Too Much Stuff? I Lost My Jeans and I Didn’t Even Know It

I’ve been all patting myself on the back for downsizing my wardrobe. Smaller closet, fewer but better choices, etc. Feeling pretty good about myself!

Last night the new owner of our previous home came by with some mail that had been delivered there (such a nice person! she deserves our beloved cottage). She also had a tee, a pair of sweatpants, a corduroy skirt and what I thought were my favorite pair of jeans. She’d found them in a closet. I thanked her warmly, then asked myself: how come I didn’t miss my “favorite” jeans? Too much stuff, or just too much confusion. It’s the latter, right?

So, lessons learned: don’t be so smug, Missy, and check all your closets twice before you declare yourself moved out.

Here’s another quickly-assembled outfit for work days. Behold the clutter! Baby steps. I love the swingy black skirt, thrifted recently and paired with a nautical top, suede belt and bright bangle.

Bookshelves are on order.

Have a fabulous Thursday, and stay safe/sane if you’re out shopping for the holidays.

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  1. LOL! I can totally relate to this! There are things in all my stuff I forgot I owned!

  2. My husband is the King of leaving things in hotel rooms.  Whenever we check out I almost always find something left behind. 

  3. If we knew in advance what purchases that became good purchases, it would be easier, but it feels like a lottery. You look great in that casual look with a loose skirt and nice shoes …

  4. Love the striped top! Very classic. I've lost so many things with every move in my life. However, it's just stuff in the end. It's the memories that are important. Besides new stuff always begins to fill in the spaces when we settle down again.

  5. Last year I misplaced a "favorite" pair of jeans and gave up on them and truth be told forgot about them until son1 came home from college for the summer and told me had a weird pair of jeans in his laundry
    they didn't fit him and he didn't know where they came from lol

  6. Hi Patti–lol–it is so funny what we think we need or want or what seems valuable to us can all be forgotten. quickly.   Maybe a senior moment…

  7.  we inherited this color, and we like it — it does resemble the colors we had at the cottage, good eye, Debbi!

  8. It probably wasn't the time to ask for them back…. Love the buttons on your nautical top.

  9. I truly have a weakness for striped tops, and love yours paired with this gorgeous skirt. I do have to say that I know where my fave jeans are at all times, but mostly because I don't own many and very few jeans look good on me. So glad yours followed you to your new home 🙂

  10. What a lovely new home owner she is! You're right, she totally deserves your beloved ex-home. The shame of having so much stuff and not missing it if it goes astray, guilty too!
    Love the striped stop and the colourful bangle. x

  11. So easy to happen during and after a move…it's such chaos…i think you did well if this is all you left.  I know I have too much…but so far I know where the jeans are!!  Your outfit is cute and very Florida!!

  12. Great top and I love the belt. 
    I can relate having recently gone through a big clean out. I moved some sweaters and two maxi skirts to a new drawer from a shelf in my closet then promptly forgot I owned them until I went looking for a scarf and accidentally opened the wrong drawer! I have too much stuff!  

  13. Too funny! Just yesterday, I was shifting some garments around and found a storage bag (under the bed, natch) with a black and metallic silver striped tunic and black stretch velvet leggings — perfect for the holiday season, and they almost missed getting out to see the lights because I completely. forgot. I owned them! And I didn't have moving as an excuse!

  14. Amid the chaos of moving, I can easily understand how you could leave things behind, and not realise for a while. How nice of the new owner to pass your things back to you, I bet you would have missed them at some stage. I frequently do the same with dresses, and rediscover old favourites which I haven't worn in weeks, even months! I get round to them all eventually! xxxxx

  15. Ha!  That is too funny.  Yes, sometimes I think I have too much stuff.  Love that shirt and that beautiful skirt.

  16. So nice for her to return your things!  Jeans, sooo many jeans!!  I am slowly downsizing my closet, but man…  I love my denim 🙂

  17. That's pretty funny, but if your climate is like mine (and I know it's similar), you could go months without wearing jeans! How sad you would have been if you got to that one day when it was cool enough to wear them and you went searching for the favorites and they were nowhere to be found! Yes, there is always WAY too much confusion in moving!
    What a nice person to move into your beloved old home. These days it seems like real estate transactions make everyone into adversaries, so I'm glad you have a good relationship.

  18. I'm constantly afraid of leaving something behind in a hotel room and not realising it when I unpack my bag at home… then searching three weeks later and the dawning realisation…

    It may be that I have too much stuff in my wardrobe, but in my defence, I'm not overburdened when I travel!


  19. LOL Patti!!! Moving can make you crazy!! I hope to NEVER MOVE AGAIN!!

    Love your outfit-i like the slouchiness of your top!

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