How To Brighten Any Look: Marigold Scarf by Camilla Olsen

Orange you happy to see so much orange and coral this season? (sorry!) Nothing rhymes with “orange” except “orange” – remember that from elementary school? I was sure something did, compulsive little Hermione Granger that I was. But I never came up with one. Porridge? George?

Anyway, the kind people at Camilla Olson sent me one of their yummy scarves to review, and they choose this fabulous color for me. It’s “Marigold” in their catalog, and the color is so vibrant. The fabric is delicious too: 100% silk, custom printed in Camilla’s California textile studio. No two scarves are exactly alike.

Silk chiffon scarf with hand rolled hem. All the silk scarves are hand printed using an eco-friendly
print process, says Camilla.

Check out her site for Camilla’s story, her lovely designs, and her mission statement. She donates a portion of every sale to Women’s Health @ Stanford, and 15% of online scarf sales are donated to the University of Maryland Scholarship supporting entrepreneurship in women. So, beautiful clothing, and doing good things, too. I like that.

And they sent me this nifty little scarf-guide to help me through the week. I did wear Sunday on Friday, though  シ

I hope you’ll join us for Visible Monday #101! We start celebrating on Sunday evening and party all the way through Monday. All are welcome.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Thank you Patti for your kind words. I love how you photographed the scarf and were able to capture the subtleness. Thank you for introducing us to your friends here


  2. Wonderful scarf and great colour! Yellow is such a happy colour and it looks great against the delicate paler print of your top.

  3. I do love a scarf, and the colour orange too, it's just so warm and vibrant.

  4. I wear the 'Sunday' style all the time! Or a simpler version of 'Monday'. Anyway, that colour wouldn't suit me, but it is lovely and just right for summer.

  5. What a cute little scarf graphic! I love that Camilla donates some of her profits.
    Looking forward to #101- see you Sunday!

  6. Your Marigold Scarf is so Pretty. And I agree, a Colorful Scarf can totally change up an Outfit.

    Looking forward to linking up. =) Have a Great Weekend, Patti!

  7. I'm suddenly obsessed with orange! You make it look so good! Have a great weekend. XXOO

  8. gorgeous scarf!!! I can see you wearing it a lot as the color is fantastic on you!!

  9. I love her designs and textiles…this is a beautiful scarf. Have a great weekend, Patti!

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