Visible Monday #101: Lovely Rita, Where Would I Be Without You?

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Karina makes the best dresses. She just does. They fit beautifully, the prints and colors are gorgeous, they move with you and flatter like crazy. And this lovely Rita came home from NYC rolled in a corner of my suitcase. I took it out, hung it up and it was ready to wear. Ahhh, thank you Karina, for making getting dressed so effortless.

The emerald camisole is by Adea, a company that also specializes in superior comfort. Love the wooden bracelet I picked up at Bella’s Etsy shop! And I added capri leggings for fun. ツ

Skinny the Cat: “Your self-indulgent photo sessions bore me. Food!”

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Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. The leggings make it a completely different look. I like. Thanks so much for hosting once again! You are a star.

  2. I love that you added capris to this lovely dress! I'll check out that Etsy shop for some bracelets too.

  3. Lovely in Karina! Very pretty dress on you … love that blue with your blonde, and the color palette makes your pretty peepers pop! BTW, included two of our kittehs in this week's post just for you and Curtise … didn't want my blog going entirely to the dogs!
    Thanks again for your hostessing skills!
    Have an extremely groovy week!

  4. Lovely to see you again, Patti, and that's one of the prettiest prints ever. The colours are gorgeous, and suit you wonderfully. Thanks for hosting, and sorry I missed out on the big 100th Visible Monday! Congratulations — it's a terrific project, and I hope you're as proud of it as you deserve to be. 🙂

  5. I love paisley though sadly, I have none in my wardrobe.
    That dress is so flattering on you both the fit and the colors.
    Thanks for putting on such a great link up every week, Patti!

  6. Your Karina dresses are amazing, each of it. But this one I love most. The paisley pattern and the bright turquois are absolutly wonderful. You look fabulous!

  7. Really like the look of your dress with capri leggings, I am going to steal that idea. Nice bit of coverage but it looks really funky. A great 101st VM look, Patti! xx

  8. pretty color! you look fabulous and I love love the name of this blog!! "Not yet Dead Style" Amen! Keep it live! <3 thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. Thanks for introducing me to Karina dresses: what a fun website. You look beautiful in that paisley wrap dress.

  10. Love the print! Combined with it being a wrap dress, you have the best of two worlds: comfy and chic

  11. I love dresses that are rolled up for packing and then ready to wear!!

  12. That dress is perfect but let's talk about those wedges too! I love the color and they work with so many things. Thanks for hosting again!

  13. I do love a paisley print and that frock's no exception! You're looking fab, as always! xxx

  14. that's such a pretty look and so similar to my outfit this week. Lovely color!!

  15. Beautiful paisley dress (I realy love that) and thanks for this great idea to show how visible we are.
    Have a good time

  16. What a gorgeous dress! I love the emerald colour on you! I'm a big fan of paisley and glad that it came back into fashion lately. I like the leggings with it too – leggings with dress is a standard trick over here to keep warm. In the UK without adding leggings to our dresses we'd hardly be able to wear them because of the cold weather!

  17. hi patti you look lovely as ever. i love the style and colour of your dress. thanks for having me. lucy

  18. Great to join you another week, dear patti.
    Lovely dress.

  19. I don't know how many times I say this to myself, but I simply must join the 'Rita" crowd. What most caught my attention this time was when you said how easily it travels. I do believe that paisley print is my favorite so far.

  20. I love the paisley – what a fun and colorful print! Skinny's facial expressions (and your interpretation) are cracking me up. 😉

  21. that dress is fabulous! Love the colours on you. Also, the bracelet is fun!

  22. I love those kind of dresses – but honestly most of my clothes are worn that way, designed to be or not!

  23. Gorgeous and it looks SO easy to wear. And did you say you rolled it up and just threw it on? Perfect, I say, absolutely perfect!
    XO ~Kim

  24. What a gorgeous color on you!! I love the way you style the dresses to make them unique. You, Bella, and Lynn need to be models for them! XXOO

  25. That second shot of you… I love it so much! So much joy in your face. Beautiful dress. xoxoxoxo

  26. That is really a gorgeous dress, Patti! Linking up with my funeral outfit.

  27. This dress is making you happy and it shows!
    Lovely color on you
    Saying it again, going to NY in july can't wait!!
    Staying in the East Village
    Ariane xxx

  28. Patti, you look absolutely STUNNING in that Rita dress! The colors suit you beautifully.

  29. Wow! That's a beauty! As are you, of course.

    You need some medium blue, teal or green leggings to go with that dress (unless you did a black cami). I'll keep my eyes peeled at the work sample box. Oh, wait, I might have something already… Heehee…

  30. There's something about paisley and a wraparound that I just love. You look gorgeous in this Karina dress. And the leggings make this more sassy. Skinny cat, priceless expression!

  31. Patti, you look so so pretty! I always think blue is your colour (though I also recall how hot you looked in red when you tried those Karina palazzos on with a red vest top – did they come home with you too?) Love the paisley print. And Skinny is a beauty, though he does look suitably unimpressed, as only cats can…
    As always, thanks for hosting Visible Monday! xxxx

  32. That's a truly great colour on you lady! I have an appalling hangover today but was determined to link here anyway, love your work!

  33. You look radiant, Patti….I really like the way you wore it with the leggings!! Have a wonderful week ahead and thanks for hosting Visible Monday!

  34. Pretty dress Patti–love how you styled it. I agree with others, your smile has a bit of mischief!

    blue hue wonderland

  35. I love the flirty, swingy fabric and the crisp colors! I've been lucky enough to have had a couple of dresses that made me feel like a princess every time I slid them on! They are a gift! You always have great shoes, too! Thanks for hosting this most delightful meme each week…I always look forward to it!

  36. I have to say I've yet to see a Karina I didn't like – especially on you, Patti! What a perfectly love paisley print. I love it with the leggings, too. Next time you go to NYC I'm hiding in your suitcase ;-P


  37. Somehow you always have a little wicked elfin-like smile on your face. You always look like a kid that has just been found with their hand in the cookie jar.

    I LOVE the colours of the dress. Also a wrap dress is great on everyone. It really plays up those mischievous eyes of yours : )


  38. Patti, I absolutely love that dress on you! The colours and pattern are so beautiful and the leggings too.

  39. I swear Karina made that dress especially for you!! The colors, the style–it's perfect!! Gorgeous!!
    Skinny the cat is gorgeous, too!!

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