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Summer casual dressing is always a challenge for me. I live in the near-tropics, and we have many months of 90-degree weather. So jeans, my favorite casual items, are often not wearable. And shorts — well, I don’t feel happy in them except for workouts, gardening, and brushing the cats.

Until I rediscovered slim, knee-length shorts. Call me crazy, but I find these so flattering, comfortable and versatile. I wear these on my days off to shop, go to lunch, movies, and the bookstore. They look good to my eyes with a simple tee, tucked in and belted. I also dress them up with a print blouse/tunic. And the shoe options are fun too: from sandals, sneakers and espadrilles to wedges and even shooties.

These are so perfect for my summer wardrobe. Nordstroms, $59
So cute, and so versatile. Also Nordstroms, also $59

I like them very slim at the knee, with no embellishments, cuffs, print, etc. How do you like your shorts, if you wear them? Or are you strictly a sundress, summer-skirt kind of woman?

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  1. I love a good skirt or sundress, but do find shorts easier to chase after my kids in. Like you, I am figuring out that the longer, slim ones are the most flattering (but not too long–just above kneecap looks the freshest on me). I like them in wild prints, too–Old Navy used to have some fun ones that I'm still dragging out.

    It's hot and humid where I live too, so please, keep the hot-weather-wear ideas coming!

  2. I am with you Patti…warm weather dressing is a challenge and a dread for me…and I live where weather is 90% warm!!  I think of  I could really loose weight and keep it off, I would not mind summer dress so much…but I do.  Last year I got more into skirts and I think that is where I will be most of this summer.  But I feel your pain!!

  3. I love narrow knee-length shorts. I hate it when they flare even slightly at the bottom. These look great!

  4. These are the only kind of shorts I wear. Like you I find them super versatile.

  5. You know how I feel about pants, but you, with your perfect figure, will look gorgeous in shorts.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  6. I like shorts with this slim profile and I have a pair or two.  On shorter shorts, I like them a bit big around the leg.  But for the last few summers, I prefer cotton skirts with tees and flip-flops or sneakers!  It was a major discovery for me.

  7. Shorts are out of the question for me.But you seem to propose an interesting alternative I've never considered before. Next time I go thrifting I'll search for a pair of pants to alter and try this style out. I usually wear skirts though

  8. I thought that first photo was you – until I scrolled down and saw the very high heel – where I are the booties?! Yes, I can see how you would look great in this style of shorts.

  9. I plan to wear more of these in our hot, humid, summer weather in the Midwest. I was so glad that you posted the longer shorts. Stacy and Clinton say these are flattering on every body type!!

  10.  Don't be sad, Anne – skirts for summer are so cool, and, sit however you please  : >

  11. I'm right there with you!  I love these and these are the kind of shorts I'd wear in the summer and fall……I used to have a pair and now you've inspired me to really look for some more!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  12. Those shorts are very chic looking.  In a climate where it's warm so many months out of the year it's good to have wardrobe options that aren't constantly fighting the climate!  

    That particular length/style isn't flattering on me.  I've got short curvy/tennis-player thighs and prefer shorts or skirt lengths several inches above the knee, and Iike the leg of the short to be straight, not tapered. 

      I'm glad that pleated pants are not in style.  I was looking at some photos of myself in pleated shorts from the 1980s and gosh they were awful looking!

  13. I agree, that's a great length and style of shorts. I have a pair that's slightly longer, but still very slim, that I call my pencil shorts because they're just like a pencil skirt.

  14. I love these shorts….. but only on others! It's so sad, but there's something with my proportions that makes me feel dumpy in them. (Maybe I just haven't found the right cut). For me, the slim, straight, knee length skirt in denim or khaki serves the same function as shorts for casual summer wear. (But with skirts, I have to sit "like a lady." Dammit!)

  15. I love slender knee length shorts. I think they look great just under the knee too. My shoulders are fairly narrow so I don't wear anything that sticks out away from the leg like a skirt or dress. I've noticed that sometimes when I have slender legged pants that aren't comfortable, I can have them hemmed into long shorts and they're much more comfortable because there's no fabric at the knee that needs to bend when you do.

  16. I am 56 and I only ever wear shorts. I am not tall so my shorts have to be short too. I like denim ones and tweed ones. Not knee-length though. That looks dowdy on me.
    I wear shorts to work (teacher), at home, to the opera. Skirts are OK but you have to sit sedately and worry about bending down. Trousers are awful for short people. The proportions are all wrong and the hems get tatty and muddy.
    Shorts are great with any footwear. They show off funky tights and socks!  They make me feel as if I have longer legs than I really do!

  17. I do like shorts and am tempted to try these Nordstrom ones but I'm afraid they may be a little slim through the leg for me.  I don't like voluminous shorts, but they can't be too skinny either or the Republic of Thighastan starts rebelling.

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