt again, just something skinny in either gold or beige. With this combo I would wear flat sandals. All in all, I believe you're going to have a lot of fun with this skirt. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  5. Hi Patti, did you try to tuck in the top? It is usually get ride of the worst sloppiness. High heels also always change the impression of an outfit!

  6. I think you either need a shorter skirt or a shorter top. And funkier shoes (higher heels?) Both the top and skirt being loose and longish doesn't work. I find mid length full skirts pretty tricky to style at the best of times to avoid the '70 year old lady going to church' look. I had one of those knife pleated mid length skirts taken up to kneelength recently 'cos I just couldn't get around feeling frumpy in it.

  7. I love the skirt but not the top or the shoes. I think I would choose a shirt that would match the cream/white color in the skirt. I would also pick a shirt in a material that isn't as silky looking as the one you are wearing- one with a little more body. Not a fan of the taupe color of the sandals with the colors in the skirt.

  8. Beautiful pieces!

    Think I agree with some of the others that a belt and a bold necklace (perhaps in turquoise, coral or even white?) would add some punch. I too love the shoes, but think they may be a bit too neutral for the outfit. I'd try shoe colors that would match the belt and necklace, or even another color for a "pop".

  9. I suggest a white top (that color won't overpower the skirt) and a long necklace of small blue lapis beads. I don't have a problem with the "V" neckline, but you need to determine if that is the best shape for you. I once participated in a quiz to determine just that, and based on my answers, a "V" was the answer. I know the answer was entirely right by the way I look when I see myself in the mirror. Also, I don't wear a very low V–don't have the chest and neck for it. Too bare. Hence, a longer necklace.

  10. Another vote for more waist definition. This is so pretty, but yep, waist definition, and possibly something a bit showier around your neck to accessorise. I'd love to see something that contrasts a little bit with the blue.

  11. Yeah I was going to suggest some form of tuck. Or belt it and blouse the top. Or take a brooch and twist the top to define your waist or pin up the hem. Or use a brooch in the back to pin at the waist. I adore the colors of that skirt, the print is gorgeous as can be!

  12. I agree with what everyone has said. Both pieces are lovely, but the overall effect is off because of the volume. You either need a fitted piece on top (or belted) or a fitted piece on bottom because 2 billowy pieces on your tiny frame is just too much. And although I adore the colors and pieces you picked out in your set, I think it's the same problem – overall too flowy! You have a wonderful figure that can be accented 🙂

  13. Yeah, that top is just hitting you in the wrong spot. I agree with everyone saying you need to define the waist either with tucking (or half-tucking) or a belt. That might help keep the volume down too.

  14. How about that white tee-plus-cami you wore for the latest VisMon, tucked maybe, with a black or navy belt, and black sandals? Or thin, dressier strappy white sandals? Big white or combo-to go-with-skirt bangles, depending on the rest?

    I can see this just with white leather flip-flops and a tee for the most casual afternoons !
    Lots of options for you from everyone, as you can see. Enjoy!

  15. The blue top needs to go back to the closet. Love the skirt but perhaps a lighter colored top would help bring more attention to the lovely skirt.

  16. I agree with the other ladies. A more figure flattering top and a pop of color with a yellow necklace. Switch to nude heels. But, then you would look like me, and I love you just the way you are.

  17. I think a humongous pendant that hung below the bust would elongate your fab figure and show off your waist. The outfit is great overall, though. x

  18. It is a lovely skirt and I agree with the others who suggested cinching in your waist with a belt. I have the same problem because now that I lost weight some of my skirts are too loose round the waist so I can't tuck tops in. This seems to add bulk. I invested in some belts to try to give me back a waist.

  19. My two cents:
    I think the skirt is really beautiful and would look great standing alone without competition from the bright blue of the top and the green bracelet. I would wear an off-white top, maybe a button down that you can tie at the waist. Or a maybe a black tee or tank. White would work too, I think. Keep the neutral shoes unless you the black route, then wear black shoes.
    And keep the jewelry simple by wearing something without color like a silver bangle or pendant.

  20. For starters … I LOVE your sandals .. love. I agree, with your slim trim frame you don't need to wear a loose fitting top … nip in the waist somehow. I think the neckline might be more flattering with a scarf (lightweight.)

  21. I really ike the skirt and top…am thinking you could wear some strappier sandals and perhap a belt but I am not in a position to judge as these days I am in boyfriend jeans and a tee!

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