Three Days In a Row, And Nobody Knows!

I feel so mischievous. I wore the same skirt three days in a row this week! (One wash in between). And I don’t think anyone, including my husband, knew or cared. Ahhh, what a rebel I am becoming.

I t wasn’t a very striking skirt of course. Nothing like this:

Gorgeous, but quite memorable. Source.

It’s a simple black knit skirt by Randolph Duke, that hits below the knees, like this:

Boring? Perhaps, but a great canvas.

On Day One I wore a cream silk sweater by Banana Republic, with a vintage scarf, black tights, and (what else?) black booties.

Day One

On Day Two, I baffled everyone I came into contact with by changing to . . . a striped boatneck knit top by Canvas/Lands End, black leggings, and metallic Mary Janes:

Day Two

And on Day Three, I was a clever chameleon in a black tee with over-sized teal top over it all, no hosiery, and black shooties.

Day Three

Lesson learned:  A few great skirts will get me through two weeks of work! In my new, pared-down wardrobe phase I need to concentrate on great-looking tops and distinctive shoes to keep up the interest. This could be a lot of summer fun.

Happiest of Fridays to you all!

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  1. Ah this is good.  Its amazing how one garment can be accessorized with different colours, patterns,  which completely changes its look.  Good on you for wearing the same skirt on consecutive days, I'd to the same!

  2. It seems that after a period of accumulating and experimenting always comes the period of pairing down. There seem to be stages in developing our style .I discover them as I go and I'm glad I have like minded people that we travel the style road together.Great choice of tops with your black skirt.

  3. Well, darn…I totally screwed up my spelling in that last post. I hate when that happens. lol

  4. I like all the different looks your brought to your black skirt, particularly #1.
    That would be a funny little experiement for bloggeres…how many days would we have to wear the exact same outfit before our husbands noticed and commented. haha

  5. This is such a great exercise!  I love the different combinations and I'm certain no one would notice if you kept it up.  They'd just think you look good!  It makes me think of a book (which I've never read but I loved the title/concept) Three Black Skirts. As in, that's all we really need.

  6. Very creative, Patti.  I did the very same thing when I traveled for business; it is a great way to cut down on the amount you need to pack.  I always took a black skirt or pants and was able to mix and match the tops, jackets and accessories.  If I was at a meeting, I am sure no one ever knew my secret!

  7. Great looks and your post got me thinking: I don't remix often but when I do, I do it with jeans and change up the accessories, as you do, and jewellery. Happy weekend! 🙂

  8. You rebel! Oh, I do love this sort of thing! It's true: with a neutral, classic item, you can totally get away with it. It makes you think, doesn't it? My fantasy is still to have the smallest possible wardrobe that looks great without people realizing that I wear the same things over and over. (Love those Mary Janes!)

  9. That's some clever switching! I'm getting ready to live for a month out of my carry-on suitcase, so I'm going to have to rely on a few tricks myself — it certainly simplifies the morning's decision-making.

  10. Patti!  BRILLIANT!  I enjoy keeping my wardrobe pared down to the things I love!  My black skirt would be my suede one and my leather one.  LOVE them and there's soooooo many ways to wear them!  Spectacular post!  Hugs! ~Serene

  11. I did something similar as a wardrobe challenge back in 2009, Patti! Check it out:

    I think that limiting yourself can actually push you creatively, to really stretch your imagination. Well done on your outfits!

  12. I like how you are having fun with the essentials! Sometimes I get hooked on a piece and will throw it off and on through a week. This exercise seems to be pushing your creativity – very cool.

  13. I've done it for 2 days in a row, but never three!  Nobody ever notices.  They might though if it was the same TOP.  I love the idea of the 3rd look and am going to see if there is an oversized blouse in my closet …

  14. Patti, I also try to mix and match clothes that I already have. Love the teal top and  the shoes from Day 2.

  15. Ha, perhaps everyone is thinking that you have MANY black skirts!  But, seriously, I've done this too.  I love the oversized blue blouse in the last combo.

  16. A few great background items go a long way.  When they fit perfectly and feel good, they live in my closet forever.  Your skirt is a find!

  17. I definitely subscribe to remixing bottoms frequently (I am also insanely guilty of the not-wash-every-wear). I love that sweater you posted. It looks like the perfect thing to pull on, curl up in or go shopping.

  18. I was initially thinking you wore the first skirt and no one noticed. That would be quite a trick! 

    I like the way you styled the skirt all three days.My favorite look is the one with the boatneck sweater – very cute. 

  19. A black skirt is a staple for sure. And fit is everything. I sure like the metallic shoes. I think I've tried those on before.

  20. …but my question is, are you going to wear it again for a day four?  I love this idea – it's a great way to see just how versatile existing pieces in your wardrobe are.  I need to do something like this instead of adding more and more and more.  (My closet(s) cannot take much more.)

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